IMATS Footage

I’m baaaack and the work week is in full swing already.
Don’t you just hate it when your head is still up in the clouds, singing, but the world is asking for you to get your booty back to the ground this instant?
With stuff like this in your head:
Baking bread just seems sort of futile!
I finally got ’round to editing my video though! ^_^
Excuse the awkward talking, i’ll learn!
Before you know it we’re dancing in front of the camera in our jammies. Woop woop!
Oh and i’ll be posting a haul and Bloody Mary’s workshop very soon!
No, no i’m kidding. ;)
It’ll pop up somewhere this week!

So to sum IMATS up in one word.. sick! Sick!
Not only the products at discounted price but the special effects and bodypainting..!
All those prosthetics..!
You could just smell the creativity! Hmm wait – no I mean in a good way.
The aqua paints, glitter sprays, eyeshadows, glues, etc, just heaven.
Pretty much every booth had some sort of artsy demonstration going on.
The workshops were cool, especially the second day (the day my camera ran out of battery of course.. ahh trial and error) however apparently “workshops” don’t have the same meaning everywhere.
It was more like: listen and watch them do it.
Still, insane to see those things because here in Belgium you’re left with a big old gap in your heart when it comes to editorial creations.
VIP’s! Yes, VIP’s.
Ruth Crilly, Wayne Goss, etc.
I promised I wouldn’t squeal.. because “who does that”.
And then there I was being uncool x1000 next to Ruth.
Then again who really looks cool next to a grungy model.
My face looked like I needed a toilet really bad.
I wish I could show you the picture but my friend hasn’t sent me the shots yet!
Wauw why don’t I just say my dog ate the picture. >_<‘
But it’s the  truth, I swear.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Wauw dat lijkt me zo leuk!

  2. Dat ziet er echt super sper tof uit! Wauw :D

  3. 6:45 zooming on the guy’s bum hm? :p
    and yes London has very kind people, I’m pretty sure Brittish people are the kindest I know, very polite, always saying excuse me and sorry, never experienced any hairpulling or pushing or anything, if they stand in your way, just say excuse me and they more 3 meters (I rarely experience that in Belgium)
    I REAAAALLLY want to go there now hahaha :D
    You have such a cute accent awwwww
    Really awesome stuff, and of course I saw right away what was in your shopping bag at 2:00 AHHHHHH

    • Well eh you know, for the viewers. For the viewers. :D And a-haaa so it’s not just me. That’s exactly what I mean, they’re so aware of who they bump into. I actually was the one having to pay attention to what I did because I got some looks when I squeezed in between them to get to a product LOL.
      And let’s go together next year maybe?? If you can then that is! :P I want to go back!!
      Hahaha you saw. :D

      • Suuuuure… for the viewers…
        I’m usually more polite in London than in Belgium I think, because people just don’t give a f*** about you, so why should I let them push me back? But even then I feel like I’m at least not an a**hole…
        I hope I don’t have that much and long exams next year so I can come along haha
        I saw… totally, yeah

  4. Oh my god, awesome! Ik vind de special effect make-up zo enorm gaaf.. goddamn.. ik wil ook naar IMATS de volgende keer! :O

  5. It’s impossible for anyone to be cool when VIPs are involved! Looks like such a cool event – can’t wait to see your haul!

  6. wow leuk om te zien hoor!

  7. Echt super leuke foto’s! Niet normaal gewoon hoe mooi sommige make-up gedaan is!

  8. wauw, wat ongelofelijk wat een plaatjes maken ze er van zeg! Ik kan me gewoon niet voorstellen dat iemand zoiets moois op een lijf kan maken

  9. What a wonderland! Whimsy and creativity are alive. Must have been electrifying – so cool. Thanks for sharing

  10. ziet er super gaaf uit, ben benieuwd wat je hebt gekocht

  11. That’s just great! I had no clue what you can do with inspiration and some make up!

  12. Heel cool om te zien! Ongelofelijk wat voor een artiesten sommige mensen toch zijn.

  13. Wow! Dit is echt Super vet!!
    Wat een leuk filmpje! Is that a dutch thing?! haha!
    Echt niet normaal wat ze allemaal kunnen.. Echt heel leuk dat je t met ons deelt!!

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