NOTD: Toe Tint For Pasty Paws!

Right here goes: i’m a liiiiittle bit uneasy with posting my paws on the web because I don’t have awesome feet.
Sometimes I wonder if my limbs are just randomly flinging around because I bump into everything everywhere.
They don’t stay unbruised for long!
But really this had to be shared.
I lean towards using red nailpolish on my toes, because it brings out pale skin rather than clashing with it like a bright blue.
Or a bright green. Or a bright pink.
It almost feels like those can emphasize the purple/blue or red hue in pale skin way too much.
Hey it’s not easy being pasty! (I’m sure I just heard an Amen somewhere.)
Any tips on toe shades for pale skins, let me know in the comments.. :)
Anywho, I found a rather soft shade that does work on my feet: Catrice’s I Scream Peach.
Catrice Scream Peach

Catrice Scream Peach
It’s sort of a milky but vibrant pinky coral.
Catrice Scream Peach
Catrice Scream Peach
Catrice Scream Peach
Just bright enough to pop I feel, but not so much that it makes my feet look like they froze to death over the winter.
A great dupe for this one from the new collection would be Pimp My Shrimp.
Like I said, any tips on pale paw combos are welcome! ;)
Thanks for hopping over!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. My feet are pretty much pasty, all the time. My solution is Essie Merino cool. It’s a muted purple color. I wish it was sold in bulk.

  2. mooi kleurtje deze maakt je huid zeker niet bleker

  3. Silver!! Best color on my Ugly toes! :/
    This one also is AweSome! :D

  4. Nice tippies my friend! I like orangy-pinks on my toes as well, especially before I’ve had the chance to bathe them in some sunlight :D (which is anytime before August :( ) right now I’m wearing a corally shade from L’Oréal, called Tahiti Watermelon. I love it! I think it’s slightly more neon than yours, but it works just as well. I think I’m in love <3

    • Oh wauw just looked it up, that’s a luscious color! See that’s the type of shades I stick to as well, pinky reds, orange reds, reds just work with pale skin don’t they! Glad i’m not the only person who thinks so. ;)

  5. I use a sparkly orange/bronze shade on my toe. For some reason it gives my feet a tanned looked which I absolutely love. We pale skinned people have it tough!

    Your feet look fine, you want to see bad feet, take a look at mine. I’ve forever got a swollen toe, a bandages on my foot or plaster thanks to blisters! Lol ^_^


    • A-ha lovely tip, i’ll try that thanks! And at least it shows we’re no whimps. Although you know, I would love to fit into a glass slipper. -_- And go to the ball.

  6. Cute shade! I’d wear it on my finger nails though. My feet are horrendous and I try to avoid drawing attention to them.

  7. That is a great color! I don’t have great feet either. Maybe it’s poor circulation plus the dry skin. Your nails look beautiful!

  8. I’m one of the lucky non-pasty people. I love the way your toes rock, though, in that fabulous pinky coral. I let my sis-in-law talk me into some of these glitter gels that are all the rave in the US. I didn’t realize the sparkle part is so difficult to remove. I ended up getting acetone to remove them. I do not like acetone… so toxic. Daisy deer wouldn’t come near me for two days. I can’t say I blame her.

    What do you use to remove polish that is safe? And… is nail polish safe to use since we are concerned about non-toxic and natural? Just curious.

    • I ENVY your skintone. :P So many colors must work well on you. Not to mention you don’t see pores etc on the legs as easily probably! Even when I do my legs you can still see pores! Ah well. :)

      Ahh should do a post on that maybe.. a while back I was browsing to look at some famous products and was pretty surprised by the safety.

      They also have a seperate database for nailpolish removers
      Might be interesting to check out! I can imagine why Daisy refused to come close for a while. Tons of them almost have a “high hazard” risk rating.
      I use a Hema dissolvant without acetone as well, we don’t even need that stuff why is it still in removers?

      For glitter polishes though I use the rough end of a dishwash sponge, just cut a little piece off, put it in whatever container I have, fill that some remover and rub my nails against it. Just like those glitter removal jars but um… an at-home method lol!

  9. Red is so tricky. This warm peachy red one is a good match. (and the cute fruit)

    • Yeah agreed, I find nailpolish in general tricky…. not my cup of tea. And found these flip flops at a free cultural music festival last year for 8 euros. Score!!

  10. Amen on the pastiness! Your paws are looking fabulous!

  11. Lovely color for the summer.

  12. Very cute! I love that colour.

  13. Your tootsies look just fine Anouchka. My wife jusy got some pink on her paws yesterday, looks good and she’s a natural blonde with very white skin.

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