Fall loving

Almost fall! Or at least that’s how I think about the last half of summer: almost fall, I can see it! I can – *HNNG* – I can almost reach it!
What can I say? It’s my number one season! And here’s some reasons why!

Colorful streets


Too obvious? I know I know.. it’s just that living in a concrete jungle can be depressing! When fall foliage then puts its warm touch on every single grey cold thing in this place, it’s HEAVENLY!

Looking for chestnuts

The one time we can really set out into the forrest I grew up next to, and scour it for a purpose! Chestnuts and beechnuts!

Roasting them

Yumm! Carve a cross into the back and place them in a pan until they get soft and sweet!

Cosy food

No more it’s too warm for good food – stuff! Pie, roasted veggies, hmmm…

Hot drinks

I LOVE coffee! Love tea! Love spiced tea! In big cups please! Ones that fit my entire face!

Jewel tones

Ahhh the alluring shade of deep jewels everywhere..

In-between clothing

SO incredibly cosy! Gotta love giant socks! And don’t they form a pair made in heaven with boots??


The history of Samhain fits right into the Celtic image doesn’t it, magical and with so much imagination! Lovely!
I reaaally want to check out Disney or Walibi when October comes around again! Seems like so much FUN!
So tell me, are you looking forward to the season changing? What’s your favorite thing about fall?? :D Happy Sunday!!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. You are sooo right. The colours! The food! The drinks! Yay! Autumn is such a nice, romantic season for us girls :)

  2. I’m with you girl! In between clothing and all the other reasons – I’m a fall girl! BTW, I came to tell you you’ve made 101 comments on my blog!! Ding ding ding. There should be a prize. I mean that is just awesome.

    • Wohoo I have a friend across the globe who’s as crazy about cosy fall weather as meee heehee! I didn’t even notice the comments adding up o_o honestly love your blog, it’s a treat visiting. Your posts are always so visually stimulating! Bright and happy, cheers me up.

  3. You are crazy.


    I mean, did you forget about the rain and the cold and the shorter days and all that shizzle? Did I mention the rain?


  4. I can’t wait for fall. I love it! The make up is great, it looks so exotic and precious!

  5. Als ik eerlijk ben, word ik altijd een beetje somber in de herfst. Dan komt de winter er namelijk weer aan en ik kan niet zoveel met de winter. De constante kou en de donkere periode, brrrr
    Maar om het toch positief te houden, ikhoud van de herfstkleuren in kleding en make-up collecties.

  6. Neeej!! :( Ik wil de zomer houden… Je plaatjes en herfst-favorieten zijn natuurlijk geweldig maar t weer dat erbij komt *zucht* denk er serieus over na om naar Griekenland te emigreren.. ;)

  7. No one can love fall more than I do; it’s absolutely amazing! <3 I love the wind, the falling leaves, the choice to wear clothes that you like instead of clothes-you're-forced-to-wear-because-it's-so-damn-hot and I love cosying up inside with a cup of tea. Love it! And love you for writing about it :D

  8. Halloween! Heb nu al zin om looks te gaan maken :D

  9. Oooh warme chocomelk met slagroom! ;-) En lekkere kop erwtensoep. En dikke sokken aan, paraplu’s, en overal mooie oranje bladeren, kastanjes zoeken… hmm , maar nog even een beetje zomer mag ook wel :-)

  10. Fall? Nooooo!! Ccccold is not your friend.

    • I can imagine the warmth is so much more comfortable over there though! But here after a while, it’s like our country doesn’t know what to do with it anymore so it just sticks and the air gets thick and goopy. Time for some freshness!

  11. Omigosh, same here! I thought I was the only one! I love wrapping up in my coat and scarf and just walking out somewhere. Roasting marshmallows, hot cocoa of spiced cinnamon tea before bed. The fire crackling in the fireplace. The colours, the atmosphere, the everything!

    BTW – That jewel green eye make-up is gorgeous! You have to work out how to do it and make a tutorial! Pretty please!

    ~ Amy

    • Ahh that sounds sooo snuggly. :D I love cinnamon tea!! And tiny marshmellows on cocoa yum yum. Wish I had a fireplace, some day! The smell of burning wood is just amazing as well.. “the everything” is a perfect way of saying it. Wanted to try that make up as soon as I saw it anyway so i’ll just try it out for a post instead! It’s so gorgeous and sultry.. :3

      • It’s 1am and I now have a craving for hot cocoa and mini marshmallows! Lol

        My fireplace is one of my favourite things in Autumn and Winter. I cuddle up in front of it with whichever guinea pig I have out at the time and sit there for ages!

        Can’t wait to see how to do that make-up. It is just so exotic and pretty!!

        ~ Amy

      • Awww I bet the piggies enjoy the warmth too.. ^_^ and tell me about it you just made me grab for a cup of spicy tea right after I answered haha! Readymade though, some yogi tea with ginger, super tasty. Imma try the look tomorrow! Free days = ransack stash for make up playtime!

  12. I enjoy the cooler temperatures here, and the beautiful fall colors in nature. I can finally walk to the river without worrying about snakes! And, I’ll be gathering wood for the burn pile, clearing more land. It’s a great time to be outdoors! Daisy deer will soon be putting on her winter coat. I love how fuzzy she looks with her special winter coat.

    • I bet your environment is AMAZING in fall! Cool how animals naturally adapt to weather isn’t it.. such a neat thing. Then again it would probably be pretty annoying if we started growing more hair on our legs and such all of a sudden lol! Little tufts of hair..

  13. I CAN’T WAIT EITHER I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE *runs to you in slow-motion & hugs you*

  14. I love how you describe the colourful streets :) I never thought of it like that before, mostly the leaves on the trees themselves (which is why spring is my favourite season, watching leaves grow slowly) You have such a nice
    But in our rainy country usually the colourful leaves end up as a mess :p
    The food is pretty good, more ovendishes :) somehow I love that ^^
    But then again I like cold rice too :p

    I’m not really a fall person, but one reason I might like fall is because the warm, earthy colours fit me well? gold, orange, burgundy… you know what I mean I don’t like too much brown colours though…
    Being picky aren’t we?

    • Hmmm cold rice, so good, nom nom. Especially fried rice with some veggies in it. Yummy… and oven dishes just screaaaam fall!! <3 I've noticed you look good in warm tones yeah, how come you don't wear red lips more often? Think they'd look pro on you. :D

      • I wear them, sometimes… butat the moment I’m looking for a very dark red (that doesn’t look too brownish) maybe slightly purple undertones… Actually just burgundy haha
        But I guess lippies sometimes make me a little uncomfortable :D

        Nomnomnom fried riiiiceeee :D never eat that at home though (which probably makes it even better when I get to eat it at a restaurant or with take away chinese lol) Do you eat a lot of those things? :)

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