Weird scents tag

I’d like to pick your brain, learn what sparks your nose!
On my way home today I ran into a bunch of my favorite smells, all in one day.
Today was good.
But i’m not talking about bergamot or roses, i’m talking about those weird intriguing smells!
Perfumers put odd smelling agents in their concoctions to intrigue the nose, Geosmin for that earth-after-rain scent for instance. Or sweat.
It’s how us hoomins work.
So I thought i’d maybe start a tag?
I’d love to know what daily smells make you go “oooh”..


Is it the concrete that gives off that awesome smell or the bricks? Not sure..
But it’s the smell you get in those freshly built structures..
The fire exit at work has it, makes the walk out of there even better!


That deep combo of tools and gasoline smells so gooood..

Musky buildings

Museums, castles, theatres, just big buildings that don’t get aired a lot.. hmm!


All yell Amen?
I think a million and one people will agree!
Apparently it’s bacteria you smell after a rain shower.
And them bacteria smell SCRUMPTIOUS!


Makes me thirsty.

Efteling droomvlucht descent

Just an extra one.
This amusement park ride is all about fairies, and i’m 100% sure a scent gets diffused into the air at the last descent.
It’s sweet.. and dry.. and so yummy!!!
Let me know if you’ve noticed this as well.. tell me i’m not crazy!
Now i’ll tag a few people because that’s the thing to do with tags but really I want to know yours, everyone’s!
Let me know if you decide to partake! :D
Easy’s Mom
Little Sun Dog


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I’ll play too! I love the smell of a forest, of carrots pulled fresh from the garden, and especially of a snowy christmas eve. The way my dogs paws smell when they are sleepy puts me right over the moon too :-)

    • Puppy paaws! I’ve never sniffed them but the ay everyone loves them mayeb I should try lol! The scents in gardens are so calming, wish we still had one. Never had carrots though! But the fresh ones in the store still have the earthy sweetness over them so maybe it’s like that but a million times stronger?

  2. Aww great! Thanks! I will do it!!! My mom liked the smell of gas stations as she was a child – crazy, huh? Today we love the smell of the rain, specially in summer :o)

  3. Hmm I love the scent of freshly cut grass, dilicious!!!
    Rain too, especially in forests
    Rivers or lakes also smell yummy and the sea or beach as well (lots of nature right?)
    And when you’re at a party, they sometimes use those smoke machines, love that scent too! it’s kinda sweet, yet suffocating :p
    And the smell of a new book, but I don’t really know what old history books smell like, I always imagine an awesome smell :p Oh and freshly printed paper, right of the copy machine, when it’s still warm :)

    • Lol!! I was thinking of adding the smoke machines too.. especially in combination with a theater.. and that freshly printed paper smells so gooood.. I agree with your odd sniffing habits. :D

  4. :-D Hah, this is such a fun post/tag. And you are not crazy, I am totally with you on this.

  5. The sense of smell is my favourite… smells take you to time and place. The smell of a new doll. The smell of textas. The smells of a garage, yes! My Dad was a mechanic, so as well, the smell of fresh washed overalls underlayed with grease. The smell of sun dried clothes and sheets. The smell of fresh coffee. The smell of an old pub as you walk past, or in. Yes, the smell of chlorine, and the beach. The smell of newly mown grass. The smell of Oil of Ulan. Old roses, basil, coriander, rain-bacteria, jasmine flowers in the sunshine or moonlight… so many, so wonderful :)

    • Ohhh all that you’ve summed up takes me right to gardens, beaches, darn you now I want to take the train for a trip lol! You describe them so attractively…

  6. Haha omg, getagged in een smell-tag! I’ll go ponder on my smell fetishes for a bit ;)

  7. I am a garage sniffer too! My Dad was a mechanic so I grew up with that combo of grease, oil and gasoline. I love the smell of burning wood. We burn a lot of timber; downed trees and limbs from storm damage. Nothing like that wood/smokey smell! In the summer time, I love the smell of earth and water. You know, when the crops are planted and the irrigation pumps are humming along, pumping water to hydrate the crops? Awesome scent… heavy and musky. I love the scent of Roses, Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Rain, and Lavender. I love smelling herbs… most all of them are fascinating and I love to experiment cooking with them. Oh, and let’s not forget the smell of butter saute’ing. Intoxicating!! I love the smell of puppies. And… I am drawn to the scent of FD (my husband). It’s that old magic “chemistry” that sparked the relationship!

    • Ohh burning wood.. such a warm smell. And they say scent is the main thing that attracts us to others or puts us off right? I’m 100% with that. Do you still smell him though?
      When Hippo comes back after a weekend I smell him again but when he’s here for a week it’s gone!

  8. I love every one of those smells! Some of those remind me of my grand parents’ home in the country in Michigan when I was a little boy. The smell of a garage, chlorine, bleach… Ahhhhh!!

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