Primers Galore!

Hey ho!
I’m going to draw a virtual line here and just sum up what cruelty free primers i’ve tried so far and how they preformed on me!
After this post i’ll do a trial and tell with pictures on each one of these that I haven’t covered yet to show you when they break down.
Why not, i’ll be using them anyway! ^_^
Well most of them… *ominous drumroll*
Follow me into the pros and cons?

Why a primer?

It all depends on how much effort you want to put into your war paint, but it does make a difference.
Primer forms a barrier between your skin and your make-up, to make it come out better.
It evens out your skin, minimizes pores and smooths over bumps to form an even canvas for you to work on, and protects your creation from natural oils to make it last a lot longer!
Some primers have illuminating agents or pigmentation, all with the intent of making the products you put on top look even better!

The good, the bad, the downright ugly


POP Beauty


Eye Magnet

A mousse primer for the eyes.
pop form
I already did a trial for this one!
Only a mild smell
Dries fast
Pigmentation evens out the lid
Comfortable texture to smooth over the lid
Smooths out fine lines
Chamomile, Ronasphere LDP and vitamin E take care of your skin
Feels slightly thick and heavy on the lid
Pretty dark color
Holds for a decent amount if time, 4 hours, like a low price primer would, but at the cost of a high end one ($18)

Face Magnet

A cream primer for the face.




In case you’re thinking I can’t see beeswax on the second picture, that’s right!
It just smooths into the skin and dissapears.
At least to the eye it does! But oh I promise you, it’s doing its job. :D
Formula dries really fast
Very light smell
Handy slightly tacky formula, feels like glue
Foundation grabs onto it really well
Super handy packaging, you only squirt out a pea-size amount
Contains liquorice root for the skin
No oils
Smooths out fine lines
No cons!
For $25 it will last you a long time and the clean cut formula just works.



I Love Stage

A liquid eye primer.
There’s a trial here!
Has pigment in it to even out the color of your lids
Scent isn’t overpowering
The price! For $3.50 you really can’t go wrong
The formula is pretty thick and wet, it takes a while to dry
Doesn’t last very long, about 4 hours



Illuminating Base

A liquid face primer.
I really want to like this one.. but I don’t. It’s inexpensive at $7 but then it doesn’t do much for me either..
It contains peach pigment and shimmer particles to illuminate the skin
Feels lightweight on the skin
Contains beneficial vitamins C, A and E
The shimmer particles creep into and emphasize fine lines
Doesn’t do anything to hold make-up in place
The smell is awful in my opinion, some might like it but beware if you don’t because it smells STRONG
Parabens and silicone à gogo


Lustrous Eye Primer

A mousse primer for the eyes.
The pigment is strong in this one.
Gorgeous under a smokey eye
Doesn’t smell like much
Different colors to choose from, works as a great base for an easy 1 shadow – wash of color
The pigment in it doesn’t make it suitable for every look
Feels slightly heavy
Doesn’t last long, again just the range of 4 hours.. is it the creamy mousse formula that’s to blame?
At $22 it’s extremely expensive for limited holding power



Eyeshadow Base

A mousse eyeshadow primer.
This primer also feels slightly whipped like a mousse, but in a dry way.
Holds really well for such a low cost, around 8 hours at € 3.25!
The formula feels and smells pretty neutral
The dry mousse makes it a little annoying to spread out, I end up going back and forth between the tube and my eyes >_<
It dries to a see-through finish, which makes it suitable for all eye looks
Evens out the fine lines
Dries quickly
Doesn’t hold extremely well
Scent isn’t that bad but a little chemical
That applicator, why!!!

Make-Up Designory


Face Primer

A gel primer for the face!
At school we use this on the face as well as the eyes, and for a reason.
As you can see on the second picture it reduces the appearance of fine lines and mattifies!
Not visible
Smooths over fine lines
Keeps make-up in place for ages, on the eyes as well as the face
Feels very lightweight
Super easy to work into the skin
Has no smell
Only need a pea-size
Expensive… 47 dollars to be exact. Ahum – hum..
Some react to it, a friend of mine developed a rash afterwards, even though it’s supposed to be as neutral as possible
The formula is SO runny it will seep out of the tube if you travel all over with it




Pixi Lustrous Eye Primer
POP Eye Magnet
Catrice Illuminating Base


POP Face Magnet
MUD Face Primer
Hema Eyeshadow Base
Essence I Love Stage
I hope that was helpful to someone out there!
Let me know what your favorite primer is!! It might be my next try.. ^_^


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Great post! I never go without a primer. I am totally hooked on Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance primer and their Primed & Poreless face primer.

  2. Super leuk om te zien zo, ik heb zelf die van Catrice, maar die vind ik zelf ook niet zo super haha!

  3. We tend to think of primer as undercoat! Love the ‘keep your face on Sparky’ – a bit like what one of our goddaughters said to her grandparent when 8 years old: Keep your hair on Grandma’ – we love children like that :D

  4. mijn fav is van Urban Decay ^^

  5. Ik gebruik ‘Bare Vitamins Prime Time Makeup Primer’ Hij is heel fijn maar stinkt ook zo! (ik dacht dat dat zo hoorde)maar hoeft dus helemaal niet?!

  6. I used Garnier 5 second perfect blur and the stuff is so light fluffy, but absolutely stinks of silicone. It also kind of spurts out of the tube if you forget to shake it. It really does make your skin super soft and my make-up is staying on waaaaaaay better now, so I’m in two minds. I will use it for a few more days before I really make up my mind!


    • Uuuugh a strong smell is so annoying.. it’s one of the bigs reasons I never grab for the Catrice one either. So chemical just makes me nauseous. To be honest they don’t even need to add a smell, right? Just keep it light!

    • Ah man now i’m all aware of the primer smell on my hand again from taking pictures earlier, bluuurgh!

  7. POP and MUD are on the wish list – they are great! Thanks for this great post!

  8. my favourite is still Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    even when sweating, it still does the job pretty well (I did use a waterproof pencil over it yesterday though, maybe that’s why)
    Also love that it’s in a tube, squeeze it out and oh the hygiene XD
    my con would be that I sometimes need to shake the tube or I’ll only squeeze some oils out XD and maybe that it’s a little bit harder to blend? And the price probably (though you can get samples with some of their palettes as well)
    I don’t know how long it lasts, I don’t really time it or anything, but I can go out and party like crazy and still have nice looking eyes when I come home (the rest of the face and the hair is usually a mess… you know, dancing… wild hair, red face ouchhh :D )

    I’m not too fond of the essence one, though for the price it’s pretty good, I like it most for neutrals, but going out, sweating and bold looks are always with too faced

    I also have a small UD one from the naked palette, back in the days… *sigh* It does the job pretty well, but it dries out quickly, didn’t really like the applicator because it didn’t pick up much product… and it’s no longer cruelty free…

    that’s all I’ve tried, I don’t use face primers, unless you count my old tony moly multi play cream or something (It had such a cute packaging, got it from my birthdat, love the smell :) ) but I didn’t know what it was for, I use it as a primer sometimes XD because it should work like one I guess XD but it’s no longer available :p

    so far for my review thingy :p

    • That one is on my must try – list, you know, with a million and one other things. It’s how we girls roll isn’t it. But I reaaally wonder. :D Again I agree on the Essence one, it’s good but no miracle!
      It’s sad about UD, I used to like the primer potion as well. But you have your TF shadow insurance and that sounds even better! ^_^ The SI dried out on me too, especially with the pump-system back then. Tried putting it in a little jar but that didn’t help it either lol.
      I suppose you’d like the POP face magnet then if you enjoy the multi play cream. :D

      • Haha so true, my wishlist is huuuuuge :D
        I so want some sugarpill and more LIT and… okay I’ll shut up now

        I might like the face magnet, it looked very good (MUD as well, but too expensive for my little wallet)
        But in the end, I don’t really use it often, it doesn’t do that much for me I guess ;)
        I didn’t know you are familiar with multy play cream? ^^

      • I haven’t tried it! But you made me curious so I looked it up. :D The texture seems similar only this one will be a little more sticky.
        But really like you say if you don’t feel like you’re going to use it, no use in wasting money on it! Our wishlist is definitely big enough already hehehe. :D

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