FOTD: Gas masks and Gloss

My oh my.
A friend got me running to my make-up stash, digging for that black lipstick aaaall the way in the back.
Some Juna Helminen photography he linked got me all hyped up. Seemed like the perfect time to try out a black glossy lip!
Ahhh it felt good being inspired..
I literally felt daily routines “om nomming” my brain. You know?
The rest of the face looked like it was asking for a strict wing, a pop of sharp red and skin as shiny as a freshly polished gas mask.
To be honest i’m feeling the black lip, would be fun to go have a drink or something!
Would you wear it?
cyber make-up
cyber make-up
cyber make-up
cyber make-up
cyber make-up

What’s that on your face?



red and black make-up
1 – 2 ) Primed and evened out the lid
essence I love stage
Essence I Love Stage primer held everything in place!
honeybee gardens geisha
And Honeybee Gardens’ Geisha powder evened out the lid for an even canvas (this face powder is so pigmented it works as an eyeshadow, holy hamsters!).
3) Winged liner!
What else would I have used, huh! :D
Used some Catrice Gel Liner as well, to fill in the upper waterline.
4) Pop of red
Inglot’s matte 382 just because it’s awesome!
5) Mascara, lashes and liner touch-up
The mascara I used is Physician’s Formula Organic wear, just a teenie bit.
Don’t get this lash glue! It’s horrific. :(
Absolutely won’t hold onto big lashes..
However these MUD lashes though are super comfortable and oh – so flared & flirty..
6) White waterline
Pretty much had this pencil for ages as you can see! ;)
It’s called “White”.. Gosh how surprising! Hee hee.


First of all I went for some cream concealer everywhere needed..
Then I mixed in some Manic Panic Dreamtone with my Catrice Infinite Matte foundation to lighten it up.
honeybee gardens geisha
Again Geisha!
physician's formula natural shimmer
Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Natural Glow went on the tip of my nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and around the edges of my face.
physician's formula shimmer strips
Then some more of that shimma shimma mixed with Essence 44 It’s Up To You on the cheeks.


Lined them with Gosh’s Velvet Touch black eye pencil.
Then Manic Panic’s Raven to follow it up and some gloss on top!
Just a clear one.. mine’s from 2B.
I hope you liiike, sure had fun creating it over here.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love the black lips! This whole look is fantastic. I’d totally wear this.

  2. Scary how much your facial expression has changed to capture the mood of this …… being. Wow. You’re talented.

  3. Oh yeah, zo cool :-D You make a lovely goth, hehe.

  4. Your eyes are like an artwork!

  5. You wear this look with such ease. I love it on you! I don’t know if I could pull the black lipstick off but you look gorgeous!

  6. I love this look. I won’t lie – the black lipstick scares me a little but this looks awesome!

  7. SUPER cool! I love that you show us how to get the look. :)

  8. Our goddaughter will love these tips on black – a confirmed goth ;-)

  9. You look fab! You should totally do this makeup every day! You will get people lined up for an authograph. I want one myself lol. Killer lips, I think I want to buy such a lipstick for myself now.

    • Ohh that’s the most flattering thing to heaaar! That and a recreation. I LOVE hearing someone wants to try a look too! :D Ty so much! And it does seem like a great summer lip to wear out doesn’t it? Heehee.

  10. I like black lips, as long as you keep your mouth closed… :(
    at the Illamasqua counter I treid dark green and once I started talking I was like HELL NO! Good for a shoot and people that never open their mouth haha :p
    Love the pics though ;) and somehow I think the cheeks are verrrrrry pretty :)
    maybe you should protest agains ‘GAS-boetes’ like this :p

    • KAY FINE I’LL KEEP MY MOUTH CLOSED. :( KAY KRISTIEN, KAY. Hmmm green lips… sounds neat.. i’d love to be made up at an Illamasqua counter.. :D How did they suggest the green? And how was the rest of the make-up? I only had my foundation done once, I looked like a pecan nut. -_-‘

      • So you got the hint hm? ;)
        Well my mom and I were looking kinda fascinated at their green lipgloss (it’s called violate) because you know, I like different stuff, you can’t get green lips in belgium right :p
        The lady at the counter said I could try it out. I didn’t get my whole face done ;)
        Some make up artists hm? I once felt like I had a whole pot of foundation on my face, urgh so heavy, I don’t need that much coverage!

  11. I love this look on you… but I could never pull it off – old hag that I am!! I appreciate the photographs of the products you use. Vibrant color and special attention to detail. You really do a great job with presentation.

    • I try, thanks! And I wouldn’t wear it in daylight either I think.. only when the lighting is fair. Dim and fair. But you have SUCH a pretty face so i’d have to disagree (in an ever so polite way). ;) Honestly your skin looks like it’s full of vitamins on that avatar picture.

  12. That is AWESOME! I’ve played around with eyeliner to create a black lip… Probably wouldn’t wear it outside though. But you pull it off like it’s all you ever wear! Also great job on the highlighting, the celestial look balances out the lip beautifully :-)

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