Where do GIFs come from?

Graphics Interchange Formats aka GIFs are FUN!
And not to mention extremely easy to make.
Gabriella suggested I make a post about making them and i’d love to share what I use!
Any decent picture editing program these days has a standard function for it. Even the online ones!
Photoshop of course.. but also the free program Photoscape which is what I play with.
Hey it’s nice and simple to use.
Although Hippo grinds his teeth everytime I click the Photoscape icon instead of the Photoshop one… but shhh… ;)
All you need to do is: find your way to the right option!
Combining pictures, editing them, animated GIF.. hmmm..

Then it’s as difficult as dragging 1 – 2 – 3 – a million pictures in there you want to combine.
The star of this show will be my preciousss… the limited edition Lara Croft figurine Hippo got for my birthday.
I’m not sure how he will EVER top that present. Straight to the soul man, straight to the soul.
Ahh… sexy devil.
Now let’s watch her strut her stuff, I dragged some pictures into Photoscape and *poof*:
Oh yes.. i’ve been to her secret alcove.
And that’s it!
You can download Photoscape here, one downside to that program though is how it can soil the quality of your pictures.
When downsizing, or opening & saving a picure too many times, you can literally see the crisp features fading.
But for a free program it’s pretty neat!
Now let’s get creative!
I creeped the internet for some smart ones…
The effect you can get with markers and a ballpoint..!
Kay enough with the creepy.
But that one reminds me of Beyond The Black Rainbow! What a trippy movie…
Did anyone else see that? If so, what did you think of it? Can’t make up my mind!!
Now for some gorgeousness:
And some laughs!
Skrillex makes for a good GIF.. haha!
Thanks for stopping by & happy playing!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. leuke post. Nu ik een nieuwe laptop heb heb ik geen photoshop(had ik op een oude werk laptop) meer maar ga Photoscape een proberen

  2. Haha, die laatste is hilarisch! super leuke post, misschien ga ik het ook nog wel eens proberen. Al weet ik niet of het helemaal aan mij besteed is.

  3. Whaha! Die Laatste!! :D

  4. Hah, so interesting, I never really thought about how you make one of these.

  5. Cool! the creepy gif looks always different :o)

  6. Haha, wat een toffe plaatjes! Die gekke Skrillex ;)

  7. Did you make all of those? They rock! Thanks for the tip on the software, trying it on my iPad and iPhone today. ;)

    • Oh no if only that were true! :P These are just awesome ones I found on 4chan and Tumblr. Hmm messing around with pictures is your thing so I hope you like the program lol!

  8. Amazing. Totally amazing.
    (Love that bee)

  9. You having fun equals us having a great laugh!

  10. Lol that skrillex one! XD
    sounds like an interesting programme, but you know me, I’m too lazy to upload my pictures, editing would probably be even worse XD

    • Haha it’s true… you have to be begged for your make-up shots!! >_< You should have a private map on facebook with all yr makeup so I can see it muhahah.
      And imma imagine that when I dance from now on. Seems to do the trick.SPASMS EVERYWHERE YUZ

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