From Soldier To Summer Legs

Kay so got the toes covered, moving along up to legs!
There’s work, there’s casual situations, and there’s situations where you want to look like a polished-ass diamond.

For that last state of mind I work my legs a little as well.
Because even though nothing says we’re not whimps like bruises and scars on the legs, sometimes you just need to be a smooth operator. You know?

Smooth operator mode

~ Scrub those suckers
An actual scrub or even a rugged washing cloth will do!
~ Moisturizer mixed with foundation (add highlighter too if you like)
Rub that into the legs and give it a few minutes to settle into the skin
~ Corrector
Red marks dissapear with a green corrector
Blue veins dissapear with a salmon corrector (or orange lipstick)
Purple bruises dissapear with a yellow corrector
~ Powder
Kryolan Anti Shine Powder
To set everything and make sure it doesn’t rub off on anything set liberally with some transluscent, see-through powder!
Makes your legs feel silky smooth too.. (vouched for by Hippo himself)

Heavy duty mode

For the soldier moving into a red zone possibly under heavy fire
~ Scrub
As if your life depended on it!
~ Light layer of moisturizer
And give that a while to sink in, don’t want it making our war paint slip and slide
~Waterproof foundation
Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation
There’s so many smooth waterproof foundations out there these days for our high profile demands!
~ Again you can mix some highlighter into that it if you like!
A powder one, or a liquid one, they both work. Reflects light to make imperfections less obvious!
~ Corrector
~ Powder
Still need to powder that whole shebang for soldiers adapt to any situation!

Legs in a bottle

Artdeco Spray On Leg Foundation
Or go for an instant fix.
Let’s move! :)
~ Anouchka


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. wat een super tip, nooit aan gedacht om rode plekken op me benen te correcte maar o zo logisch

  2. C est vraiment interessant avec tous les bobos que je me fais sur mes jambes et les varices que j ai!
    Nice post!just what I needed to know , if you see my legs……..they look as they have done the war of 14-18!

  3. Wow, I never even considered applying any kind of substance to my legs other than a moisturizer. Sure, I scrub those suckers :D but when we’re out of the shower, it’s moisturize and go. Or just go. I’m not sure I’ll try this, because I don’t like spending loads of effort and money and stuff on something most people don’t notice and I don’t really care about. I mean, if people get a sunburn from the reflected light that comes off my legs, they should wear shades or simply look the other way ;) amiright? But for an occasion that requires lots of picture-taking, this is a great way to not look so cave-personish!

    • Agreed! No need to spend more time or money on something if it isn’t necessary. If you don’t need it don’t overdo it. Oh and miss cowboys n crossbones and I agree on the fact that we provide a service to those who do want to tan really. Reflecting light onto them. Truth right? Lol!
      However since I started working I do put it on all of the bruises and scars I got, just not very fun.
      By the way coodos for getting out of the shower and moisturizing, I often just skip that due to lazy. >_<

  4. Wow never thought of doing any of this but washing and shaving

  5. Legs in a bottle, haha! :)

  6. I never spend that much effort on my legs, woops… :-) I keep them smooth and moisturized, but that’s about it.

  7. Goeie tips! :D
    En ik al de hele hitte golf stug met pantys blijven lopen! ;P

    • Restecpuh! Dat doe ik ook, zo lang, zo laaang mogelijk. En dan op een gegeven moment kan ik het gewoon niet meer met zo’n warmte! D: Licht reflecteer-tijd!

  8. I scrub, moisturize with a tinted foundation (I bought a really cheap one which is waaaaaay to dark for me so I have to mix it with my normal foundation!) and then lightly dust some johnsons talcum powder over them. It makes them super soft and kind of blurs any imperfections. Occasionally I’ll add a little bronzer to hide the paleness of my pins!

    Great tips though!


  9. Lol I never even thought of working my legs like that, although I have a HUGE weird brownish spot on my leg
    And after this week lots of bruises and (huge) mosquito bites OUCH & ITCHY ITCHY
    I don’t bruise that easily so I really did some badass stuff XD

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