Film Noir Shoot, Outcome

Yaay I got hold of the Film Noir shots!
Isabel Velghe and me worked together on these as the MUA team through MUD hehe! :)
The men as well as the women were thorougly pampered with soft brushes that day.
film noir make-up
film noir make-up
film noir make-up
film noir make-up
Pretty exciting times, these are the first real pictures I got especially to be put in a portfolio, ever!

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These are just the pictures relating to the days I was there, the shots are supposed to tell a story through visuals only.
If you want to check the full deal, visit the photographer’s webcorner at Aaron Lapeirre!
I think they came out quite cool! But then that may just be me loving the theme.. :)
How do the 40’s & 50’s feel to you? Do you like the thought of them?
Right now I think it’s time to pitch a real wesbite and start chasing photographers!!
I’m not expecting this to be an easy journey but:


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. This is awesome ! What an incredible experience you had this day. True art in the making.

  2. Wow! Wat een gaaf project! Superstoer dat jij de maquillage hebt gedaan :D en die quote, geniaal!

  3. How exciting! You did a fantastic job. It was lovely to see some of your work.

  4. Ziet er zéér goed uit, de sfeer is echt goed vastgelegd.

  5. de foto’s zijn echt gaaf geworden!

  6. looks very nice, love the photo story

  7. I love this era, and the photography is outstanding! I love it!

  8. This is SO cool! I’m so happy for you!!!

  9. Nice pictures, with the men I kinda had the Bond feeling haha :D Although I’m not a big Bond fan…
    Do you like those movies?

    Great quote as well, I’m stealing that one! Very motivational, I was always hoping for things to come my way and get demotivated when they don’t, so I’m definately remembering that one :)

    • Yees lol! They really fit into the scene! As soon as they walked in I thought ohh.. yes! Mr inspector! LOL!
      And I do, I love special agent thingymebob shizzle. Gets me all excited. But i’m not a die hard james bond fan, there’s other amazing movies right.
      Why aren’t you a fan?

      • Haha I don’t know, not much into crime/detective/agent thingy’s I guess
        I like Bones, but that’s about it I guess, and it’s probably because Brennan is such a weirdo :p
        And maybe because of the relationship thingy’s
        But I guess I never really gave Bond a chance, only saw parts of it XD

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