Budget whammy

I’m currently saving up for another make-up course, you might be saving up to buy a car! Or to move out! Or even to get a new hair dryer.
Us humans have so much we could or should be saving up for.

It’ll be fine piggy. In fact, cutting back is nowhere near an excuse to let yourself go!
Figured i’d share some personal fun budget tips – every penny helps!

Lip scrub

Your toothbrush will work just fine, or some sugar for that matter. Or like Lisa Eldridge does it: get a cotton bud with some lip balm on it and rub rub rub away!

Local agriculture

Help your area AND your wallet by buying directly from the farmer. Not sure if this happens everywhere but in Holland you can even pick “leftover” potatoes and such up from the field for free after the farmer has harvested them.
Saves him the work of having to clean up after his machines, and gives you free goods! ;)

Sugar wax

Razors can be expensive, but waxing works a million times better anywho!
Mix a cup of sugar with 4 tbsp of water and an equal amount of lemon, place it on the stove, let it bubble up, give it about 10 minutes (give or take) and your wax is ready!
Apply to the area you’d like to get bald, apply a paper sheet on top and ZZJOOF!


Add them to polish, apply them all over the lid, as liner, on your lips, cheeks, pigments are so versatile!!

Fruit make up

You know.. that cherry right there.. would be a beautiful blush.


Grocery list

I can’t tell you how making a grocery list and sticking to it has helped me not overspend at the store!

Eat pancakes

Oh how I love pancakes. They’re inexpensive to make too. Of course this is not a must.. but aren’t pancakes SO good?

Rose water

I get mine in a big container, store it in the fridge and use it as a toner! Ahhhh so fresh… and it smells YUMMY!
Still need to remind myself it’s not drinkable.

Fix that hair

Not even your hair needs to suffer, if you have honey in the house try putting that on your ends and rinsing it with warm water after.
Natural conditioner!

Stretch ingredients

When it comes to food… well I LOVE my food! And I won’t settle for ingredients that taste half as good. But I do stretch those ingredients!
Such as… making chili with great fresh vegetables, but go for 10 batches at once and storing them in the freezer!

Seasonal groceries

It’s been amazing weather over here which has made the fruit a bunch cheaper!! Great moment to freeze them – perfect for smoothies later, YUM!

Waterproof make up remover

No need to go out to the drugstore when you’re in a pinch, a natural oil like olive oil works just fine too. Or even a baby oil.
Really any chance to avoid buying make-up helps.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

Staring yourself blind on every cent doesn’t help your mental health either, all that saving pays off and you can take a bit of interest from it every now and again!
I feel like with all that hard work you put into saving, doing something for yourself feels better than ever!
Courage to the weekend workers like me! Join me for a zombie-walk?
Pro budget tips? I’d love to read them in the comments below! :)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Wat een fijne tips! Boodschappenlijstje werkt idd goed! evenals 1x per weer boodschappen doen en vooral niet wanneer je honger hebt ;) X

  2. Love this post Anouchka! I’ve graduated from feeling guilty when reading such posts (oh my goodness, so many areas I’m overspending in), to feeling adventurous (I’ll try one or two of these and see how I feel – I love the makeup remover one!). Thank you so much for sharing these. Goodness am I behind on all my favorite blogs – catching up now!

  3. God, yes, we all need to save, me too but I’m having SUCH problems with it! :( I’ve started using a very neat app in my phone for keeping a tally of my money and goodness me, I had no idea that so much of my money is spent on coffee, cakes and eating out :( And books/magazines. I can resist buying clothes, and I’m more or less ok with cosmetics (I buy a big bunch of shampoo, toothpaste, creams etc once in a while, to save money on delivery costs, and together with my boyfriend we always buy big packages of soap, laundry powder, washing gel etc). But what I really cannot resist is a new book when it’s on sale or a cup of coffee with a friend (or without!). And sweets. Any advice? Please?

    Some of the things I manage to save on – maybe it’ll be useful for you:
    – clothes – I buy second-hand or new but not used by the person selling them OR new and slightly damaged, sold by many producers and shops (costs not so much to repair them, and then they look totally gorgeous for a small bit of their real price)
    – magazines – from time to time I come across a kiosk where they sell old magazines for half the price or even less! then I stock up and have a lot of reading for a good price :)
    – frozen fruit and preserves – make them (or freeze them) in the summer, and in the winter you can have nice desserts for much less than the shop price
    – discount cards – I have a bank account which gives me 3% of my money spent on food back, and 5% of anything I buy in my favourite supermarket back.
    – olive oil in spray and/or a brush for the pan – I fry anything and everything on olive oil, and buying it in spray bottle or pouring a little and using a brush helps me save quite a lot, not just oil but also calories :)

    • To be reaally honest that’s my biggest problem as well :/ beauty products are not that hard to skip but saying no to a friend because you should be saving up, grah! Cuts back on your social life so much and you can’t be a hermit either can you. Maybe you can download books online for free? Torrent them? And thankfully I found someone who enjoys just bringing her own drinks and snacks and sitting in the park. Beats spending 3 euros on a soda or coffee at the moment. >_<

      I'll have to look into those old magazines, that would actually be really cool to read as inspiration. Going to snoop the web for an address over here.
      By the way that bank initiative is just great! 5% is huge if you calc it in the long run. Here we can't coupon really, every coupon says 1 per person, or can't be accumulated D: no extreme couponing here! I'd love to try that some time for the kick haha.

      • You know, I download LOTS of books. I’m all pro-piracy movement ;) But I’m such a bookworm that whenever I see something exciting and not too expensive, I lose all self-control! We have a chain of book discount shops where all the books are 50% cheaper than their normal price (sometimes even 70-80%!!) And these are just killing me :) “It’s a good deal!” my brain is screaming, “Buy buy buy!” :)))

        The thing with cafes is that not only they improve your social life, they also give you inspiration. At least they do for me. I can’t write at home. The bed is too seducing, and sleep is too attractive :) But there’s something about being in a cafe that makes me write a diary, write a story, think about my life, make decisions, solve problems… probably it’s the fact that there are no beds and pillows :))
        I’m not sure how to go around that :(

      • Can’t help it, wanted to reply :D
        I got a membership at the library, it costs me 6 euros a year (and when I forget to bring back my books in time it costs me a couple of cents as well) but it saves a lot of money for books, dvds, music, magazines (mostly books for me though ^^
        You won’t always find the book you want, but in a large library you can find a lot of things ;)

        I don’t have any tips for the social life though, more homeparties I guess? good old sleepovers, movie nights and ladies nights ;)
        Go camping in your own garden if you have one or just invite them over, make sure everyones got at least 1 thing to drink and/or eat with them, you’re probably going to end up with a lot of leftovers and a lot of mess (clean up together ;) ) but it saves you a lot of money and the leftovers can be used for the next party :p

  4. Instead of a facemask you can use egg white with a little honey and lemon. It does wonders for tightening pores!

    ~ Amy

  5. And don’t forget to stop buying make-up remover, now that you have the Ecoco glove ;) The fruit here is really cheap too, but that’s because the weather has been bad rather than really good. So now the farmers are all quite anxious they won’t sell anything (because the growth has been delayed or something) and sell it for close to nothing. Yay for me. Sorry for them though. And I found a farmer friend, so I get veggies for free :D even better!
    I also make larger portions and freeze in some stuff, and I also get large bunches of meat, rice, sauces, and anything else that won’t really get bad when it’s on sale – I put the meat in the freezer in portion-packages. That works, too :) – I feel like such a housewife now.. teehee!

    • A housewife in an awesome polkadot pin-up outfit ooobviously though. :D How great that you have a farmer insider muhaha! You must have access to to many secret potions, I mean smoothies.

  6. Hah, eat pancakes, that is the best one! :-) Seriously though, good tips. Living in Switzerland I really need to watch my expenses…

  7. If we need to feed our piggy bank, the staff is on “Macaroni&Cheese” or we buy our stuff on saturday before the stores close, then we can get a lot of things cheaper.

    • Mac n cheese nom nom, I make mine really spicy with nutmeg and a strong cheese. So goood! And are things a lot cheaper on the weekend there? Here it’s generally 35% but only on freshly baked goods and such.

  8. I use olive oil as a make up remover too, it doesn’t work as good as my waterproof make up remover does though, so I use a little bit of that one at the end of the routine
    Buuut it saves me a lot of my make up remover which is nearly finished and I need to find a new one, this time I’m going cruelty free, got suggestions?
    I think it’s also a great moisturizer at night, for people with dry skin at least

    I’m surprised to see how much of these things we’re already doing at home
    We also plant fruits and vegetables, tomatoes and apples are always doing a good job here

    • Hmmmm yummyyy… home grown fruits and veggies!! I’d love to have a garden. Some day some day. :D Used to have this massive walnut tree in the yard at our old place. Humongous old trees are the best!

  9. Mmmmm pancakes! I had some last week, first time likely in years because of diabetes. This restaurant actually had sugar free syrup which was freaking delicious! Yummy post Anouchka!

  10. Sounds like a good plan. Sticking to grocery lists is hard – eat before you go shopping ( and you can just pick stuff out of the fields? We have some farms around – and you can go pick produce – but they will charge you for the “experience”…who would have thought tourists going to farms to harvest – but they do!)

    • Ohh so true – going to the store with a hungry stomach equals lots of tasty stuff in the cart. Lol! I guess I can imagine that for local produce, having a fun time imagining tourists on high heels on the fields. And it’s just the leftovers, anything the machine didn’t pick up (which is a bunch) you can get for free!

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