Pesky Little Under Eye Bumps?

Today i’m sharing something near and dear to my heart!
Nothing makes applying make-up easier than having a smooth base to work with.
Aka trying to look fresh after a horrific night of sleep is no smooth sailing, am I right? -_-‘
For the longest time I had these annoying teenie little bumps under my eyes that made my concealer all artificial and heavy looking because it just couldn’t smooth over them!
At one point I set out to learn why those little buggers appeared “randomly” and succeeded!
Now I know how to dispel them. Ha!

What do they look like?

Pictures courtesy of
Tiny little subdermal bumps.

So what are they?

There’s different options like Milia, allergies ( ret A in your eye cream can be a problem ), or Syringomas, if you want to be sure ask a dermatologist.
But for me, they were simply my oil glands!
When the skin under my eye gets irritated, tired or dry they pop up!
Often after MUD class, I will get me some of those bastards due to continuous poking with brushes.

How to get rid of them

Moisturize & pamper that area but let it breathe!
If you're already using an eye cream try switching to an either heavier or lighter formula.
For me moisturizing eye pads in combination with my thick BWC vitamin C cream take care of them every single time so mine need a little extra.
Drinking more water ( I know, I know.. I had to.. ) can also help.
Don’t try popping the little things, they’re literally subdermal. >_<'
That’s how easy it was for me, and I had them for years!
If it is Milia, you can try an exfoliant designed specifically for the undereye area!
Hello smooth skin!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Can you show before and after pics? Mine looks exactly like yours….I’m only 27 and had that my whole life…I suffered with low self-esteem and still do because of it…I look old and tired :( what is helping you?

  2. Actually they are called sweat milia. You can remove them with a Thermo-lo treatment and/or Co2 Fractional. Make sure to go to a highly trained Esthetician who has experience with both machines and treating the eyes!

  3. Hi Amanda I have these problem plz Im trying to use too many crem nothing is working with me can u help me this is my email so I can send u pic

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog. I have a ton if little bumps under my eyes. Do you still use the bwc product? I was wondering if you had a picture of it and the moisturizing eye pads you use? Seems like there are a lot of different kinds.

    • Hi Amanda! It’s been a while since I used that moisturizer (have to order it online) but i’d like another jar soon, I miss it. It’s the orange one, vitamin c, I did a review on it here if you want to see pictures:

      As for eye pads, gel-types are my favorites, especially out of the fridge, perks my eyes up quite a lot. I was mainly using some Essence ones back then but they’re no longer on the market.
      But I love switching them up though. Tons of brands do them these days and I sort of collect them all over from drugstores and organic stores (i’ve been positively surprised by drugstore home brands). Though I must say i’m very curious about the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool pads at the moment. Read great things about those, might be worth checking into!

  5. Oh interesting. I don’t have it nearly this bad, but I do get blueish under eye bags sometimes.

  6. Great advice. When you’ve lived a few more decades, plastic surgery is the only option ;-)

  7. There’s such at thing as under-eye exfoliator? :-o

  8. Good advice! I always get some strange activity going on under my eyes. <3

  9. LOL!!! Love your cloesing line. :-D

  10. They look like they could ruin your concealer-skills indeed!~I’m glad you found a solution to these little buggers, because I have them too sometimes, mostly when I haven’t slept nearly enough. Good to know how to combat them!
    (and that

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