Web Shoe Find: Missguided

Extra extra read all about it! Shoe news!
Found an awesome website through this video by Jenn from Clothes Encounters (One of my favorite style gurus on Youtube! Anyone else who follows her?)


Yeah, let’s get real: it’s not only about the clothes is it – her vids are just so freaking relaxing..
SO the website mentioned with her last outfit is Missguided.
trendy faux leather boots
And good news, about 85% of their shoes is certified faux leather! Including the ones Jess is wearing in her video. Aww yeah.
Wanna see my favorites maybe? Drool time incoming.. click the image to be directed through space, right to the shoes!

Celestina €48.98

enya cut out

Enya €34.80


Alastrina €46.40

Let’s go out for drinks!

Avrill €46.40


Ala €46.40

Like most ladies I own too many shoes – to the point where they secured their own area in our closet/hobby room. But not one of those is a pair of classic nude pumps!
Rumor has it they elongate your legs, and I wouldn’t mind that one bit with my 1.60 meters.

Tonia €32.22


Fosana  €16.10 (sale!)


Bashe €46.40


Aleksus €45.11

So! Do you agree with my taste in shoes and can we go shopping together? ;D


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Loove the shoes! maar kan er vast niet op lopen hihi! ;)

  2. Missguided zijn echt super groot maar ook best stoer

  3. Love the Celestina, Aleksus – and those red ones! Those are just perfect

  4. Hm, most of it doesn’t really seem to be my thing. I do like the red heels though.

  5. die platform schoenen zijn awesomeee

  6. I like the last ones the best :D I also wanted a pair of nudes, but you can go very wrong with the wrong colour I’ve heard
    But buying shoes online? that’s risky business… apparantly some shoes are just not made for feet :/ (I’m talking about some nude steve maddens I once tried on… made me realise even more that buying online is not a good idea for shoes, unless you can return them and you get a full refund)

    • Ahh makes sense, like a nude lipstick is tricky as well. I’ve never bought shoes online! Thankfully my feet are pretty easy and the shoe size is always on point.. I mostly don’t even try on shoes in the store. Which is great because I HATE trying on things!

      • I Always try on before I buy, I have rather easy feet, but sometimes shoes just seem to be the wrong size… Also I once bought some cheap fake leather booties that were a bit too small apparantly, I got a corn because of it :( but I’m better now :p

  7. I know you will smile at this in an attempt to go outside my comfort zone in terms of trying new make up colours I have signed up for this inspired by an American blogger who tries a few different ones in the states will let you know what I get

  8. Love the shoes. I’m the same, hoping they’ll make me look taller (I’m the same height as you too!) My fav youtuber is CutiePieMarzia –

    She does vlogs, fashion, cute little DIY projects, some cooking and every month a favourites video. She also mentions Misguided a lot! I think you might really like some of the fashion vids!

    ~ Amy

  9. I loved this. Shoes everywhere! And I love the platform heels on most of them!

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