FOTD: Inglot is golden (thin pencil liner technique)

Hello thar! My workweek starts again tomorrow so I grabbed my camera for a quick video using the shadows from my parade look last weekend!
Thanks for all the sweet comments on that make up! It’s pretty much insanely easy, only using two brushes in the process.
That’s them, my Bdellium 776 and a Clinique dense angled brush from ages back.

All the shadows are Inglot! 458 helped me fill in the brows nicely, the shimmer in it doesn’t bother me personally! 355 went under the brows down to the crease, 406 on the lid and underneath and 460 on the outer corner and crease!
Then some mascara and black pencil to finish it off – Urban Decay isn’t cruelty free anymore but i’m finishing it up still!
What do you think about the new filming location, is it better? I feel like the sound is so much more clear here, lighting isn’t bad either.
Next time we go appartment hunting, i’m taking the cam for lighting tests! ;)
Happy midweek! May your coffee be strong and your spirit even stronger!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Práchtige look! en fijn filmpje. ik ga eens een poging wagen ;) X

  2. Mooie look :) En duidelijke video! Ennuh, over je accent gesproken: het is toch super tof dat je het aandurft in het engels? Ik vind videos maken sowieso nog erg eng, laat staan in het engels!

  3. Wat is de look mooi geworden! Wauw echt iets voor mij!

  4. Love the look! And I love how you tried to talk while applying lipgloss, you’re amazing :D the new filming spot looks good, by the way!

  5. Awesome look, and I enjoyed seeing how you did it and how it all came together.

  6. INGLOT RULES! I have been planning my next purchase for months and can’t wait to check out the ones you so kindly recommended. “May your coffee be strong and your spirit even stronger!” I love this! This is my new anthem. :) Thanks for being awesome.

    • Gahh you’re so sweet Marisa :D glad you like being spirited as well! Where do you get your Inglot? Online or? I’ve been wondering if that works well. Never ordered from them on the web before!

      • Hi Anouchka! Was searching your site for your INglot recommendations and came across this comment I did not see. I do have to order online (until I can convince hubby into a NYC trip), and it does not work very well as their color pictures are really off. You have to get pictures somewhere else, which is why I asked you. Now I can’t find the comment. haha I will though!

      • Found it!

        Kay, definitely love number 402, i’ve been enjoying that so much as an all-over wash. Seems to stand out on our skin. 49 and 406 as well.
        44 or 418 seem like amazing moss shades…
        Not sure about the celery green, I have the 59 and it’s awesome but not sure if that’s the type of shade you mean?
        Lavender can be hard though on yellow skin, but 439 seems like one I would choose.. :D 420 looks really nice too, probably more wearable for us and easy to combine.

        Their color pictures are indeed extreeemely off!

  7. Wauw, wat een mooie look!

  8. Deze ooglook is geweldig net als het lijntje :D

  9. You look cute :) I’m sorry about Bdellium though :( Try to avoid them…

    However, I’m very proud that Inglot is our own Polish brand :) It’s nice to see it’s popular not only in Poland!

    • Oww something I should know about them? And yes haha! Big props! You really feel it’s not a mainstream, conforming standard brand. And the quality is insane. Love it!

      • Nothing that scary but they produce everything in China :) I really had a big problem with finding brushes not made in China. Luckily, there are a couple of Polish companies specializing in cosmetic accessories so I was finally able to buy my (very first!) semi-professional brushes, a whole three of them :) And guess what? I have problems using them :( I’m so used to applying everything with my hands that I’m struggling now :(

      • And that’s fine! I still don’t use foundation brushes most of the time.. miss the tactile experience of putting make up on. Really all I ever use is 5 brushes – if i’m being really crazy about the make up that is: one for blush, one for brows, one flat one for packing on shadow, one for blending & one small pencil brush. Any different ones just make the process harder.

  10. So pretty! I love sepia and bronze eyeshadows because they make my eyes look super blue.

  11. Your so cute! I like that smell too. Watching the technique, your hands are so incredibly controlled. One bad movement, your eye could be in bad shape. Great look on you, and your English is wonderful. Do you do video in your native tongue?

    • Ohh that’s a heck of a compliment, thank you! I became more confidedent through learning about brushes in class so I guess it shows off as well. That’s great to hear. :D
      Haven’t done a Dutch video yet, but maybe it would be fun to switch it up every now and again. Youtube has a subtitle function I think doesn’t it? Hmm.. *idea bulb*

      • I left YouTube about 2 years ago because of the ‘hater” issues there. Too many nasty people of all age ranges just spewing vomit at everything I posted. I no longer have a Google account either – something I’ve wanted for a while now. Yay iPhone!

  12. Hehehe made me giggle a bit there. I just had a little practice and it’s soo easy! I don’t have that gorgeous shimmery brown shade but I used my Barry M bronze sparkle glitter dust thingy and my new urban decay eyeliner which is my current fav. I have to be up early and going to get my brother’s exam results with him so that’s a really cute, simple look I can do and look good!

    Just wondering if you could do a post or video on different eyeliners? Liquid, or gel or pencil? I almost always use pencil because the gel I tried was sooooo gloopy and and the liquid too runny. Do you have any they actually do what they are supposed to?!


    ~ Amy

  13. You are so beautiful and I love your accent!!!! Kat

  14. Hahaha Talking while doing your lips is awesome :D
    That cracked me up a little, you were talking so funnyyyy :D

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