Weird Lippies: Cobweb

Today on the menu is something a little different, figured i’d make a little transformation. Hopefully you enjoy seeing the evolution from shaggy to shiny! ;D
Included one of the lipsticks from my last post – Cobweb! Yeah!
This is the style I usually pair it up with for daily wear.
catrice photo finish foundation
Bare moisturized face, okay moving on! chop chop, faster! ;)

That’s the base on with
Catrice Photo Finish foundation
Inglot Cream Concealer
2B Concealer Stick
Kryolan Anti Shine powder
and the Gosh Eyebrow kit
Hema trio eyeshadow 01
Then this neutral light golden shade in the middle of the Hema 01 Trio everywhere over the eye
Hema trio eyeshadow 01
wet n wild glitter liner
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers multicolor glitter liner in Mystical as a wing.
Those blue reflects in the lipstick and a simple blue or purple liner join up in perfect harmony I feel.. ;D
wet n wild glitter liner
essence stays all day mascara
Curl and coat!
essence stays all day mascara
2B mineral bronzer
Some 2B Mineral bronzer to contour the face, that’s the only thing I did to my cheeks to keep it from looking overly girly
2B mineral bronzer
hema lipliner 20
A light pink lipliner around the lips compliments the lipstick – but mainly makes my lips look fuller. Wehew cheats!
hema lipliner 20
hema lipliner 20
Blending it in for a not – so – definite line
hema lipliner 20
Way better
manic panic cobweb
manic panic cobweb
Now for the starlet of the day, Manic Panic’s Cobweb! The opalescent blue mentioned in my previous post.
manic panic cobweb
manic panic cobweb
Really it looks quite natural on right! Nothing too “what the heck”. But when it catches the light you have this odd blue / purple hue over your lips which is pretty cool indeed.
manic panic cobweb
And a before and after because there’s really nothing more satisfying than that. Easily the best part about makeovers.
manic panic cobweb
Hey psst, hey! It’s Sunday! Time to relax and make it count!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Ah daar is de eerste al ;) (moet ook even verder kijken.. :p) hele mooie look! Mooie lipstick en je eyeliner ook weer super strak! Nice! :D X

  2. Wow, looking surprisingly every-day-ish! Did not expect that :D love your eyelook too, by the way, so natural and gorgeous <3

  3. Wat een unieke lipstick, maakt je look meteen héél anders! Tof! :D

  4. Gorgeous! I love that shade on you. It’s a little bit different without being too in-your-face.

  5. Big difference, nice work! You always look good Anouchka. :)

  6. Looking good, this lippie really suits you, I expected a more white cast or something over your lips when it catches the light but it’s nice shiny and blueish purple :)

    • Thank youz! Yeah it’s surprisingly easy to wear! That Venom one does have a white/green cast though, not so easy to wear in a flattering way. >_< Even so it's coming up in a post next week. Aiaiai lol.

  7. mooie look, vindt je liner heel goed en heel mooi gedaan

  8. Oooo love it! It is surprisingly ‘every day’. How do you wear bright red lip stick? I was given a really orange red shade one by a friend who accidentally doubled up but I haven’t a clue how to do my eyes to go with it. Something simple I’d guess but colours are complicated!

    ~ Amy

    • I’m glad you also feel it’s fit for daily wear lol! Oeh an orange red.. yeah simple clean colors sound good. Just nice filled in brows and fresh skin maybe?

      Loving this look so much:

      Or very warm colors instead like Lisa did in her Red Party Lip video..

      Oh myyy.. that totally inspires me for fall. Time to get the red lips out again. :D

  9. I love these last posts on “lippies”. I always appreciate when you show photos of the progression of your makeovers. I helps me feel it’s doable for your readers!

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