15 Second Chopstick Updo (literally)

None of that 15 seconds BUT you need 30 tools and can’t be clumsy – crap! All you need for this is:

  • A stick of some sort
  • Hands of some sort
  • 15 seconds

And nothing more!
It used to confuse classmates because apparently they thought I got up early just to work at this ‘do.
Please! The snooze button is my best friend!

Sorry for being a little out of frame in the video, I hope it’s still clear! This Padawan WILL learn to bring you decent videos.
Thanks for dropping in!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. look easy and super cool

  2. Haha I love when you pull it out, lol! You are SOOO cute.

  3. Wonderful video! Love love love it.

  4. awesome…. I don’t have long hair anymore, but I will save this video for my girls

    • Oeh how short did you go? I tried this on my niece as well, and it’s surprisingly difficult to do on others I feel, i’m afraid I will stab them with the chopsticks. -_-” Ended up just breaking the stick. Then again i’m not very talented when it comes to hair.

  5. Haha! De ‘snooze knop’ is ook mijn beste vriend ;)
    Gave tutorial! Eens zien of het ook lukt met mijn dreads :D

  6. Yeah. That will never hold in my stupid hair. Like ever. I like how it looks though.

    • Hahah i’m sorry that’s not funny. I just love the way you said that. :’) Just said it to Kristien as well, does texture powder work for your though or just nothing at all?

  7. Super neat and very effective.

  8. Looking good! but this never works on freshly washed hair with me XD I used to do it diffirently though… Like twisting your ponytail and sticking the chopstick through the twist and after that bringing it up and sticking the stick (hehe :D ) down again like the last part of your video… but it’s hard to explain without a video XD
    the difference is in making the bun (step 2) ;)

    But I haven’t had any sticks in my hair since a year or 2
    but I still know it doesn’t work on my hair after a wash
    good tip: never wash your hair? :p

    • I second that, freedom! Freedom to the gunk! I bet we’ll get SO much volume it’s not even pretty anymore! Literally. Lol! Annoying though that your hair doesn’t hold anything. :/ Does a texture powder work?

      • I don’t have a texture powder, so I don’t know
        I know I have fluffy hair when it’s washed, because it’s so fine and maybe slightly damaged but not as if it’s straw :D
        but a lot of hairstyles work best on second day hair right? :)

  9. Wow, I can’t believe that only takes 15 seconds! It looks amazing :D

  10. I love your accent! I often put my hair up like that when I’m outdoors and have no other way of putting my hair up. I use a small but sturdy twig from a tree which works great! I loved this video, and look forward to seeing other updo’s from you!

    • With a twig, so neat! That and a pencil are the two most creative, fun ways to do this that I can think of at the moment. Oh and a painting brush. Thank you! I’m not a hair wiz but i’ll do my best!

  11. Such a fun video, cool music too! This looks like it would really hurt, twisting your hair all around like that, ouchy! Looks good, love your accent. ;)

  12. I used to wear my hair like this all the time, and people would always ask how I did it as though it was really complicated. It’s so easy and this style will stay put all day. Great tutorial.

  13. Ooooo very cool! I’ll have to try that. My friend is an artist and she used to do her hair like that to carry a sketch pencil with her at all times! I was sooo jealous as I just couldn’t get it! Now I can

    ~ Amy

  14. Naomi Van Wijk

    Wooo hair tutorials! That’s some shiny ass hair you got there, by the way!

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