OOTD: Thrifted Pleated Skirt

Wahooo got to wear my “new” thrifted pleated skirt today, as well as the brand new Mango blouse!

I slipped into some studded flats from Camaieu and threw a loose cotton Esprit vest on top.
That’s my thrifted satchel bag on the arm! Or well shoulder. Got this one together with the skirt at T2 in Antwerp!
Randomly stacked silver rings, from left to right:
H&M, Ringz and Thingz in Antwerp, Replay, the last two are handcrafted and I got them from my mom.
This grey rosary was waiting at Shanti in Antwerp.
On the face I just wore neutral shadow, brown liner and OCC’s Strumpet!
Vampy lips are a big thing for fall and I figured they’d make the outfit a bit less goody two-shoes.
As for music – random addition – Ronan Hardiman’s Lord Of The Dance has been on repeat! With taps of course.
Did you use to watch Riverdance?

Oh Lord how I was in love with Michael Flatley… ;D
Have a tip top Tuesday!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Oh my gosh you are so cute!!!

  2. leuk outfit en super leuke foto’s

  3. Ah you are like straight up the cutest person ever. Love the outfit, and the rings!!!

  4. Je tas en loavies zijn super gaaf :D!

  5. Oh you little sexy rebel school girl you :-)

  6. Wat een leuke outfit zeg! Ik vind je ringen echt tof trouwens!

  7. Oh I love your overall look! But especially the tiger ring!

  8. Leuke outfit!
    Ik ben ooit eens naar Riverdance geweest was echt héél gaaf!! :D

  9. Wat een gave outfit! :-)

  10. Lord of the Dance can’t help but bring a smile.
    Great purse – pleated skirts are always fun (why do they go out of style sometimes? – nothing like them)

    • It really does bring a smile doesn’t it.. and a fuzzy nostalgic belly. ;D I have no idea why they go out of style! That’s a good question lol. Then again it makes sure that there’s not a million of them around.

  11. I love the skirt best! You always find the greatest bargains!

  12. je ringen zijn leuk ^^

  13. Cute ensemble! I love Lord of the Dance as a kid. I still have the music on my iPod.

  14. Love the combination of the rings a lot! :D they make this look a little bit more edgy :D
    Also loooove the lips, looks a little like what I wore today, but mine was Paris memories in #59 (the green one which apparantly turned bright pink) I just bought it before going home XD

  15. Love that skirt! I just tried on my cute little tartan one from two years ago and it is waaaaay too small! Oh well, I’ll have to go and find a new one!

    I absolutely love riverdance. Have you ever seen it live? It’s just magical! I’m starting to think we must be sisters separated at birth! Lol

    ~ Amy

    • I wish, only had them on videotape in the 90s. Seeing them live must be soo spectacular..
      And aww I think you’d be a really cool sis to hang around with. ^_^ (Linking up with like-minded sisters across the globe all because of blogging. How neat is that, seriously.)
      Anyway! Funny that you’re in the same clothing mindset lol. I’d love a little Tartan one, maybe in purple or green. This is why thrift shops are so great I feel, they always have classic prints somehow. And if the skirt is too long you can always just adjust it. Wish I was a better sewstress.. but at least I can manage that. >_<

  16. I wonder where you always find all this cool bags :o)

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