What a drag: make-up collab

Yaaay we finally made it happen!
Me and Lidewij teamed up to transform ourselves from women, into men, dressing up as women.
I asked maybe? She yelled YES!
The nerves did get to me because as far as beauty make-up goes, drag queen skill level is over 9000.
Watch me transform from Anouchka Wijnings into Babushka Kumquat:

It felt as though Babushka needed glitter, false lashes, and loads of contouring.
My inspiration is Detox from RuPaul’s Drag Race, with his random pops of glitter and color on the face.
Here’s what came out of my brushes:

And you know what?
All those layers felt great!
Well no they didn’t, I felt every move I did pulling away at my skin.
BUT embodying a different persona felt great..
So exciting!
I do feel like my ring had some say in the colors I ended up using for some reason..




1) prime & white liner
I primer with Essence I Love Stage again, and that white pencil is an old Max Factor one.
Not cruelty free but it’s so old I think it might start using itself as a walking cane soon.
2) inner corner highlight
manic panic virgin pressed powder
As white on the inner corner I used Manic Panic’s Virgin Pressed Powder.
3) purple wing
Inglot ds 494
Inglot’s DS 494 went all over my outer corner, in my crease, and winged out.
3) black base to the wing and upper lashline
Inglot amc 62
That black with red sparkles from Inglot again! This baby is AMC 62. ^_^
4) drag liner
MUD cake liner
A lot of drag queens point the liner downward in the inner corner to make their eyes appear bigger, and so did I!
Mud’s Cake Liner in Black did the trick.
Besides that I took it over the top lashline as well and winged it out.
5) blue on the lower inner corner
Inglot 105 R
6) mascara and lashes!
Holy crap those lashes are nice, i’ll have to write a review on them..
Seriously I see it as my duty to share the beauty of them up close and personal…
lit glitter nightlife
First off some LIT Nightlife!
2true glitter liner
And then some 2True glitter liner in blue!


So my face was pretty much sealed shut with:
1) foundation
make-up designory
MUD’s cream foundations are insane.. they’re honestly great.
I just used my normal shade all over first, CB 2.
2) highlight
make-up designory
Then I mixed in a bunch of MUD Yellow Light highlighter to pull some areas forward.
3) contour
make-up designory
For contouring I used Shading 2, but Shading 3 is a little more grey so that would’ve probably been better!
4) highlight powder
manic panic virgin pressed powder
manic panic virgin pressed powder
Magic Panic’s Virgin White pressed powder is only just white enough for us pale people. ;)
4) skin tone powder
Essence pure mineral powder
Afterwards everything was blended out with this Essence Pure Mineral loose powder.
5) blusher
2B’s Blush 04 is a pretty – as – a – peach coral shade.


lip tar trollop
OCC’s Lip Tar in Trollop!
Because a drag queen asks for some trollop, WERK! ;D
Check Lidewij out right here!
She recreated one of my favorite looks from Lineysha Sparx and transformed it into a wearable “soft drag” make-up as she calls it.
What a great idea!
The thing that surprised me most about the heavy face application is how it looked insanely heavy in real life but photgraphed really well.
Another lesson learnt!!
I hope you liiike!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Gah, I love the products you used! That Inglot palette is fantastic. You don’t look like a man in drag at all, though, Just like a very heavily (and pretty!) make-up diva :-D

  2. I have a set of purple lashes would go great with those eyes

  3. You have some serious talent! Nice job :-D

  4. You look so pale here wow!! And you look really pretty with any lippie, don’t you? *jealous*
    And I agree, you have a nice and soft bone structure, I think that’s why it’s difficult to look all drag :D But I think you NAILED the eyes!
    Drag queens/men usually have hard lines in their (bony) face, a sharp nose, heavy cheekbones, … They’re just so thin you can see every single bone! Not all of them of course, but that’s how I see they’re men XD
    I have no idea how to pull that off as a beautiful lady ;)

  5. Lip tar? Hmmm, sounds stinky! I like the accent this puts on you, but Marisa is right. :)

    • Right! I hadn’t thought of that connotation! >_< It's not the most flattering name indeed is it.. they actually smell like mint. o_o and FINE next time i'll put on a beard! ;D

  6. Love the lip tar! And I think you’re too pretty to look like a boy looking like a girl!

    • Thanks! I guess! >_< next time I do a drag look i'm going to try to go really over the top though. Pushing those boundaries!

      • You really pushed it with the eyes and put a lot of skill into it but some of us (you) are just too pretty to look like drag queens, haha! It does make a very entertaining post though and I admire your all-outness with color and sparkle.

      • Hahaaa kay at least you enjoyed it then, that’s most important for a blog!

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