FOTD: 4th Of July

Aka: Sugarpill playtime!!
Okay so maaaybe i’m not from the USA, but I saw the 4th of July coming up and I wish I WAS there right now!
Fireworks, celebrating, good fooood.. hmmm..
Not to mention the colorscheme of the American flag rocks, and it happens to be the same as the Dutch flag.
Coincidence? Hehe.
Although celebrating our King happens in orange!
But back to the 4th!
In my head a flag was waving around graciously in the wind, hence the winged shape, and either rhinestones or glitter were indispensable because.. *BANG* fireworks!
Because I wanted to incorporate the blue with white stars in there somewhere I figured hey, blue rhinestones with a white one in between.
The eyes are completely blue because it’s something else for a change! It’s weird how there’s certain shades we just don’t ever grab for right.
So I kept the red for on my lips and cheeks.
Hopefully the theme somewhat shines through!
sugarpill pro palette
sugarpill pro palette
sugarpill pro palette
I would totally wear this out to be honest, even though it would be a little random here!


A liiittle more than usual!

What’s that on your face



1) Prime!
I used my MUD face primer on the eyes.
2) Inner corner white
inglot white eye base
Sugarpill’s Tako went over Inglot’s Gel Liner in 76.
3) Blue mid shade
sugarpill pro palette
Sugarpill’s Afterparty blended into the white
4) Outer corner
Velocity on the outer corner as the deepest shade!
5) Wing
Again Velocity, now with an angled brush! Just as a guideline :)
6) Connect that wing to the outer corner
7) Blendy blendy
Not an easy shade to blend without a base powder on the eye!!
8) Top liner
That’s MUD’s cake liner.
I didn’t really wing it out on the outer corner, but the inner corner does have a little cat shape to it. :D
9) White inner corner
inglot white eye base
Some more of that Gel Liner on the inner waterline and lashline, some more Tako as well!
10) Bottom liner
Some serious MUD transluscent powder under the eye first, because that cake liner just transfers all around!
Again with that cake liner I drew the lashline a lot lower to make the eyes seem bigger, and then filled in the outer corner with Catrice Gel Liner
11) Mascara
12) Rhinestones
Some random rhinestones from Action, I ended up not using the red. :)


Catrice’s Infine Matte foundation and Inglot’s cream concealer
Then I set everything with that MUD powder again
And applied Love + on the cheeks!


This true lovely red matches the drapes perfectly. ^_^
So for you Americans, what’s the 4th of July like?
Do you celebrate it? What’s your favorite tradition??
I know in Holland on King’s day we bake orange pastries.. dress orange.. dress our house in orange.. then have a drink and watch the Queen (now this year it will be the King!) parade around.
It’s pretty darn cosy!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow – excellent.

  2. Oh my gosh I love this. It reminds me a little of Cabaret.

  3. pretty look especially the eyeliner

  4. Wat een mooie look! Die palette is super mooi.

  5. Je ooglook is zo gaaf geworden wauw wauw wauw!

  6. Woow wat een gave look zeg!! Heel tof gedaan met die mooie kleuren!!

  7. Glad to see the Sugarpill palette getting some play time!

  8. Yes, if you ever come to Sin City look my wife and I up! I love red, white and blue! Thank you for such an honor Anouchka! :)

  9. VHÉT!! Toch nog gelukt op je vrije dag ;)
    Heb de hele dag naar je look met het palette uitgekeken en het was het wachten waard! ;)

  10. Wow, wat een prachtige look!! Wat een mooie gepigmenteerde oogschaduw: lekker fel!

  11. Great job!

  12. wow geweldig! mooie look heb je gemaakt. ik wil nog steeds iets van Sugarpill proberen ^_^

  13. Wow!! I love this look on you! Nicely done… and as always, your photos and “how to” instructions are awesome!

  14. You know people (this girl!) in the US…it totally counts! This is super cool looking, I may have to give it a try tomorrow!

  15. .. MIND-BLOWING! Wauw, this is crazy. You did an amazing job lady! Hands down, hands down. Love the eyeliner in the inner corners. :)

  16. Nais! See you’re enjoying your new goodies! I like the eyeliner (but you know I love some liner!) a lot, as well as the rhinestones. Nice touch :) Do you like the Gosh lipstains by the way?

    • Yesss it’s like a playground up in here. Tomorrow AND the day after I don’t have to work, but my boyfriend’s best friend is at our place. I’m not going to be one of the boys these next two days, oh no, MAKE-UP FTW.
      Thank you! I love the color, love the taste and the smell, and they stay really well if you don’t eat. The thing with stains is that they’re so easy to reapply as well right? I love going out with these markers in my purse.

  17. I’m so deeply in love with the eye liner! that inner corner is just WOW :)
    I would love to visit America with my boyfriend on the 4th of July too :)
    Didn’t figure out the theme right away actually, because it’s so “wearable” (would definitely wear this when going out ^^ )

  18. Very cool! Love the bright pigmented colors, perfect for Independence Day! And if you ever come to Las Vegas, definitely let me know!!

  19. What a great idea. I like the crossing part from white to blue.

    • Thank yoou! I like that sort of gradient too, though I should try something else. Was trying to come up with something but I just went back to this again. One day! I’ll do something else. One day.

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