Playtime: Alice Madness Returns

“You’re sufficiently qualified to kick some a- to boot these creatures’ nether regions”
Yesterday the most loving guinea pig mom in the world Amy said she’s going to a “pawty” this weekend.
But not just a pawty, she’ll be wearing a sweet (but little bit wacky) Alice costume, which made my imagination go into overdrive, hnnnngg!!
She instantly freed me by saying “go on and make a tutorial!”, I flew right over to my make-up stash!!!
Creative recharge mode activated!
The first thing that creeped to mind was the Alice Madness Returns game, one of the most bizar and imaginative games i’ve played so far this year.
The story is based on the original Alice In Wonderland when it comes to characters and.. well Wonderland.
But in this version Wonderland is a place Alice escapes to in her mind, to run from the fact  that her parents got killed in a fire and that she lives in and around the asylum. Only, it’s a bit messed up due to unresolved issues.
Not only do you fight with a butcher knife in this game, but also a pepper grinder and a hobby horse.
Wacky – wackier – wackiest!
alice madness returns cosplay
alice madness returns cosplay
alice madness returns cosplay
alice madness returns cosplay
alice madness returns cosplay


alice madness returns cosplay

What’s that on your face?



1) White lower lashline for big eyes
inglot white eyeliner
sugarpill tako
Inglot white gel liner, blended out with some Tako!
2) Red bags
Inglot’s 382 blended right into my bags to make them even worse. :D
3) Purple bags
Then deepened certain areas with 491
4) Black base
Catrice gel liner served its purpose!
5) Top shaped
In the cover image her red shadow went almost up to her brow, so I applied some more of that 382 as a middle shade arround the crease.
Then number 62 packed onto the lid and blended out in the crease, as well as toward the nose
6) Blend the bottom too and add some mascara!
Blending with that black shadow again and then Physician’s Formula Organic Wear on the lashes!
7) Bloody touch
To finish the whole thing off I added a Catrice red lip designer in Ruby Red right on the edge of the white to make it seems as if my eyes were watery with.. blood.


Just some foundation, no need to look too healthy! We’re a bit mad after all!
Then the droopy blood is my lip tar in NSFW, ended up not using the black one so don’t mind that! :D


Just some foundation on the lips, red eyeshadow in the middle and then black in the center.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. omg…… great looks…. luv this post for sure,, :)

  2. love the way you did your eye´s and lips

  3. Omg, this game looks incredible!! I havnt heard of it, though I’m loving the images. Your take is horrifying, amazing! The image with the straight-jacket is amazing. Love your take, always incredible.

    • Yeah it’s a crazy image right, the entire game is insane like that. Tunnel view, breezy colorful environments, transforming into crazy ones. It’s a visual candy store. :D Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment Taylor! Your wide range of interests is really admirable.

  4. Girl you are crazy ! Seems like you’re destined to work in hollywood.

  5. Wauw, heel gaaf gedaan! Je kan zo mijn partner worden wat betreft de looks haha.

  6. Oh wow – THAT’S AWESOME!!!

  7. Wowsa! I played the game about ten years ago, and it scared me so much! I did like it though, so I just kept playing ;)
    I love your look! Amazing what some eyeshadow, lip tar, and two buckets full of talent can accomplish :)

    • Ohh you played the original! Nice! :D I wish i’d played this one on the PC instead of the console. Just feels so much more comfortable behind a keyboard. What do you prefer? LOL when I read your comment I was like two full buckets of *in my head: ohhh what’s coming now? what did I use a lot of? or is it a theater quote?* and then I read talent. Awww :P ty so much..

      • Aww <3
        I prefer the PC, since I just don't play enough on any controller to get a good feel of it before I finish the game. Plus my bf pretty much has dibs on the PS3 :(
        Hehe yeah, the original.. *dreams back to those days* I did poop my pants though. And I liked playing it with a friend, where one of us would walk and the other would shoot. We were so tough :P

  8. Oh yeah, I love it :-D I love it when people think out of the box and aren’t afraid to take things a bit to the extreme or extremer side.

  9. Woaaaa, I love gore and blood and special effectsmakeup. This is awesome. You nailed it!

  10. OMG! Dit is zooo VHET!! :D

  11. OMG f-cking awesome EN creepy haha! love it

  12. Wow, what did you use that made you look so healthy and vibrant? :o

  13. I like the lips – what a great effect in only 3 steps!

  14. I love Alice the Madness. Such a great game. And that look . . . I absolutely love that!! If I didn’t need to travel on the train there I’d do the blood but defo doing a toned down eyes like that!

    It’s like a gothic vamp look! I can’t wait. I’ll practice all day today and prepare for tomorrow!

    Thank you!!

    You should do a series of this with some fancy dress or disney inspired looks. They’re really fun!


    • Oh niice you played it too, I bet that was the inspiration for your costume in the first place then? I’d love to see the outfit, sad that your blog isn’t about outift of the days too! >_<
      Thank YOU for handing me a plate of nice ideas. I truly appreciate it. Disney looks.. ahh.. how fun would that be. The thinking cap is on.

      • It would be super fun. I’ve just painted my nails for it in an alice theme and I sooooo want to show them off! Might have to include them in a post somehow. I painted a little clock on one, an alice bow on another a cheshire cat smile on the next and mad hatter hat on the next and a heart on the last. So proud of myself! lol

        Can’t wait to see some disney themed ideas! It’s big doll eyes and pouty lips for most as far as I can tell!


  15. I’m speechless. This is such a fantastic look!

    • Thanks so much Vanesaa!!! I’m happy it worked out, in the beginning I was like.. hmmm.. yea no clue. :’) The creative process is sometimes scary isn’t it.

  16. Awesome!! Looks like a lot of fun! I believe I’d scare poor Daisy deer if I tried that look!!

  17. (smiles and grins) You are so cool Anouchka! What a great makeup job – have you dared walk down the street like this? ;)

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