Adventure Time: Interwebs Edition

One more day of teeth grinding at work tomorrow and I will be freee for a couple of days! Trip to the beach and a music festival included!
You know that phenomenon they mention in How I Met Your Mother, the “Graduation Glasses”?
It really exists doesn’t it. Work starts looking better and better closing in on those free days.
Same with those Friday afternoon giggling sessions in class.
(Oh I know you know what i’m talking about)
Must be a combo of being tired and high from that weekend-buzz coming up!
These interwebs favorites may or may not have been influenced (read: of course they have) by that sense of adventure and party time!
Let’s float up up and awaaaayyyy….

Cocoon Tree

“A village on trees”
cocoon tree

Check it here
Off we go! But let’s make sure we have some supplies.

Hot Tug Boat

Check it here
A floating hot tub, why not!

Bloody Bath Towel

Check it here
Of course an awesome towel to dry yourself with afterwards is included.
Well that’s all good fun but when shit hits the fan we might need some more rugged supplies!

Paleos Chainmail Shoes

Check it here
Time to go scour the woods for supplies!
Barefoot! But not really!
Better take a flashlight too.. but not just any flashlight.

NiteCore Tiny Monster


Check it here
Oh that’s nothing, just some – portable daylight!!
Doesn’t that just look like a scene from a zombie movie..?
Now once we escape those zombies and arrive back home we can start making it cosy there!

Glowing Moonlight Cushion


Check it here
Then a lovely candle to go with it..

Brain Candle

Check it here
And some lights outside as well!

Fairy Berries

Check it here
Ooooh so magical…
Need to grow some plants to place these in first though.

Seed Bombs

‘Throw and grow plants”
Check it here
Then for a real party we need us some fun drinks!

Laboratory Shot Glasses

Check it here
Okay now just a seriously cool straw to finish it off please.

Ice Straws

Check it here
Cheers to halfway-to-the-weekend!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. leuke post, vooral de Cocoon Tree ziet er super leuk en relaxed uit

  2. iliveformydreams

    Ziet er leuk uit!

  3. Wat een toffe gadgets! Ik kijk mijn ogen uit :D

  4. Omigawd omigawd, I want it ALL! I am such a sucker for stuff like this. That flashlight is so kick ass, lol :-)

  5. The brain candle is hot!

  6. Can I just say I love you? Everything I just saw made me go ‘omg I like this even more than the last one- oh wait!’ You’re amazing :D and wouldn’t it be awesome to actually have all these things? ;)

    • *Spits coke out to the screen* holy crap you’re so sweet! Great to know you have the same intrests, I take it you’d be good company in a zombie-situation, or you know, on an awesome holiday trip. :D

      • I’d be great company for a sleepover, but I’m a moron when it comes to aim so don’t pick me for a zombie apocalypse! I can aim a flashlight, though – but some kind of shooting device better not be left to me ;)

  7. I have test tubes shot glasses complete with a glass bowl to keep them on ice in :D

  8. Ieuwww!! The bRain Candle LOL!
    De rest is Súper!! :D
    Geniet van je vrije dagen meis! X

  9. Mme Sophistique

    aaah ik ben gek op van die gadgets :D stiekeme nerd hierzo

  10. The chainmail shoes look… not so comfy… but if they stop mosquitos, I’d be happy to wear them! aaaargh my foot itches so badly!

  11. I wish that was a rechargeable flashlight. That thing rocks!

    • Yeah exactly! That’s what I thought, how awesome would that be! Unstoppable in case of emergencies. Although.. I can’t imagine how insane you’d have to wind that thing up for that amount of power! Popeye style. Or maybe just attack a wheel and a crank to it lol!

  12. i want the mega flashlight!

  13. That pillow! Cool stuff
    Go frolic. Have a great time

  14. I would wear those chainmail shoes. A guy in college made me this little chainmail music note and I thought it was the cutest friendship thing ever. So cute!

  15. Love the selections – especially the ice straws. Genius!

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