Cruelty Free Find: Lip Bar Lipsticks

Ohhh man I couldn’t hold this back. Had to share, had to!
I just came across an insane lip brand that IS in fact 100% cruelty free and natural: the Lip Bar!!

Powered by Melissa Butler, a creative young woman featured in the top 30 under 30 who started developing her own custom blend of neat shades by hand, working day and night!
Figuring out ingredients as she went along, she achieved a lovely creamy texture in no time.
Having no idea what “her thing” was, she found a common ground with the rest of the world, identified her niche in it, and went for it!
In fact, her name and the brand are rising to the top as we speak!
Not only did the lippies get a mouthwatering cocktail name, there’s also a well-balanced blend of shades available.
Ranging from neutrals for every skin tone, to brights for the daring. Have a look at some of the shades available:
Almost too good to be true but with no catch.. does it still exist? Wohoo!
A Lip Bar blend will cost you $20, and they’re available on her website.
I can’t wait to try some! We need high quality companies like this to set the right example!
What shade caught your eye first??
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Blossom Sour caught my eye first. But truly, all the shades look fantastic. I may have to give these a try!

  2. de pigmentatie ziet er goed uit, ben benieuwd. De verpakking en logo vindt ik ook heel erg mooi

  3. I like Ambrosia. It’s fascinating. I’ve been looking for a few blends of colors and when I see one it makes my heart leap.

  4. Cafe au lait, yum! I love the brownish colors – I’m planning on buying a CF lipstick in a similar shade very soon :) Which one is your favourite?

    • I just thought of your comment yesterday while I was in the city, randomly, realized I never answered!! I can’t think about comments too much or I just forget to place them! >_< Check out Honeybee Gardens! You might enjoy those, qua ingredients as well. People seem to like Karma from them, I haven't tried it yet. My favorite browny pinky nude is from Gosh, the Darling one. :) Catrice does great ones as well, don't know if you can get those in Poland? I'd totally be into a swap by the way if you're interested. :D

  5. I like the look of Ambrosia! Never heard of this brand before though, so thanks for sharing.

  6. Ambrosia has to be my favorite in the bunch! Have you heard of Bite Beauty? It’s also a cruelty-free lipstick company. It’s almost impossible to get it in Belgium though!

  7. Very flashy and original colors!
    I didn t know this collection!
    Have a fab night!

  8. What a great company. The colors are so much fun. Wishing her great success

  9. Vhet! :D Die mintgroene vind ik wel héél heftig! de anderen zou ik allemaal gerust dragen hoor ;) Jasmine is gaaaf! :D

  10. Dat ziet er goed uit! Volgens mij is het echt extreem lastig om goede cruelty free make-up te vinden, maar yay voor deze! En die namen! Bonus points fo sho :D

  11. Jasmine is a beautiful colour! But I love the name Kamikaze (because that’s a very good, but strong, cocktail)
    The website looks like it’s actually from a cocktail bar, but I think it could be a little more user friendly by adding a picture of the colour, because kamikaze doesn’t really say much about the product itself (although I already thought it would be blue, since it’s about sky and such… Kamikaze is the Japanese wind god I thought) But it would be a little easier haha :D
    it’s a little expensive but they look really cool! We really do need these kinds of brands! Limecrime, Sugarpill, The lip bar, Illamasqua, LIT, OCC, …
    Great quality, something for all styles and for a decent price (not like Chanel or Dior or whatever expensive stuff that’s mostly just everyday make up and not even very pigmented… )

    • Whoops seems like the glass has the colour of the lipstick haha :D

      • Jasmine looks like such a bombshell shade, uugh it’s beautiful. >_< And I totally think so! :D The brand in itself is a fun concept even, not only the shades. A cocktail bar hehe! Agreed on the swatches though, I just googled the shades. The shade on an actual face would be cool, like Illamasqua has. And holy crap it's not until you get in touch with other brands that you realize just how low quality YSL shadows for example, and Chanel shadows indeed, can be. It's just ridiculous for the price. :/ They do produce good quality producs as well but it's not at all consistent!

      • It depends on what you prefer though, some people just like sheer eye shadows better (probably the fans of those brands)… But I know Chanel and YSL have a couple of beautiful lip shades, and a lot of their stuff is actually good quality but I like my eye shadows pigmented
        I once read those high end brands are mostly for people of older age( they have the money for it?) and they usually wear less pigmented stuff

        On the page of lip shots ou can find the shades on lips, and you can even choose your own skin colour, but idk about real faces, all the lips look the same, so skin colour is adapted by computer stuff :p

  12. Oh wat een geweldige naam alleen al; the lip bar! Gaaf, en haar lipstick op die foto! :D

    • Jah zij draagt gewoon de gekste kleuren en ze geraakt er nog mee weg ook!

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  13. wow ziet er goed uit!

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