Interwebs Drool Time

Isn’t e – window shopping great?
Although i’m sure these items would look even better stationed in my apartment but hey!
Here’s a couple of things that found their way into my bookmarks – and heart – this week. ^_^

Ostrich Pillow

ostrich pillow
ostrich pillow
The ability to lay down anywhere without light or sound bothering you?
Yes please!
$99 here

Victorian City Leggings

victorian city leggings
Those are so cute! The only thing they’re missing is The Doctor in them.
$32 here

Tardis Earrings

tardis earrings
There we go!
Wear them with these earrings and the picture is complete. ;)
$18.89 here

Jellyfish Pool Lights

jellyfish pool lights
Maybe I can go put these in the river behind our house. Or the bathtub.
In any case – they rock!
$15.76 here

Follow Me Stockings

follow me
Follow me, let’s go cruelty free! :)
I love the double meaning of the bunny there. Or maybe tripple meaning.. ehh..

Hair Sword

hair sword
Awesome AND handy in times of desperate need!
Like when you encounter a super villain!
Or you know, when you need to open a letter.
$38 here

Magical Wooden Hair Sticks

magical wooden hair sticks
Some magic in your hair.. I love hair sticks, so fast to work with.
A-ha i’ll post my fav easy updo with them! :D
$12 here

Gartered Legs

gartered legs
Nevermind garter stockings, go for the REAL thing! ;)
Creativity required!
gartered legs
$50 here

Volkswagen Case

vw cover
First – an Iphone. Then – this.
Just for this.
$14.99 here

Retro Apron

women's apron
Sticking with the retro vibe, wouldn’t cleaning be SO much more fun in this??
$38.95 here

CD Shard Dragon

CD shard dragon
I need one, you need one, we all need one.
Can’t be bought, ever, here
Thought i’d finish on a good note!! ;)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Yes mister hamster, WANT!

  2. Oh my gosh! I wish I’d had one of those Ostrich pillows when I lived at college.

    I actually bought a pair of those TARDIS earrings for one of my friends for her birthday. I also got her a sonic screwdriver pair, so that she can mix and match.

  3. I would love that Ostrich pillow for the long flights home! I can just imagine the look on the stewardess face.. and is that little hole on the front a window? omg, I am laughing now picturing this!

    I would also love the Tardis earrings… can you believe Matt Smith is done??

    • Hehehee… :D Yeah i’s a little breathing hole. Would definitely make people look when you wear it but you won’t be bothered because you can’t see anything! Heehee!!
      And no. :( No. I wonder who the next doctor will be but it’s so sad when he “moves on” right? Adapting, yuk! Lol.

  4. I like those Jellyfish pool lights! We have a huge pool and I would love to see at least a dozen of these floating around! Awesome!!

    • Ohhh that would be awesome. I’m jelly of your huge pool hehe. ^_^ Is that a daily thing over there? A classmate of mine is moving to her husband in the USA soon, and she told me where she’s moving it’s pretty much just standard to have a pool. :P

  5. Hahah, that’s awesome! I really loved the Victorian City legging. :)

  6. wat een leuke en grappige spulletjes , love the retro apron

  7. Wat een gave items zitter erbij!! Mijn dochter schrok zich een hoedje bij de bloederige panty’s haha!

  8. Some look really funny ahah!

  9. Great stuff!! Especially the pool jellyfish, creepy but so cool. Would you put your head in that Ostrich bag? Me thinks not!

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