Antwerp shopping haul

Ohh the thrill of getting new shoes. That box opening and the new smell.. hmmmm.. ^_^ it’s been a while (read: couple of months) since I went shopping, due to my school debt – yuk.
So this shopping spree felt OH so good to the soul.
Wanna see what I got? Wehew read on! :D

iron fist creepers
Iron Fist Grave Dancer creepers from Fans.. purchased in under 3 minutes.
Then one of the Lush Teo deodorants! Ohh this stuff smells like a field of dewy lemon grass.
Fro’ yo’ break.. hmmm…
A wild toilet paper – ad puppy appears!
Off to the Disney Store for some goodies.. they have decoration that made going up the escalator feel like traveling up to a thrilling amusement park ride.
Anywho these mugs apparently switch around every year, 2013 was Little Mermaid year, next up is Mulan they said! Wohoo! Should I collect them? Maybe..
They’re such a nice size too, who needs coffee in tiny cups.
Macarons… yummm! This was my first time trying them, had no idea there was a Ladurée in Antwerp! Rose Petal and Pure Origin Brazil – rich dark chocolate.. nom nom.. – were my favorites!
Then for the Hippo I brought home a kilo candy and Japanes-uh tie dye socks that were screaming his name from American Apparel. They had cool shirts too but so short!! o_o I didn’t know crop tops were also a thing for men this season?
victoria's secret frangrance mist
Then at Jinny’s a Victoria’s Secret Frangrance Mist that’s sweet like candy.. brazilian orchid and kiwi.. I attracted a bee during lunch so that should indicate the level of sweet.
Thriftiiing! At T2 I found this fun short pleated skirt that Hippo likes to refer to as kitchen towel.
And a cream tailored blouse from Mango to wear on top of it. Excuse the wrinkles! It got squished in my bag along the way.
Love the little logo and the fabric-covered button detail, makes it look funky fresh lol!
The buttons on the sleeves just added the perfect feminine touch I feel.. :)
And a groovy thrifted satchel bag – again from T2 – topped it all off!
Anyone else who finds pigeons hilarious?
And that’s iiit hehe! Can’t wait to do an outfit of the day with the items I got.
Happy midweek to you! Only a couple more alarm slammings & facepalms and we’re there. ;D
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Gave shoplog! :D Die mokken zijn zooo cooll Ik hóu echt van Sebastiaan <3 De duif.. dat weet ik niet zo goed hoor.. eerlijk gezegd associeer ik die voornamelijk met poep en herrie! haha! X

    • Awww me 2.. kga toch ook nog splurgen voor de ariel en botje mok denk ik.. :D ze drinken super fijn ook. They’re so massive! En okay ja. Ik moet toegeven dat als er een duif boven mij vliegt da’k dan toch ook denk van please no please no. Not on my head. :c

  2. I just love a good shopping trip, and you got such sweet and lovely things! I only shop once a year, when I spend a few days in Vancouver en route to my other home in the Canadian mountains. It’s an overwhelming way to do it… how does one plan for a year exactly?! I still have no idea! haha
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your outfit all put together :-)

  3. Gah, I just love the Disney store. Last time I went in I came out with a new purse and my old one significantly lighter! Ooops! Hehehe

    That outfit is super cute. I made a similar one but instead of a white blouse, a cream jumper with a little dog embroidered on the front and big thick white wool tights. With my Winter boots, it will be perfect. And dare I say, slightly Christmas-sy!

    ~ Amy

  4. Love the blouse! :) Nice blog!

  5. Cool shoes :D sparkleeesssss (or other shiny bits) shopping must feel great now ;)
    Hippo’s comment on the skirt is so funny haha :p love his socks as well :D I love funny, weird, awesome socks
    But the best from the haul was the pigeon… you bought that one too right? :p

    • Sparkleees! Shinyyy! You have a thing for socks hmm? And feet? Heehee :D I bought the pigeon with chocoladebroodje-currency, it only cost me 1/20th CB!

      • No, not really with feet, but if someone has pretty feet that’s nice, but I don’t really have a thing with that :D I just like funny socks :p

        Hmm good idea to catch pigeons, it’s more expensive than fishing though…

      • Wouldn’t it be fun to have a bird flying with you at all times though. I heard about a family nursing a bird back to health, he’s doing fine in nature now but still comes play with the kids. Even at school hehe :D he follows them there!

  6. Woweeee! What a wicked haul of goodies. Love the shoes :D

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Those shoes are siiiiiick :-D I also love your little checked school girl skirt, way cute.

  8. Shoppiiiing! :D that’s a nice haul! Love your kitchen cloth ;)

  9. Hmmm frozen yoghurt. Lekker hoor! En die Victoria Secret Mist zou ik ook ooit wel een keer uit willen proberen.

  10. Ah je schoenen zijn geweldig!!! Haha, echt heel tof.
    En je rokje ook, I like!

  11. You are correct. Pigeons are hilarious.

  12. I love that pleated skirt and those mugs are fantastic. But those shoes! Oh my gosh! I almost had to pick myself up off the floor after I swooned. How gorgeous are they?

  13. The shoes are wild! And LOL for Hippo and the kitchen towel comment. Guys huh? You need to post a pic of you in the skirt combo. Glad you had some awesome girl time Anouchka!

  14. Nice haul after a few months away from being able to shop (I feel your pain!). Out of all of your fabulous new belongings, the shoes are my fave!

    • Ahh glad someone shares the budgeting times with me. Shoes do heal all of that though. Doesn’t matter if it’s been months or weeks. I’m sure YOU would agree haha ;D

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