How Safe Is That Polish?

I’ve noticed a lot of people that visit my webcorner seem to be interested in the safety of cosmetic products. I don’t necessarily lay awake about the safety-factor (when using it on myself) but the curiosity does get to me.
And hey i’d imagine if it gets to me, it must get to more hoomins.
Here’s my bookmarks!

Safe or not

For cosmetics I visit the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Super easy system and their database is still expanding.
Insert… “Wet n Wild blue” and BAM you get the Blue Had Me At Hello palette with a toxicity rating of 4, and why.
Another great one is Good Guide:
The only sad thing is that there’s tons of European brands missing, such as Catrice.

But what does it do

There’s a ridiculous amount of names we can’t pronounce on products these days, to check out what they do Paula’s Choice steps in as woman’s little helper.
They simply pitched a visually clear, compact summary of whether an ingredient is trustworthy or not and why the heck it’s in there!
Interesting to just sniff around in as well..
There’s another fabulous one for that, called Cosmetics Info

If all else fails

Hey not only is Google is your second opinion – doc on the fly, it can also tell you the tiniest details about that product or ingredient.

Might be interesting

So in case you don’t want to check nailpolish removers one by one and want a ready-to-go grocery list, a roundup of decent (but easily obtainable) items per category might be handy. Less Toxic Guide will do just that.
And again so will Good Guide!
Just click a category and done, it’ll even give you a price on the web so that you have no time to hesitate and buy that thing! U-oh… ;)
I’m no wiz but I hope these were a bit helpful to some! If you know of a good database for European cosmetics, lemme know bro!
Race you to the weekend!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. This info is the cat’s pajamas!

  2. The first 3 are my favorite 3 sites! I use them to make all my decisions. :)

  3. Wat een goed artikel, dankjewel!

  4. Goed artikel inderdaad! Ik ben er zelf niet zo veel mee bezig, maar mijn zussen wel. Daarom heb ik me er de laatste tijd wel een klein beetje mee bezig gehouden, maar zelf geloof ik eigenlik dat het allemaal wel meevalt als je gewoon je gezonde verstand gebruikt

  5. How interesting. I have to be honest, I never really thought about this. I will from now on though.

  6. Hey Anouchka, thanks for this comprehensive guide! I’ve never really thought about it. I naively assumed the products on the market have passed some kind of test so they should be safe! I really only check the ingredient lists for my skincare products. Never my makeup. I might want to start though!

    • Yeah exactly! These past 3 years i’ve been learning blind trust in companies just doesn’t work. And who knows, more informed consumers might help companies rethink their ingredients in the long run. I love that you’re informed on skincare products, i’m working on recognizing general ingredients in them as well but i’m not a pro yet, by far! :)

  7. love this post. wist niet dat er zulke handige websites bestonden. THNX <3

  8. Ik let echt veel te weinig op wat er in mijn make-up zit… Maar handige tips, ga ik zeker eens beginnen gebruiken! ;)

  9. I use a brand called the naturals collection for nail polish which are ok, but they are cheap. If I want something that will last I use foil sticker nails (they’re nail wrap things. cute and quick!) or Barry M and sometimes Rimmel. It varies. I am going to try some Urban Decay nail polish and make up in a set a friend is sending me, so looking forward to that.

    Great post


    • I’ve been wanting to try nail wraps.. so curious about them. If you had to recommend a favorite pattern or brand for foils what would it be? And aren’t cosmetic surprises great? :3

  10. I love this post. You have given me some new resources to investigate cosmetic and product safety. Since I work with wildlife, I want to make sure what I put on my body is as natural as it can get! I’ve told you, Daisy deer won’t lick me or come near me if I have something on that she finds offensive. She’s caused me to investigate what I am wearing!

    • It really intrests me how she instinctively stays away from it. Tells you clearly enough that something isn’t right. It would even freak me out a little I think if an animal did that. Probably made you feel like a real human instead of Daisy’s sister! And not in a good way!

  11. Yay! Ik gebruik Paula’s Brand Overview eigenlijk voor elke verzorgingsaankoop die ik doe, en let er ook met make-up steeds meer op. Ook cosmeticsinfo gebruik ik veel, die site is er stukken cuter uit gaan zien trouwens de afgelopen tijd ;)

  12. Goed artikel! Heb me er eigenlijk ook nooit zo mee bezig gehouden! Goed wel om idd eens bij stil te staan :)

  13. I don’t think about it much either but after looking for the safety of Illamasqua… woops haha
    in Illamasqua’s case, google will be your friend, or enemy, depending on how you want it to be
    still love Illamasqua though ^^ just so pretty
    but I’ll be careful with the sealing gel XD no daily use!

  14. Thanks for the info. I agree with John though – the nail polish is definitely NOT safe as such :)

    • Aniaaa I hoep you’ve been well? This is a a topic for you isn’t it. :) Any tips for a natural nailpolish brand I should try?

      • Nope, I myself still use toxic ones ;) They are much cheaper than eco and I try to reason with myself that well, nails are not the same as skin, and it won’t hurt them so much, and besides, as I don’t use them so often it would be such a waste if I bought an expensive bottle and then had to throw it away. Although I actually have a special fluid which I add when the nail polish gets too thick. I don’t like the idea of half a bottle wasted :)

      • Totally agree, can’t even compare the prices, i’s about divided by let’s say 8? Massive!

  15. Thanks for this information. Sometimes the ingredients on the back side sound like a recipe for a nuclear bomb :o)

  16. If the smell were an indicator, it would be rather toxic. Of course I know nothing about this…

    • And still i’ve been missing that smell! Now that i’m working with food i’m not allowed to paint my nails and it seems to grow on you somehow. Lol! Polishes seem to be pretty “toxic” though.

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