FOTE: Smoked Antiques

The next two days I will NOT be at work so going out for a drink ’twas!!!
Two days to recover should suffice! Lol!
My inspiration was a little off today but when in doubt, smoke it out right!
What’s your go-to evening make-up?
gold smokey eye
gold smokey eye
gold smokey eye
gold smokey eye
And a little close-up tooo
gold smokey eye
The eyeshadows used for this one are all from my new Inglot neutral palette.
And the staaarr (on the lid) is one that i’m giving away.
Just to state how intricate this shade is: I thought it was a golden olive, but apparently it’s an antique gold.
Ehh yeah.
Well anywho it’s SMASHING.
Then as something extra I added some purple mascara.
Oh and I switched to Hippo’s camera, it seems to work a lot better! Just need to get that ISO right..


tile done

What’s that on your face?



1) Prime
Been using the POP Face Magnet lately!
2) Base
Inglot 355
catrice jennifer's goldrush
Inglot 355, just a beige, all over the eye, and Catrice’s Made To Stay cream shadow in 090 Jennifer’s Goldrush on the lid!
3) Mid shade
Inglot 360
To blend everything out easily I smacked 360, a taupe brown, all in between the lid and my browbone, just everywhere.
4) Lid
Inglot 49
So then for the star of the show! 49 applied wet on the lid. Pretty sure it would’ve looked better without that Catrice base. >_<
5) Smoke
Inglot 422
Inglot’s 422, shimmery red brown, on the outer corner for some smokey action.
6) Deeper smoke!
Inglot 329
Some 329, a chocolate brown, on the outer corner and into the crease!
7) Liner
Catrice Gel Liner close to the lashlines, top and bottom
8) Bottom lashline
Blended out the bottom lashline with that 49 (gold) and 329 (chocolate brown) again
9) Highlight
Inglot 467
Then applied some 467 on the inner corner which is a peachy shimmery pink.
10) Curl & coat
2b colours mascara
The first thing that went on my lashes is the black Essence mascara, then after that some 2B Mega Violet.


I need me some real good concealer for the outer corners with a smokey eye, to not make the eye look droopy.
So that’s the Inglot Cream Concealer, which i’m learning to work with!
Then some Catrice Infinite Matt mixed with Essence Make-up To Match.
Bronzer on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin with Catrice Sun bronzer.
And some highlighter with Catrice Fairy Dust which was a limited edition a while back. Just a golden rose!


Lip tar strumpet
Sometimes nude lips just won’t cut it!
Catrice Ketch-Me-Up didn’t cut it eiiither so I added OCC’s Strumpet on top of it.
The outcome I found, was quite beauteous. :)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. wow, love the color on you eye’s

  2. staat je super!! wat zijn je wenkbrauwen trouwens mooi!

  3. I love the colors in the eye look!

  4. Wauw, de kleurencombinatie.. Gurl, you nailed it. Wauw, netjes geblend, mooie look, uniek. Echt heel apart, damn!

  5. OMG geweldig :D die groene kleur <3 wauuw

  6. O wauw je ooglook is echt heel erg mooi!!

  7. Oh, goody, goody!! These are MY COLORS! I love this look and it’s completely doable for me! I might even get brave and try the purple mascara!

  8. You were dressed to kill – hope the night out didn’t kill you back :D

    • *crawls out of the trashcan* I’m alive! I’m fine! Nah the evening ended up being pretty short! >_< But hey the two free days after are making up for that. :D

  9. It looks great – I love this mascara!

  10. Oh wow :) it’s pretty! pretty pretty pretty
    and even if you used rather neutral shades it does look special hm hmmm :)
    combination of goldish and bronzish colours and purple looks gooood :D

    But the lips, well I instantly wanted to know what colour you used, it has something really cool about them, it’s kinda like it’s saying “I’m kinda matte, but not exactly matte…” and looks a little like that old dusty rose but then dark, very dark rose XD
    I can’t name it I know, but I like it, no… love it!

    • Gahhh Kristien you’re so motivationalll >_< you make me feel like every look is special. And now I feel like a Psyduck. Just really special. I had no idea where I was going with that lip shade so happy that it worked out somehow hehe :D

      • PSYYYYYYY hahaha :D
        You’re specialllll :D one of those special kids :P
        Oh dear, I’m acting like that again right?
        I love how experimental you are, I guess I’m always looking forward to your combinations :D

  11. De Mega Violet mascara is Awesome! :D

  12. Wat een mooie look! Die oogschaduw van Catrice staat je echt amazing, denk dat ik die ook nog ga aanschaffen voordat hij uit het assortiment gaat… !!

  13. Old Master painters who used glazing, and layering (like Rembrandt) liked to use alizarin crimson on paintings of dark eyed beauties. It’s a purple-ish blue transparent red like stained glass when you paint with it. Gold gilt of course completed the look.
    You seem to be using similar palette with smokey look.
    Quite lovely
    (I do not know why you are not coming up in my WP Reader – I keep subscribing. Trying again)

    • O HI Phil! You’re so articulate, it blows me away how you weave your knowledge into casually written texts. Thanks for gracing my blog with your comment, that made my day heehee! :) The WordPress reader acts silly, had the same issue with your blog and a lot of others for that matter.
      I subscribed to you on Bloglovin around two weeks back, and it’s working grrrrreat. :D

  14. Such big beautiful eyes – ;) Any colour looks great on you.

  15. Love that look. I do a similar light bronze one but I hardly ever make it as smokey as that so its more of an every day look. I just love anything with a sparkle like that, it really makes your eyes shine!


    • Amyyyy your comments got stuck in my spam folder! I wrestled the filter and pulled them back out. It’s weird how sparkly bronze shades make your eyes look awake all of a sudden right? Instant shine like you say. :) I used to go for mattes but moving more and more away from that. Lisa Eldridge made me do it. :D

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