School assignment: natural + evening

A girlfriend came over today to help me out with a school assignment.
We had to create a natural look, and a dramatic evening one.
Full-face application wasn’t required, just the eyes.
Buuuuut we both decided darker make up + no color on the rest of the face = no face slenderwoman.
So for the evening part I did apply some face products.
Meet Naomi!

Psych student, New York regular, and my IMATS messenger.
(Haul coming up!)

So first a natural (sort of.. ;) does that count?) eye look


What’s that on her face?



Through her brows there’s a little bit of MUD’s Taupe eyeshadow.
Then on the eyes I used my old MAC palette but the shades are incredibly dupable.
It’s Brule (same shade as Wet n Wild Brulee) all over, with Nylon (shimmery pale yellow) on the inner corner and Woodwinked (Mr. Copper’s Fields by Catrice is a gorgeous dupe) on the outer corner.
Then at the roots of the lashes I applied some Gosh Velvet Touch pencil in Black Ink & on the bottom lashline there’s some more Woodwinked.
For the Lashes I used MUD’s mascara. ^_^


Just a teenie bit of MUD corrector under and next to her eyes.

Then over into the night look!

Gah such a pretty undefineable eye color.

What’s that on her face?



So for those lookers I grabbed Woodwinked again, applied it high up and all the way toward the nose now.
Then I drew a strong cateye with the MUD Cake Liner.
Complimented that cateye shape with Inglot’s AMC 62, a black with red sparkles shot through it.
Then the lower waterline has Gosh’s Velvet Touch eyeliner on it again.
And MUD’s Pacific (dark green) to smoke it out.
To finish it off I darkened the brows some more with Taupe.


This time around I did apply

  • MUD primer
  • MUD foundation
  • MUD corrector
  • Naomi’s MAC powder
  • Dior Rosy Glow blush (it turns a coral pink on her so any warm pink will do)
  • Golden Rose 3 shade bronzing powder, the middle one (also easy to dupe, a matte cool toned bronzer)



That lip shade is her Fresh cosmetics sugar petal lip treatment.
Now for the best part (AMIRITE?), the before and after!
Giiirl where yo’ boyfriend at?
Can I ha’ yo numba?
Can I have it?
Can I ha’ yo numba?

I hope you like!! ^_^
(And I hope my teacher will like.)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Great eyeshadow look! You did really good!

  2. Mme Sophistique

    love love love the eyeshadow, looks amazing! you did an awesome job

  3. Amazing how the eyes change the whole look of your face – and I think she rocks the second look!

  4. She’s pretty! :D and you make her look like BOOM GLAM :D
    Great job, well done… I somehow feel proud of you ;) is that a stupid thing? :D Oh my baby is doing so well!!! lol :D
    But seriously, well done, love the blending, would have liked a more close up pic to see the Inglot red sparkles actually hehe :D

  5. This looks really nice! I love her freckles – and how you didn’t cover them completely ^^

  6. her eyes are wonderful!!!

  7. So gorgeous! I’m a big fan of that winged-out look. I also love that you didn’t cover up her freckles. She looks positively radiant with them peeking through.

  8. Well done, the make-up is great!

  9. Ooeehh I didn’t even see how good the bronzing/shaping was till now! It was so much fun, thanks! ^_^

  10. Wow, what a lovely transformation!

  11. Likey! Your friend looks nice!! ;)

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