OOTD: Shooting Zombies

Wehew it cooled down here! Which meaaans: BOOTS WEATHER! Man I love boots weather!
They pack such a punch right? Especially laced ones.
Not to mention how easy they are to walk in compared to sandals.
Scored these comfi ones from Graceland at about 10 euros on sale. That’s probably my favorite brand for inexpensive vegan shoes too by the way. :)

Paired them with grey striped tights, a black mini and my zombie shirt with a small vest over it to block the chilly wind.
The skirt is Divided by H&M.
keep calm and kill zombies
The shirt is from Darkside Clothing, bought it at Fans in Antwerp.
(Not that i’d be that brave in case of a zombie pandemic though. And those heels probably wouldn’t help either.)
keep calm and kill zombies
Finally wore that thrifted satchel bag from T2 in Antwerp! Yess!
dog tag
Piled on some silver rings from all over the place and added my dog tags as well for some spice. You can get these customized at your local cobbler usually!
Simple winged eye with some cool metallics and on the lips a quite fall-y dark coral!
My hair is finally getting long enough to make ponytails again as well! Ahh I missed those.
Anyone watch Walking Dead here – are you also pumped about season 4?? Can’t wait!!
Daryl to the rescuuuue! He’s probably my favorite.
“You go lookin’ for aspirin, do what you need to do. Somebody needs some balls to take care of this darn problem.”


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. What an awesome outfit! LOVE the shirt!

  2. kan ook echt niet wachten op het nieuwe seizoen van Walking Dead, laat oktober maar beginnen al is het alleen voor the Walking Dead. Leuke outfit

  3. Gaaf shirt! en je laarzen wow 10 euro?? :D

  4. Hah, that shirt! I am also loving the boots. And I am also a big The Walking Dead fan. I started a bit late and I only just finished season 1 and 2 on DVD (Switzerland doesn’t seem to know the series) and I am not eagerly waiting to get my hands on season 3!

  5. Ooh leuke outfit, vind je shirt echt geweldig :D En je laarzen zijn ook gaaf, voor 10 euro? Hell yeah!

  6. ik houuuu van TWD :D (en vooral Daryl..) je laarzen zijn tof!

  7. Wauw je laarzen zijn écht geweldig! :D

  8. I love the shirt! and your eyes are gorgeous!

  9. Omigosh I love it! Damn those are nice boots. *whimpers* Need to shoe shop. I haven’t had new boots in ages!

    Love that whole look, it’s so cute and fun! Wish my hair went like that too. It’s dead straight and refuses to hold even a slight wavy curl!

    We need a post on your shoe collection so I can drool over it!

    ~ Amy

    • Then again it looks ridiculous if I just leave it loose! Random waves. Like I haven’t had a haircut in 10 years. We all have our things don’t we! Ponytails look so awesome with straight hair! And weheeew you also love boots! :D I’ll do a shoe collection after I sort them all out, at the moment they’re stacked in giant curver boxes >_<

  10. Je shirt vind ik echt onwijs gaaf! Leuke outfit :D

  11. You look soooo cute! The zombies? Naahhhh…

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