Venti Iced Masala Chai Latte coming right up!

What do you think? Can I go work at Starbucks? ;)

What the..?

Masala chai is a blend of classic black tea with aromatic Indian spices and herbs, often “chai tea” refers to the same thing.
Add some milk and you have a chai latte!
Add ice and you get an iced chai latte!
Etc etc until you create a name you can’t pronounce at 7 in the morning.
Because of all the spices chai tea is incredibly healthy for your digestive system, immune system and your mood.. :D

What we’ll need:

  • Water
  • Black tea
  • Cooking pot
  • Strainer
  • Ginger (fresh or powdered)
  • Cloves
  • Fennel seeds
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar or honey
  • Milk

That’s a whole lot of spices but they stay with you for ages and make your counter look all cosy.
So it’s an investment really!

The amount is up to your tastebuds, I enjoy mine pretty strong with lots of cardamom and ginger!!
Instead of regular sugar I sometimes use vanilla sugar.. hmmm… so good…
There you go, that’s the amount of spices I will be putting in!
Decided to add loose black tea instead.. ^_^

Into the cauldron



1) Get some water and bring it to a boil
2) Add the spices and tea
3) Boil for 5 minutes
4) Take off heat, add milk, and let it boil up again
Just needs a second!
5) Strain
6) Drink

You can stop here, or…

7) Get ice
8) Blend to cool the tea
9) Pour it over the ice!
Super creamy, spicy and yummy!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Yay, recipes! And haha, that the spices make your counter look cosy does seem like a good reason to buy them ;) (unfortunately I have to keep mine in a cupboard..) I’ll try this sometimes, it seems like something I’ll really enjoy!
    I still can’t decide whether I’m a tea person or a coffee person, since I like both, as long as it’s a good blend. Ah well :)

  2. In all honestly, I don’t think I’d like this… But hey, de coloribus et de gustibus non disputandum est :-)

  3. Oh that sounds DELISH!!!!

  4. Masala Chai!!! My favourite kind of tea! I love it – without the ice though :) I have bought some real Indian spices – a mix especially for that purpose – and I add them to my tea along with some milk whenever I want to give myself a special treat :) It’s not as awesome as the real thing made from the scratch but still quite good. Mmmm that smell…. Arrrrrr! *runs to make some masala chai*

    • It’s a very Ania-drink isn’t it with all the spices. Do you have a coloful supply stocked up at home or? In my mind you do. Lol! I’ve heard about those mixes! They seem sooo handy. And sometimes the easy way there can taste even better. >_<

  5. Can’t believe your dedication. Want some of this.

  6. Good bit of work to make the tea it seems but it looks yummy. :)

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