Inglot AMC Cream Concealer

I feel as though the time has come for me to share my educated opinion on the Inglot Cream Concealer: YAYUS!
Okay okay maybe a little more depth would be better. :)



Being a thick cream it comes in a little jar and like a billion other hoomins I prefer different packaging. That being said I just take some out with a cotton bud and it works fine!
One jar contains 5.5 g of product which is not at all bad for the price Inglot! But we’ll get to that!


A very thick but lightweight cream that melts away into your skin instantly. I usually pat it in with my fingers, it’s just perfect for that.
It gets a little tacky when drying down but doesn’t really set.


In the first picture I did full make-up except for concealer, the second one has concealer all around the eye (inner to outer corner), the last shot has powder packed on top of it as well.
And that’s the full-face effect! In my kitchen for the sake of best lighting.
Yep budget blogger – issues. Lol!
Anywho it adds a bunch of freshness without looking cakey I feel.


Medium, it’s buildable but because it’s so lightweight you tend to pat the other layer away if you’re not careful.
The finish is definitely shiny if you don’t powder it down, which adds to the natural effect.

Staying power

Oh this is so so double..
I like it for under the eyes, not so much for the face and here’s why!
The concealer is extremely creamy but not oily. You can’t tell it’s there one bit in my opinion.
I mostly prefer that consistency for under eye concealers over a drying longlasting one, because it won’t cling to bumps or well – dry the area out!
Mostly.. except for with editorial looks.
Which gets us to the BUT: don’t try adding a bunch of eyeliner under the eye. It’ll smudge all over the place in no time.
I tried doing special looks with this concealer on, no powder on top, and it just did’t work!
If you set it liberally with powder though it holds nicely throughout the day, even on oily skin. But i’d still watch out with putting water-soluble substances on top.
To sum it up: in my opinion it’s an amazing daily concealer to use under the eyes, especially if you have dry skin, but not with crazy liner situations, not for bumps, and oily skins need to set it with powder.


Paraben free and not tested on animals
Can’t find the ingredients though, i’ll contact Inglot and update!

Price range

$ budgetproof
$10 for 5.5 g / 0.19 US OZ of product.. that’s insane, great quality at drugstore price.

Where to buy

Here’s the annoying part, it’s not as easily available as drugstore products. There’s no Inglot stores all-over and even though the swatches online are okay, they don’t tell you your exact shade either.
Google images: our best friend!


For an everyday under eye concealer it hits all the marks. Blends in like there’s nothing there, holds well and is buildable.
But it’s not an all rounder; if you have oily skin you really need to set it well and if you’re a fan of more dramatic looks like me this one might not fit in 24/7 either.
I’d love to try their perfect concealer.. that one seems great for evening looks.
What sort of consistency do you like best under your eyes?


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Oh my gosh! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Definitely following now!

    Check out my blog! :)

  2. I really like the look of this for under the eyes!!! Beautiful difference. I need more Inglot in my life.

  3. That looks really good. I am trying to find a new concealer as I have caught the sun a little on my face and actually tanned believe it or not so I now need slightly darker everything!

    What powder did you use to set it? It’s really lovely and looks so natural and pretty!

    ~ Amy

    • Lol yess totally! Join the club! I don’t have two different concealers because I never tan but then.. it just surprises you doesn’t it? :D Maybe you can get an inexpensive darker one to mix in with it a bit? And it’s MUD’s transluscent powder.

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