Go-to vegan pumps & OOTE

After work surprises from the boyfriend are ALWAYS a hit!
The one thing I often go for with a really really quick evening-change?
Red lips and my zombie stompers.
iron fist stompers

iron fist stompers
Ugh I love those things. They’re actually pretty comfortable as well because of the little platform.
iron fist stompers
iron fist stompers
And what’s even better?
They have a matching summer sister!
The platform Zombie Stompers are available on the Iron Fist website for €45, the flip flops got replaced by sneakers and creepers.
I got them for €20 a while back but they’re still all over the web!
“Often, a school is your best bet – perhaps not for education but certainly for protection from an undead attack.”
― Max Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. These are fantastic! I need a pair immediately!

  2. Didn’t know zombies wore bows on their shoes :D

  3. Leuk! Ik vind de Iron Fist schoenen er ook altijd heel tof uitzien, maar durf ze toch niet aan ;)

  4. That must be a special boyfriend to match your firey personality!

    • Yeah he is pretty darn special. We’re not necessarily the same type but somehow he’s THE person I enjoy on Holidays or for drinks :P we sort of counter each other and the flexibility makes it interesting.

  5. Love both pairs of shoes.

  6. I love those pumps! Bows! Couldn’t be any cuter. The summer ones are saucy, but those heels!
    Reminds me of a pair of plaid platforms I bought in Spain years ago. Nothing is better than wearing the perfect shoe.

    • Them bows! Takes away from the gnaaawrl-level of them right. Ahhhh plaid platforms… *insert heavenly sound* platforms in general really. I love how it makes heels bold instead of too prissy.

  7. Those are sooooo cool. I have a pair of white flower and bead covered flip flops I always wear as I am rubbish in heels (unless you count my adorable mary janes!)

    When I get the hang of heels I’ll be getting a pair

    Also I keep breaking my little toe which make heels horrible too!


    • Oh me too! >_< I keep my heels for the evening, and am flip flopping around 99% of the time as well in the summer.
      I can't imagine handling a broken toe though! :s How do you break it and does it keep hurting if you put pressure on it?

      • I am literally one of the most clumsy people ever. Most recent break was walking into the sea defenses at the beach! I walk into beds, bookcases, wall and doors. I’m terrible! I am now an expert at support bandages which I put round the broken toe and the one next to it and that usually helps. Walking for the first few days after is usually very painful but I wear flip flops with a very slight heel and that supports my foot so I manage alright. ^_^


  8. Woaaaaa, de pumps zijn echt echt aweeeesome! Oh my god, killer heels. I love them. Hoge pijlers, I liiiike. :D

  9. Hmmmm LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Iron fist pumps! got a couple of them too, I got myself the wolves instead of the zombies :D and pink cuties with glitters and umm black with pretty gems and feathers :D I’m addicted to special shoes, but I haven’t even got myself simple black heels… lol
    Have fun at the concert! :)

    • I know you doooo haha. Was thinking of you when writing this post. :’) I tried on those feathery ones, they reminded me of an awesome opera singer. But then I figured where will you wear those tooo, pull yourself together woman!
      I shouldn’t have pulled myself together.
      And screw simple black heels! If you reaaaally need em you can always find a pair at.. any shoe store anyway.

      • It’s not that simple, I’m never happy with the ones I try, somehow EVERY shoe is made in a way that that are not made for feet or you always end up seeing the beginning of your toes -_-
        and no, you shouldn’t have pulled yourself together, I even wore those to school one day :D

      • Hahah I bet. They would actually look awesome with a pair of flared jeans probably. Or straight cut.. The good denim kind. Hmmm.. HMMM

  10. Great looking shoes! Hope your concert was awesome. ;)

    • We ended up hanging at another summer event because the concerts ended yesterday, or at least those we meant to go to. BUT got toured by a local friend, discovered a new spot and this place is staaaarting to look better. :P

  11. The pumps are a must have! Thanks for the link, I like this site – I want the Wolfbeaters!

  12. Aaah leuke schoenen!! :D

  13. Wat een gave pumps! Geweldig!

  14. So cute! What concert did you see?

    • Apparently the concerts were just yesterday! But I diiid get a tour with a local this time and there’s actual life in Kortrijk. A little “Kortrijk beach” as well, not as guud as in Antwerp but it’ll do. :D You actually can jump into the water here so that’s a big plus.

  15. Ik heb die pumps ook! :-D En ook een gelijkaardig paar nog in ‘t knalblauw met rode rozen.

    • Hehee leuk dat ze dr in alle kleurtjes zijn he. En ze zijn pretty comfi toch? :D

      • Mja, dat vind ik dan weer niet :-( De hoogte is geen probleem, maar die peep toe wordt na een tijdje pijnlijk voor mij. Maar dat komt omdat ik gewoon superdikke grote tenen heb (seriously, mijn grote teen is net een aardappel…).

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