FOTD: and all – that – jazz!

In the 1920s, a new woman was born. She smoked, drank, danced, and voted. She cut her hair, wore make-up, and went to petting parties. She was giddy and took risks.


She was a flapper.

After Les Misérables Hollywood is now once again bonkers about an era long gone. The Great Gatsby premiere in Cannes this year had celebs digging their stash (haha, as if) for vintage frocks and / or a perfect red lip.
Let’s have a look at the evidence!
cannes flapper inspired
That’s exuding vintage glamour right?
Which had me totally inspired to do a 20s look myself!
More specifically, a flapper look.
No doubt one of the most famous flappers still alive and kicking is Betty! ;)
The new ladies of the 20s, decked out in short skirts, short haircuts and LOTS of confidence!

Sadly enough I wasn’t born in the 20s but here’s what I understand from the flapper style:


  • Make-up was not perfect by any means, but it did make a statament!


  • Bob haircuts were big, eyebrows were not!

Dark, extended but very thin eyebrows were the thing and feathers, sequins and pearls were a girl’s best friend.

  • The face was shaded in an almost doll-like way:

Making the eyes look a little sad / surprised by shading the inner triangle and curving the brow downwards.
Also, drawing the lips a little smaller on the arch and up again in the corners to make them smaller but poutier.

  • Creams and paint sticks were the thing!

Not subtle, but sexy and confident!

So here’s what I came up with!

Yes all looks fine, until you see what the real color of my accessories was! ;)
And excuse the hair.. I didn’t even blow dry it. :(
Inspiration did not give me time!
Just crawled in front of the camera and started painting.
Earrings courtesy of Hippo’s mom! ;)

Time machine



What’s that on your face?



Super duper easy!
I covered up the base of my brows a little with gluestick first, normally I use a HEMA one, Pritt isn’t cruelty free but I have no clue how old this one is.. I just cut the top off. ;D
Then filled them in with a black from my Acid Sleek palette.
Then some Brule by Wet n Wild all over to even out the lid!
Wet n Wild Brulee
After that I started shading in the inner corner with a taupe from Catrice’s Never Let Me Go palette
catrice palette
And applied the darkest shade from that palette on the lid, and again in that inner corner
Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner went along the lashline (I no longer consider them cruelty free, any black liner will do)
Blend that out with Catrice’s Capitain Of The Black Pearl
Catrice capitain of the black pearl
And finish off with Stays No Matter What mascara from Essence! :)
Essence stays no matter what


MUD’s foundation & highlighter
flapper makeup
MUD contour palette
Went over the highlighted areas with Manic Panic’s Virgin pressed powder
manic panic pressed powder white
Then a Gosh cream blush in Lusty Pink
gosh pink cream blush
And some warming up of the face with a Carice sun bronzer in 010 Light Bronze
catrice sun bronzer


MAC’s lipliner in Currant first, not cruelty free, bought it ages back, any dark purple rocks!
Then I experimented with some lip shades on top ^_^
In the pictures it’s Hema’s Volumising Lipstick in 7
hema volumising lipstick 7
And then Gosh’s Lambada on top, just in the center
gosh lambada


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Gorgeous look! Love the accessories!

  2. I’m all over the 1920’s at the moment. I wore a very similar look for a murder mystery party last year, and it was so much fun!

  3. So pretty – sometimes I wish we lived in that era. :-D

  4. Waaaah, you make the perfect flapper! :-)

  5. I love this post… and your “look” is stunning!!

  6. You’d make one great flapper, you know that? :)

  7. Love the video, the music and of course your makeup look! I love this era too…what’s the concealer stick you used?

  8. Perfectly successful darling!!!! YOu look great and I LOVE the video.

  9. Looking good there, you really got the right feel :D
    If you like stuff of the 20’s and reading chicklit, this might be your thing: Sophie Kinsella – Wat spook jij uit?
    I really liked the book, it gave me a good image of the 20’s glam :D

    • Now you got me wanting to check it out.. there’s a couple things on my reading liist, some alchemy ones tooo but our silly library has none of those. :P Lots of classic novels, maybe for the schools around? But no up and coming titles. Do you read actual books, or on your pc or a kindle?

      • I reed books, not very fond of reading them on the computer, I don’t like looking at a screen when reading, also I like turning the pages hahaha
        I don’t own a kindle :D I’m not THAT much of a reader :p

      • If you want, I can send you this book, only in English. It’s a great one! Kristien is right – the book gives a “feel” of a flapper girl – and it’s such a romantic book, I loved it!

  10. Bravo dear girl! You amused us, thrilled us, entertained us and wowed us :D

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