IMATS Haul & Giveaway

Drumroll please!
A friend of mine accurately described the checking hauls – process as following: “I feel like imma get to you know you for REAL if I see this shit”.
I couldn’t agree more.
I LOVE seeing what people ( people in the drugstore, people at the market, people at the tea-shop.. ) buy!
Or what they have in their purse!
Ohh so good.
Curiosity, yeees….
Anyway it’s taken me long enough to post this due to being sick, so let’s go!

Starting off with the most scream-worthy thing:
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
The Sugarpill Pro Palette!
These will be available on the website soon! Just a couple more months!
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
L to R, top to bottom: Acidberry, Velocity, Flamepoint, 2am, Mochi and Love +
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
L to R, top to bottom: Buttercupcake, Dollipop, Afterparty, Poison Plum, Midori and Tako
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
All swatched dry without a base..!
Acidberry: lime green (slightly less coverage than the others..)
Velocity: true royal blue
Flamepoint: vibrant orange
Buttercupcake: bright, slightly warm yellow (finally, a flattering yellow!!)
Dollipop:  hot pink!!
Afterparty: bright turquoise with a teenie bit of shimmer
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
2am: red toned purple with a slight shimmer (slightly powdery too..)
Mochi: minty green
Love+: true red with a tiny bit of shimmer (LOVE LOVE)
Poison Plum: blue tones purple with some shimmer too
Midori: vivid forest green with a slight pearl
Tako: matte white (a little powdery but patting it on solves that, insane pigment!)
sugarpill all eyeshadows swatches
Umm, yes, these stain! Oil make-up remover required! ;D
Then I got me some (in)famous Embryolisse moisturizer, i’ve yet to try it!
Up until now I really didn’t have a neutral moisturizer to use on clients, so here’s to hoping it’s any good!
And the Inglot Cream Foundation, not the YSM or AMC or whatever apparently!
Just Cream Foundation. ^_^
It’s supposed to be good for oily skin so let’s see!
inglot foundation
Some Cream Concealer to go with it!
inglot cream concealer
And of course one of their Matte AMC Gel Liners in 76
inglot gel eyeliner
Hoping this’ll work nicely under shadows! Currently in dire need of a heavy duty white eyeshadow base.
inglot gel eyeliner white
Bloody Mary truly sold her stuff at the workshop and so I had to drop by her booth!
These fangs have been all over the internet, not to mention her blood capsules.
Filled with True Blood.
She is the creator of True Blood, her capsules are used in government training, so is her camouflage, COULD she be any more awesome.
Oh and she created the icy dead people in Titanic, so there.
bloody mary blood capsule
bloody mary blood capsule
I don’t feel so good.. no that’s not how sick I am at the moment, I just caught a bug, but doesn’t that look awesome?!
You could let the blood run all over your chin and clothing, I tried to sort of.. guide it a little so that it didn’t get all over. ;)
Then I went to get me some Bdellium brushes!!
From the vegan Pink Bambu collection to be exact!
bdellium vegan brushes
Top to bottom: 957p precision cheek, 776 blending, 781p crease
bdellium pink
bdellium pink
bdellium pink
Some Crown ones too!
crown brush blending
Top to bottom: BK40 – Oval Shadow, Deluxe Crease Buffer brush, Blending Crease C250-0 – Taklon Pointed Liner
Disclaimer: the BK40 Oval Shadow brush is NOT vegan, it’s made from badger hair.
They blatantly lied to me at the stand, I have no doubt they did it to others as well, watch out what you buy at these busy events!
Apparently it IS necessary to have internet access to check out whether the information they give you is correct.

Then for my mom some beautiful face lace.. ^_^ that I SO badly want to bedazzle with her!
face lace burlesque
Oh and last but definitely, in no way, ever, the least: Inglot shadows!!
inglot palette
Like I said in the video, they actually gave me the wrong shadows..
The system: you’d fill out a form with all of the items you like, and they would then get them all and bill you up at once.
I’m not going to make too big of a deal out of it because it was really busy at the booth so they must’ve been stressed out, and every Inglot shadow is amazing, but still.
Not getting the shadows you asked for, a bit unprofessional if you ask me!
inglot palette
inglot palette
From l to r, top to bottom: 355, 30, 467, 390, 360, 402, 458, 49, 406, 422, 329
355: matte light beige with some peach
30: frosty champagne
467: soft peachy pink with shimmer
390: matte brownish beige
360: matte gray (taupe) brown
402: pearly taupe brown, with a purple hue
458: charcoal brown with shimmer
49: metallic olive gold
406: metallic golden bronze
422: shimmery red-toned chocolate brown
329: matte deep warm chocolate brown
inglot brown swatches
From l to r: 355, 30, 467, 390, 360, 402, 458
inglot brown swatches
From l to r: 49, 406, 422, 329

Giveaway time!!

It felt a little selfish just getting some for myself so I wanted to give these two:
inglot palette
To you as well!!
Oh and some YSM Foundation samples too.
There’s three ways to enter, all for a seperate ticket:
1) Subscribe to my Youtube account!
2) Comment down below what your favorite type of make-up style is, a smokey eye or a cut crease, a red lip or even natural eyes!
3) Share this post on Facebook (let me know if you do in the comments) ^_^
Of course it’s open to everyone on the globe.
Then on July 29th 8pm CET i’ll pick a winner randomly and let you know!
Until next time!! Meanwhile i’ll be creeping back into my blanket with a nice cup of Yogi Women’s tea!
Hmmm… ginger…


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Michelle Tucker

    I mostly go for a natural eye, but sometimes I like darker browns.
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  2. Michelle Tucker

    Follow via YouTube – Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  3. I subscribed to your youtube channel as Sad20ful..

    I really like to wear a smokey eye in neutrals for daytime and dark (black, purple, grey) for night time.

    I shared on facebook here :


    Thankss alot

  4. I Subscribe to your Youtube account as Sad20ful

    I really like to wear a smokey eye in neutrals for daytime and dark (black, purple, grey) for night time

    I shared on Facebook here :


    Thankss alot

  5. 1) I subscribed to your YT as agmini!

    2) My favorite makeup style is very very natural eyes (matte neutral browns) and lips (MLBB, medium pigmented lips; a mauvy-brown tone).

  6. I’m fond of and go for the natural look using neutral eyeshadows (or without any) ,pretty pinky-peachy blushes and for eyeliner metallic ones (preferably gold for celebrations) :)

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  7. Youtube subscriber as Szabynaa

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

  8. I love pin up style for my make up, but I like also a nude look with eyeliner and a lot of mascara on my eyes! :) Love your haul…expecially the inglot palette!! :)

    I shared on fb:
    on YT I’m Annalisa a
    This is my email:


  9. Youtube: Aldina Rafael
    Facebook: Aldina Martins


    I like natural eyes :)

  10. Subscribed on YT: Fairywitch86

    email: fairywitch86[at]

  11. I love natural Make up :) I love that nude effect that seem you aren’t wear any makeup! And I thinks is very difficault to re-create that style!
    Finger crossed and thanks for the chance!

    YT: Fairywitch86
    email: fairywitch86[at]

  12. Subscribed on YouTube!

    Username: limzhuoyuenbis
    Name: Yuen Lim

  13. Isabel Almeida

    i shared on facebook

  14. Isabel Almeida

    i subscrived your youtube : Isaa .c

  15. Isabel Almeida

    I like natural make up and sometimes a cat eye :)

  16. YT: Mirjana Ivanisevic
    I love soft smoky eyes

  17. YT Carla Antognoni
    I prefer a smokey eye done in neutrals for daytime and dark black for night.
    shared fb

  18. Silvia Bartolomé

    1) Subscribe to my Youtube account! Silvia Bartolome
    2) Comment down below what your favorite type of make-up style is… Is a smokey eye in black or birown
    3) Share this post on Facebook (let me know if you do in the comments) Share!!

  19. Yaay thank you so much for this generous giveaway!
    I looove INGLOT!
    YouTube: Dimana Dyakova

    I just love screaming colors on the whole crease, blended out like a smokey eye, but with natural eyelid and nude lips. Also I love the classy retro glam look – black eyeliner/fake lashes and a pure red lipstick ;)

  20. i love a smoky eye look!

  21. I’m subscribed to your YT as T Ivanisevic

  22. Slađana Sušilović

    i love a smoky eye look! subscribed on your youtube channel as Slađana Sušilović.

  23. Nuria Macías García

    Subscribed on your youtube channel as Nuria Macías García. I shared the post. My favorite make-up style is a smokey eye and brown lips . Thanks for the giveaway from Spain

  24. Alice Beerland

    Subscribed on your youtube channel as fradoraable!! Thanxks for the chance!

  25. My favourite make up style is the natural eye. I like to use my Rimmel palette for doing that look :D

  26. Carol Phillipps

    Thank you for doing this giveaway,I l shared this post on Facebook , my name, (Tony Amato),and i subscribed to your you tube, my name (Tony Smith)
    I like a natural eye, but for special times i also like a smokey eye.

  27. i love a smoky eye look !:) very classy !

  28. Cassie Korando

    1. I subscribed on YouTube.
    2. I prefer a smokey eye – done in neutrals for daytime and dark (black, purple, navy) for night.
    3. I shared on Facebook (Cassie Korando).

  29. amazing giveaway…thanks!!!
    I love INGLOT <3 <3 <3 fingers crossed
    yt: dhetey
    fb: sara martino

  30. Lyudmila Sizova

    Follow on youtube: lusizova
    Added post on fb:
    E-mail: lusizova at
    I like small smokey eye

  31. Wow! This all looks amazing! Personally I prefer smoky eyes, they’re just gorgeous! I would realy like to win this so I did subscribed on youtube and liked and shared your post on facebook. Fingers crossed!

  32. I love smokey eyes. ♥♥♥

    Subscribed to your youtube channel. (Say Yap)

    Thank you so much for the Giveaway!!!

  33. Hi and thanks for this great GA!
    I love smokey but nude too….
    YT: Josée Meunier

    Have a good day

  34. Dima Krupnikov

    like smokey eyes

    did all three steps

    Dima Krupnikov on facebook and youtube

  35. Bhavani Sekar

    I love smokey eyes <3


    Subscribed to your youtube channel. My youtube WITH NAME: Pooja raje

  36. Youtube: Lauren S
    I like the natural look as I work shift patterns and its more easier.
    Shared on fb:

    • Agreed. Work makes me lazy too. Or well sleep is just too nice. Plus, working and rubbing your face with make-up: not handy right. :P *whoosh* ah darnit swipe of eyeshadow all over.

  37. Giuliana Leone

    I done all. yt giuliana leone email
    I love smokey eye and red lip :)

  38. Wauw, wat een mooie spulletjes heb je gekocht. En dat Inglot palette!!!!!!! Kwijl.. zo mooi

  39. I love red lipstick (I’m a little bit obsessed haha)

  40. youtube: silvia33music
    I love smokey eyes =)
    shared on fb:
    The shades of the palette look so great +.+

  41. Great GA!! I always prefer smokey eyes with nude lips!

    YT Subscriber: Glossy Lala
    FB share:


  42. Great GA!! I always prefer smokey eyes with nude lips!!

    YT Subscriber: Glossy Lala
    FB share:


  43. I love going natural all the way – maybe a brown/shimmery pink eye with eyeliner and mascara and then a coral lip (:

    The Craziest Paradigm – a ‘lil bit of rust & stardust

  44. Francy Give Away

    Natural eyesssssssss *__*

    YouTube Aki uzzola


  45. Thank you so much for the Giveaway!!!

    My Current favorite look has to be Eqyptian-Cleopatra winged golden eyes, bronzed contours and highlights and a nude inconspicuous lipstick with transparent gloss ;)

    Shared this fabulous entry with my friends on facebook:

    Stay healthy and pretty!!!

    Devon Xavior

  46. My favorite look would have to be the natural look but your prettier version lol. :D They say to achieve this it would take more makeup, but the results are amazing. It looks barely there, but you are glowing and gorgeous. I also like smoky eyes. :)

    Youtube: machukoy1
    FB: Ging Aquino

    • How about “natural” (love your description lol it does take work) perfect glowy skin WITH smokey eyes? Gahh.. that combo sounds good. :D Thanks for entering!

  47. i posted on fb and my favorite make-up style would probably the smokey eye. because you can do so many different kinds and different colors i love it. <3 =]

  48. I LOVE SMOKEY EYES and red lips too.i shared here:

  49. Thank you for this cute giveaway!
    1)Suscribed myself on You Tube:Helena Oops
    2)My favoritze Makeup is natural with a little touch of mascara and khol…
    3)shared the post on FB:

    4)Also fillow you via newsletter, bloglovin:Helena and FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom
    Have a nice day!

  50. My fav look is smokey eye nude lip
    subbed on youtube as meegan whitford
    posted on fb

  51. enter me
    Youtube: poiu801214

    my favourite makeup style is a natural face with a red lip


  52. love simple look: natural (no eyeshadov, mascara and vaseline on lips) and black smokey eye or simple red lip on nights (never together) out :)

    yourube: Arune Alisauskaite

  53. youtube name:maria V
    FB:Eirhnh Smith
    share on fb :
    my fav style is sexy smokey eyes!

  54. 1. Subscribed to youtube as : Bidisha Banerjee

    2. My favourite makeup style is Smoky eyes.

    3. Shared on Facebook :

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  55. I’d like to learn as much as I can about makeup styles, but for now I stick with au naturel. :D

    YouTube: uranne
    Facebook: Anna Adona
    FB share:

  56. 1) Subscribed as Kati kz

    2) My favorite type of make-up style is a smokey eyes and natural lips!

    3) Shared on FB:

  57. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Natural eyes !

  58. Stavroula Douvropoulou

    My favorite type of make-up style is rosy lips, natural blush and brown eyeshadows.
    youtube: stavroula211977
    fb:Stavroula Douvropoulou
    fb share:

  59. Vânia Madureira

    Subscribed as Bikinhus. My fav style has to be drama sexy smokey eyes!

    Shared on fb:

  60. My favorite type of make-up style is rosy lips, reddish blush and glittering eyeshadows.
    Subscribed to your youtube channel. My youtube name is Divya Asha.
    Shared on facebook:

  61. Shared on facebook!

    I prefer a more natural look to anything else. Nothing wrong with a dramatic smokey eye every now and again!

  62. i love smokey eyes and nude lip
    yt: Milù Bijoux
    link fb:

  63. My favorite makeup style is smokey eyes!

  64. I usually love a sort of soft smoky eye with browns as an everyday look!

  65. My favorite look is a a no makeup-makeup look aside from a really shiny bold lip. :)

    Thanks for doing this!

  66. my style depends on the day, sometimes i want natural, sometimes i want wild!! shared on facebook!

  67. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I definitely prefer a more natural look! :)

  68. My favorite make-up style is a stong red lip, like old hollywood glamour!

  69. I subscribed on youtube – username: Joana Patrícia

  70. OMG ik doe mee! I want! en ik volg je al enzooooo. mijn favoriete look is red lips + winged eyeliner!

  71. The piggies have subscribed to you on youtube! Hmmmm favourite look? I like natural with a little glitter, usually on my eyes, (I have the most gorgeous Barry M sparkle glitter stuff in a bronze shade which I use for everyday) or a pink sparkly lip gloss (I have hundreds so I can never pick just one!).

    Everything if so much better when it sparkles!

    ~ Amy

    ps. you have the cutest voice ever!

  72. Wow, great haul! Love the Sugarpil pallet and the blood capsules, so cool

  73. Awesome haul! That face lace is the coolest, I’ve never seen something like that here.

    My makeup style changes with my moods – so I guess you could say that my style is mood makeup! :)

    • Mood make-up! Nice! Hehe :D I love how there’s so many options these days that make that possible. Vampy? Oh here you go. Fresh color pop? Here’s a million! It’s like painting.. ahh.. :)

  74. Uhuuuuu!~ I’m on it!! :DD
    Shared and crossing my fingers!

  75. OMG that foundation fits you perfectly!!! So pretty!
    and *drool* Sugarpill… *drool* the fangs are cool too, but *drooooooollll* sugarpillllll
    The beginning was so cute awwww :D hahahaha you bubbly one :D
    The event in America was PHAMExpo right? I was thinking the same back then, only I wasn’t going to IMATS so I didn’t ask them anything about IMATS haha :D

    And oh oh oh, I wanne join the giveaway because I really want to try out inglot teehee (I feel a little bad though, being such a parasite (profiteur :p ) but you’re very generous ;) too kind)

    Sooo my favourite make up style is actually anything and everything haha, but I love a winged liner for anything! especially together with natural and a pop of colour for that freshness :)
    I’m already a youtube sub for a while, I think you know who I am ;) so stalkerish haha
    aaaand I shared your post :p

    • Yezzzz they actually matched you up at the booth!! Very nice surprise. :D And I heard Inglot is coming to Belgium soooon!!! This time for realsies. And yes!! That’s the event. See? There you go again. *BAM* brand agenda there you go.

      A pop of color for freshhhhness. I love that. And I 100% agreeeee. But you know that! Yess I thank you for being a stalker, it’s very flattering to the soul. :’3

      • I have no life, looking at events I can’t go to for real XD
        Inglot in Belgium would be really cool, excited already, no need to go to Amsterdam then this holiday (but I still want to go)
        And you know I love to stalk :D it’s what keeps a no-life like me busy right :p

  76. Wow! Super gave prijs ik doe zeker mee. Ik ben geabonneerd op je Youtube kanaal onder de naam Dit is ons en ik heb op Facebook gedeeld onder de naam Amanda v.h. N.
    Mijn favoriete soort looks? Extreme looks met glitters, felle kleuren en de look die ik laatst maakte geïnspireerd op True Blood. Moet zelf nog een keer van die tanden kopen, zou bovenstaande best willen kopen haha.

  77. Love everything that you got! i wish they were available in South Africa. Is it an international giveaway? Love Your blog btw!

  78. AWESOME products you have there!! I LOOOVE the Sugerpill Palette!! <3

  79. Whoa, hi there, pro Youtuber with nice sounds and everything! Nice :D your haul is a-ma-zing and I loved-loved-loved watching it! I’m already following you pretty much everywhere (creepy! :P) and I shared your post on facebook.
    My favorite make-uplook nowadays is pretty simple: shaping, blushing, neutral (or no) eyeshadow, bold-ish brows, and a nice liquid eyeliner & mascara. Done in 15 minutes :D

    • Haaa thank you tried to, you know, put some fancy effects in there lol! xD I LOVE bold brows, Same thing for me these days. :D Without the shaping. Woop woop!

  80. :-O Look at the pigmentation of that Sugarpill palette! *drools*

  81. Hey I’m back on WordPress! :)
    I’m subscribed already with 2 YT accounts: DaphYinArt and 14Daphnee14!
    Shared the post on fb :)
    And my favourite makeup style is a natural face but with winged black eyeliner eyes.

  82. Not spamming here, haha! A cut crease. :)

  83. Oh! It’s sugar pill, duh! For a minute I thought sugar pill was name and Sleek maybe the brand.

  84. Oh my gosh, Anouchka, you have the cutest voice and accent!!!! I think all your vids I’ve seen so far have been visual and music so far – no voice. I totally love your personality. We should do coffee!

  85. Some drool-worthy stuff for sure there, girl!!!! Inglot, How I love inglot. So much I truly regret the post “pop portfolio you’re the one.” But what am I to do? It’s not the one, Inglot is. And (gasps), is that Sleek? What is that? What a beautiful haul and for some reason I LOVE seeing what people buy? Funny, isn’t it?

    • Inglot is the one, definitely hahah :D but seriously, i’ve yet to be dissapointed by any (really any) Inglot shadow that exists.. and that doesn’t happen a lot! Or ever! Not at MAC, not at Sugarpill apparently, not Sleek..! The fact that they gave me 2 or 3 wrong shadows might’ve been awful with some brands but not this one!
      I do toooo!! Hauls are the world’s greatest LOL!

  86. Oh & i shared the post – Forgot to say it

  87. Looks super cool ! i love make up, i love trying stuff :) & I love VERY colorfull eye-make up (: but i’m not into lip-stuff. Keep it going :p !

  88. Great photos! Good look with the blood drip ;) Glad your feeling better, the music in the background is so cool.

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