MUD: what I learnt this week (week 14)

What I learnt the past weekS is more like it though, I didn’t even keep track of what week we’re at now!
I’ll update the image when I find my schedule.. ^_^
Aaaanywho hello!
We’ve been practicing lip application non-stop because red lips is something that still gives make up artists the heebie-jeebies apparently.
It’s not easy but training an objective eye and a steady hand goes a long way!
Here’s a combination of what we saw in class, and what I noticed myself!

Look at your lips

Really look at them, don’t pose, don’t flinch, look at them in all their glory! ;)

What’s not quite right?

“Not quite right” can’t always be defined by comparing to the perfect lip.
Some hate  their cupid’s bow, some would love one.
But an objective eye helps pinpoint the things that we can possibly improve!
Things us humans often aren’t happy with include:

Corners of the mouth are droopy

I think it can look cute.. personal taste!

Too narrow

Technically your lips should stop under your pupils.
On me you can see that is NOT the case. ;D

Or too wide

Past the pupil is also possible!

One side is less curvy

Really look at your lips for this, and keep a perfect shape in mind..
The left side of my lips is a lot thinner compared to the right side.

One lip is bigger than the other

Can be annoying, but easy peasy to fix!!

There’s no definite vermillion border

When there’s no ridge protruding around your lips, and they sort of blend in with the area.

Lips are too big

Oh how I envy you.

Or too small

I got me that problem.

Kay now let’s solve it!

No surgery required.
Lipliner + lippie equals a deadly combo. In a good way.
Lipliner in a slightly darker shade than your skin will create the illusion of naturally perfect lips.
For shoots, line outside of your lipline as much as you like.
However for daily life one pencil point over your natural edge will look most natural.
Anything beyond that might look off.
(When referring to one pencil point I mean a sharpened pencil, softened down a bit on your hand!)

Corners of the mouth are droopy

When defining your upper lip: try going up slightly in the center, go back down a little and on the corners slightly up again.
Make sure your bottom lip also curves upward!
Like this:
droopy lips
Some light concealer around the bottom outer corner of your lips will help lift it too.

Too narrow

Easy, don’t go inward with your pencil too soon! I did this apparenty, without realizing it.
Make sure you really take the shade to to the corner of your mouth.

Or too wide

Here curving inward a bit sooner will do the trick!
Applying your foundation onto your lips a little beforehand will make the outer corners dissapear even more.

One side is less curvy

Try matching it up with the other side.
Once you have the shape down you won’t even have to think about it twice.

One lip is bigger than the other

Just match them up by drawing the small lip a pencil point fuller!
If that doesn’t do the trick yet try filling the big lip a little less and adding a light color / gloss in the middle of the smaller one.

There’s no definite vermillion border

Some light concealer around the edges of your lips help bring them forward!

Lips are too big

Try going for a darker shade, and stopping right before your natural lipline.

Or too small

Light shades make lips look bigger!
So does a bit of gloss in the middle of your lip, or a dab of an even lighter color.
Don’t be afraid to go one pencil point outisde of your lipline, you won’t look like a Barbie doll I promise!! ;D
Some light concealer on the cupid’s bow and around the outer corner does magic as well.
And lastly, smiiiile!
Smiling ALWAYS makes the face look better don’t you agree?? :)


Before & After

I evened out both sides of my lips, drew one pencil point over my lipline and applied concealer around the bottom outer edge and on my cupid’s bow!
small lips fix lipstick
A lighter color would’ve made them look bigger but I was in a vampy mood today!
You know the feeling? ;)
full lips
That’s a Manic Panic lipstick in Blood Red by the way!
If you have a specific lip issue comment below and i’ll tell you what to do according to the books. :D
I will probably be posting less this month by the way because of work!
The new store requires working overtime x9000. >_<


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I have lopsided lips! One side of my cupid’s bow rises a bit higher than the other. But, as you say, a steady hand and a sharp lipliner pencil are the key to fixing this. I also never take my lipliner all the way to the corners of my lower lip, because my lower lip is wider than my upper lip, and if I line all the way to the corners I look a bit like the joker!

  2. The vampy lipstick looks great – it’s on my wish list :o)

  3. Awesome lips. And the eye shadow is very cool too!

  4. That’s cool! I never knew lips could be shaped like this. They look great! :)

  5. I always love your lips :)
    there’s nothing really about my lips that I don’t like, sometimes my corners look like they have lipstick bleeding (doesn’t matter if I’m wearing any lipstick or not, my lips are dry and it shows in my corners that I sometimes pick them lol )

    I would love to know more about nude lips and such, I barely find any good nude lip colour (the only good nude one is my own colour)

    • Thank you!! I love how us females can see we like each other’s lips or hips or whatever. :) Those corners must be annoying if the skin is chapped.. maybe you can apply some lip primer on them?
      Have you worn your Anime and Grandma out yet? And thanks for the idea, i’ll do something on nudes heehee.

      • I’m in love with Anime :D but afraid to wear it heavily to school, so I just apply lip liner in a pretty neutral colour, and then a bit of Grandma and Anime together and some more lip balm, loved the effect :D
        Oh, I don’t have lip primer, just loads of lip balm lol

        And I think it’s always fun to just say it if you like something about someone else, women bring each other down way too much :p

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