Trend Inspired: Neon Eyeshadow

A second big trend this summer is neon u’rything!
Often combined with neutrals to make it more wearble.
*ding* figured that might also work on the eyes!
I absolutely love neons.. maybe it’s the 90’s kid thing.
Any other 90’s people out there that agree?
This whole shebang got me back into some perfecly kitschy 90’s music as well. :D

And Naomi just reminded me of this Daze one!!!

Did you listen to those as well?
Anywho! The big star of this show is my Sleek Acid palette again, but this time I tried using it in a more wearable way.
A challenge!
I combined two fun neon pops with a pretty shimmery lid.
I hope you like the outcome! It sure made me feel all perky.
neon eye makeup
neon eye makeup
neon eye makeup
neon eye makeup
So I tried to take some shots outside to show you the colors under the sun but ehh..
I almost flew off of the balcony with all the wind. >_<‘
neon eye makeup

What’s  that on your face?



neon eye makeup
1) Prime and base
MUD’s face primer works excellent but make sure to test it before you get one.. a friend of mine got a big reaction to it all over her dolly face. :(
Then a white base on the lid with Kryolan white Supracolor which I of course forgot to photograph. It’s dark now so i’ll add it tomorrow!
2) Even base and shimmer
Catrice’s 02 Discreet Artist went under the brow and in the crease!
catrice nude palette
And then a shimmery beige from the Catrice Absolute Nude palette on the middle of my lid
3) Orange pop
neon eye makeup
Sleek Acid!!
4) Pink pop flicked out
neon eye makeup
Some more Acid!
catrice nude palette
After that I dusted some more shimmer all over the lid, including over the other colors, to soften up the neon..
5) Tightline and Mascara
catrice gel liner
With a stubby brush and Catrice Gel Liner I colored my top waterline and wiggled some liner in between the lashes as well.
Then the teeniest little bit went between the bottom lashes and on the lower outer corner.
Of course mascara to set the lashes off against the brights!


2b foundation stick
catrice cream blusher
Catrice cream blusher in 02 Picked Cherry Blossoms.. :)


The little bird is putting on gloss hehe! This is Hema’s lipgloss in… I can’t see a number.
It’s the coral shade in any case!
I’m sure a clear one would look the same though.. it doesn’t look like it transfers any color.
And that’s iiit!!
I hope I succeeded in making a wearable daily look!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love it! I would totally wear this look!

  2. I’m not so much for neon colors, but it looks so pretty on you!

    • Aw that’s cool, thank you! ^_^ To each their own, thankfully there’s a million other shades to choose from, yay for 2013 and the MASSIVE make-up market right.

  3. This looks really nice on you! Perfect colours for the summer!

  4. Nice look on you! Hey, that looks like Daisy deer on the background!! Love it!!

  5. Mme Sophistique

    wauw superlook! knalt er echt vanaf, love it!

  6. Awesome!! I’m a nineties kid as well (eighties actually) ;) I’m so happy I ordered this Acid-Sleek palette last Friday :D Can’t wait to use it!

  7. I say yay aye! The neon looks very cool with your awesome smile. :)

  8. This is pretty :) very pretty! makes me feel very inspirational to use neon colours… I think I’ll need the ACID palette hahaha, I’ve got Ultra Mattes Brights Palette though, maybe I could also make that work :p
    This really makes me feel like getting out all my make up and sweep everything over my eyes again XD

    • Well now you know the price! Kinda. Sorta. I used to get all into wearing make-up during the exams as an outlet for my braiiin. Is it that kind of thing? xD

      • Nope, it’s a sudden flowof inspiration, during exams I’m lazy, giving my face some time off :p Even if I want to experiment, it’s only distracting me :p I also would feel silly walking around at home with make up on, without going anywhere :p

      • Awww gah that’s awesome!! Inspiration through a post heehee. :D and before you know it you’re drawing diagrams on your face. That could actually be cool. But not for a wearable daily thing.

      • that would more likely be insane… when I start doing that, I think it’s time to stop studying (and maybe get into a mental hospital?)

      • Or a really fancy penthouse because it’s so ARTISTIC!

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