12 things i’ve been grabbing for a TON

Tum ti dum – I got a basket full of goodies and its name is pretty.
Just trying something new here!
I rounded up some items that have been gracing my face constantly these past weeks. Sort of like monthly favorites, maybe it’ll be neat to see?
Anyway if you’re interested keep scrolling! :)


Gosh eyebrow kit

gosh eyebrow kit
Excuse the state of this thing but at least you’ve got proof that i’m using it LOL!
That darkest shade has that cool tinge to it for us ashy-browed ladies. Comes with a wax too for heavy duty situations.
The shadows themselves have a waxy structure to them as well which makes the hairs stay in formation.

Inglot cream foundation

inglot cream foundation
Bet you didn’t see that one coming! ;) It’s super lightweight and comfortable for daily wear.

Bdellium 776P

It’s pink, vegan, totally cool and blends like a boss!
Got this at IMATS as a possible dupe for my MAC 217, it’s slightly less tapered but blends beautifully.

Pop Beauty face magnet primer

pop face magnet
Preforms well on the eyes as well as the face.
Sleep with your make up on, Cinderella style? (Whoops) Still no creasing, you’re safe for the prince heehee!

Physician’s Formula shimmer strips

physician's formula shimmer strips
This one in Natural is just perfect for on the cheekbones, forehead and nose.. I use the top 3 shades. makes it not too pale, just right.

Inglot 402

Illamasqua berber
It’s the pan right in the middle on the left! That minky purple bronze. Great shadow for cool skin tones and pops on warm tones! Been wearing it with some liner as a quick wash of color!

Illamasqua Berber

Illamasqua berber
Literally could not stop staring at this in the sun. Illamasqua pigments are just magical… This is a burnt orange with red and gold sparkles in it.
Illamasqua berber
That’s Inglot 402, Berber dry, and Berber wet swatched for ya!
Illamasqua berber
And here’s what Berber looks like dry on the lid… makes green and yellow tones in the eyes pop like crazy.

2B mineral blush

2b mineral blush 01
This is shade number 01, and it’s purrfect if you love “don’t think about it too much” – blushes!

Inglot white gel liner

inglot white gel liner
No clue how they get this stuff to stay on so well.. it doesn’t budge. Not even on the lid and in the crease under eyeshadow which is what I use it for!

MUD transluscent face powder

MUD transluscent powder
So lightweight and buildable, no need to worry about a cake face when reapplying during the day!

OCC Trollop

lip tar trollop
Just hits the spot for me.. creates a girly and fun summer lip. Been wearing it tons!

Gosh Lambada

gosh lambada
Full-on creamy true red? Here you go! :D

Gosh Darling

Gosh Darling
Gorgeous pinky beige nude for us pale unicorns.
Gosh Darling
And there they are swatched, I bet you can figure out which is which LOL!
Do you enjoy seeing favorites? Let me know! Wishing you a great midweek!
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. wow Illamasqua pigment berber is heel erg mooi, prachtig

  2. Oh My goodness…..the Berber Illamasqua shadow! And the Inglot eyeliner! And the Inglot shadow! :) Thanks for sharing your favorites. :) I love the shadows especially. Love your pop Beauty find, too!

  3. Jaa, dit is leuk om te zien! Face-grace away :D tof dat je nog steeds zoveel Inglot goodies gebruikt! Ik moest een beetje lachen om je ‘right in the middle on the left’ zinsconstructie haha, je hebt alle richtingen erin gestopt :P

  4. That Illamasqua pigment looks amazing indeed! Want, want, want…

  5. Ik val hier in herhaling maar WoW! Die Berber! <3

  6. Berber looks amaze balls on you and I am in love with Lip Tar! :)

  7. That’s a beautiful red! You always find such great stuff. Love that “cake face” comment – so true

  8. Wow, love those. I just got the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Feminine Palette and both are so gorgeous I am just obsessed with all of them! The little eye primer potion they do is amazing too. I love trying new products and getting recommendations!

    ~ Amy

  9. Berber van Illamasqua :O… Omg… deze gaat op mijn wishlist!

  10. hmm I’m still way too scared to use berber, need to cut that crap out and start using it
    but it’ll make my eyes appear as if they’re swollen and infected eeeeeeeek

    lots of good goodies whoa oh goodie :D

  11. dat palette en die pigment <3 gorgeous!

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