Current Weirdest Lippies

Let’s talk odd!
No. Every single time.
This is a serious bug in my system because of Doctor Who. It’s so ood.
Moving on!

Every now and again you pass by these intriguing lippies that MUST work for some outfit, right?
(Sure brain – sure)
The sun was out today so I snapped the weirdest ones from my stash!
IMGP9394 (2)
First off Stargazer’s 104: metallic turquoise
Manic Panic Venom:  opalescent green with a sheer light green base

Manic Panic Raven : creamy matte black
Kryolan Multicolor Glitter : literally multicolored glitter held together with a sheer base
Manic Panic’s After Midnight: metallic true dark blue
Manic Panic Cobweb: my favorite to wear on a daily basis, it’s an opalascent blue with a sheer milky base
Now for some yummy swatches ^_^
And inside!
From left to right: Stargazer 104, Manic Panic Venom, Manic Panic Cobweb, Manic Panic After Midnight, Manic Panic Raven, Multicolor Glitter
In case you’re curious how I pair these up for daily random wear, let me know! I’ll make sure to put up some small posts with them on.
Have a colorful day!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hi! Where did you buy venom from? I cannot find it on manic panics site or Amazon

  2. Gave kleuren! ben heel benieuwd naar de looks! :D

  3. Ghaha, that first photo :-) I think crazy lip colors are fine for Halloween or dress up parties, but they should be banned from every day wear.

  4. It’s been ages since I’ve bought a really odd lippy shade. I used to have a massive collection in my teen years. Perhaps I need to revive my obsession?

  5. ziet er wel super cool uit, ik ben benieuwd naar looks

  6. Oh those Oods, so creepy and beautiful all at the same time! I miss Donna Noble. What do you think of the new Doctor? :-)

  7. Ogod, the glitter, the glitter, the GLITTERRRR!! :D glitter makes me happy and bouncy and omg! Glitter! You’re awesome :D

  8. Dit zijn zeker de meest aparte lipsticks!

  9. Wauw, wat een mooie kleuren en pigmentatie! Ben wel stiekem errug benieuwd naar een look met die aqua kleur, vind m zo mooi!

  10. Zitten hele aparte kleuren tussen! Die glitter van Kryolan heb ik nog nooit gespot. Apart zeg!

  11. You are just such a cool person, I can’t even! I’d love to see you rock them, especially the teal & multicolor glitter!

  12. I must, must, must have the multicolor glitter!!

  13. Wow, love them. I have a garish bright coral orange shade one with gold shimmer that I wear as my more crazy one. I have one black one I wear at Halloween or if I’m having a goth day but not that much. I once wore a green one and had bright green eyeshadow when I went as poison ivy to a fancy dress party, that was good fun. Not sure how to wear these sorts of colours every day though!

    ~ Amy

  14. stargazer is ZO awesome :O

  15. At 52, I’m thinking I won’t be trying these lippies, but I’d love to see them on you!

  16. We’ve seen the dark blue one before (manic panic after midnight) and I remember the black one as well :p but I’d love to see them all on your lips, especially the glitter one by kryolan :D oh and venom and cobweb please
    I love how daring you are, especially with lippies :)

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