Contest: Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello

If you follow me on Facebook you might remember I posted about this mysterious package I received a while back.. the one you didn’t hear about for ages.. lol!
Well that’s because there was a mix up. Nonpareil Boutique wanted to send me the Black Radiance Urban Jungle palette, but instead they sent me another one of these!

No problem though, they agreed on letting me give it away. ;)
It might be fun to do something else for a change, to win it.
See I keep nagging to friends (hi, Kristien) to send me their face of the day because it’s just awesome seeing what other people create.
SO i’d love to see yours.
Create a look with your favorite eyeshadow of the moment and snap a pic! A collage would be really great to see as well.
Full face or just the eye, you choose.
You can send it to my Facebook page, or One entry per person!
All pictures will be posted in a contest map on Facebook and the picture with most likes will win, i’d feel bad judging this by myself.
The contest will end the 16th of October at 23 pm GMT+1.
I hope to see your personality!
It doesn’t need to be crazy make up, I just want to see you in it!

Make up is about more than beauty, it’s about YOUR mood and YOUR expression!



About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Leuk
    ! Ik denk dat ik ‘t ga proberen ;) Xx

  2. Prachtige kleuren allemaal!

  3. That is some prize, good luck everyone!

  4. Erg mooi zeg!! Maar ik doe helaas niet mee, niet echt mijn ding ;)

  5. Wat een geweldig palette heb je daar!! Ik vind vooral de blauwe/turquoise look die je ermee hebt gemaakt helemaal geweldig!

  6. Great contest. wish everybody who enters good luck

  7. Wauw, mooi zeg :D
    Ik ga niet meedoen, ben niet echt goed met speciale ooglooks ofzo, haha :P

  8. Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes zijn altijd zo mooi! Helaas staan blauwe kleuren niet echt bij mijn oog en huidskleur, dus doe ik dit keer even niet mee! Maar wel veel succes voor de andere :D

  9. Wauw, ie onderste look die je maakte vind ik prachtig. Leuk idee! Ik ga eens kijken wat ik kan insturen :)

  10. WOW I love this! Beautiful shades!



    Bekijk ook eens mijn training/food blog: FITSTERS IN LAW

  11. Ok. I don’t know which look to do!!!! Argh!!! I’ll think of something

    I’m actually posting a pic of me on the blog today so you will finally get to see what I look like, only I have a weird look on my face and no make up! Hehehe

    ~ Amy

    • Wheee the suspension. :D I can’t wait to see the pic and your favorite shadow of the moment! Man I need to stop being so overcurious about other people’s make up. But it’s just so fun to seeee.. >_< used to snoop around my mom's stash now and again as well to see what was new. And so it begaaaan..

  12. AHH!! I love this palette. I already own it, so I won’t enter, but I’m SUPER EXCITED for the winner because the pretty <3

  13. Thank you for this nice contest!and youre so beautiful!amazing eyes!
    I must let the chance to the other girls!
    Im allready a lucky winner on your blog!
    And must also take alittle care of myself(problemes de santé)
    Bisous ma belle!
    Kisses my dear!

    • Ohh that’s sweet of you, you can enter any time though. Just so you know. Don’t feel held back! :) I hope you’ll feel better soon :/ take good care of yourself and wishing you a lot of strength (and sexy doctors/nurses).

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