Shows I wouldn’t mind zapping into.

The feeling of knowing your favorite people are waiting right at home to join them in their exciting – or silly adventures.
And your PC / TiVo making sure you can cocoon in place with your favorite blanket / dog / drink / snack for when you press play.
I love TV shows!
Although for a while I didn’t really give a hoot considering Belgian TV is NOT getting with the program. :(
But that’s why we have internet!

Last season (these shows are on a break)


1. AMC’s The Walking Dead

(Did you also just have the AMC voice in your head?)

Don’t dead, open inside?
I remember being confused by this door the first time I watched that episode.
(Hurr durr)
It said somewhere that “the walking dead” doesn’t refer to the zombies, but the survivors.
Pretty neat.
My favorite character by far is Daryl Dixon!!
I never read the comic books but apparently he wasn’t in them.
They added his character for the show and Norman actually has input in the way it develops.

2. Carrie Diaries

“Good girls follow the rules, smart girls find loopholes.”
The bright 80’s colors got me (and Hippo) going from minute one.
As for the favorite character:
Who’s the best? Mouse is the best!
At everything!
Except for cooking maybe.
And flirting.

3. Lost Girl

Succubus, latex, magic, grog, high heels, myths and grilled cheese.
Go Kenzi!

4. True Blood

I can’t explain why! I just kept watching!
Then my favorite character is even more mindblowing!
Initially a friend told me his favorite character was Eric, I googled it, came across this:
And clicked away.
Clicked away FAST.
Seriously what kind of an awkward picture is that..
But as I kept watching the show he started to look better and better and – OKAY FINE – apparently I was wrong.
There. I said it.
He’s great.

5. Fringe

Loved it up until the second season!
(Which is why I added it to this section, it is still running I think.)
But it sort of just keeps dragging along in my opinion..
No favorite characters anymore, except for the observers.

I do love me some strange characters that show up on pictures all throughout history.

This season


1. Doctor Who

Somehow the doctor always makes things better.
In “Hide”, the episode with the supposedly haunted house, he got rid of my goosebumps in a second and replaced them with happy belly bubbles.
The best doctor up until now for me is David Tennant…
And the scariest foe?
Weeping angels!!!
Most definitely!!!
Okay let’s have a little war in the comment section, who’s YOUR favorite doctor?

2. New Girl

It’s Jess!
Happy go lucky, gets me every time – show.
Favorite hoomin?
The Schmidt.

“You can’t outrun the Jewish!”

3. Big Bang Theory


Penny and Sheldon are my big favorites!!
Classic conditioning.

4. Defiance

Don’t think i’ll be tuning into the game, although it is a cool concept to have TV and gaming work together.
The special effects make-up is stunning!
My treasured character is Stahma Tarr:

5. Mad Men

This show makes me crave dirty martinis in thin glasses and pencil skirts..
Joanie has me locked to the screen everytime, I wish she played a bigger role!

6. Game Of Thrones

Last but definitely not least, not in a million winters!
My number one in the show is Daenerys Targaryen. ^_^
Definitely gives me chills.
So those are the people I casually hang out with in my dreams.
Pretty please tell me if there’s any must-sees that I haven’t listed!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. The Office! The Office! And the Guild :)

  2. as you know I am a huge Doctor Who fan and my little monster is following in my footsteps the Angels are my favourite foe while he prefers cybermen and daleks

  3. We have such similar tastes! I’m a huge Dr Who fan (obviously) and David Tennant is my favourite too. True Blood is fantastic, although I put off watching it for ages because I was convinced that I wouldn’t like it. Eric is my favourite but I also adore Lafayette.

    Also, Game of Thrones. Sigh. Danaerys is the awesomest of them all.

  4. Oh girl, you make us feel OLD :D Have you watched ‘The Killing’? Superb Danish series. Mad Men is the best – we’re saving up the last few series for when we don’t feel pressured to drink so much! Weeds is very funny too.

    • Hahaa it’s all about the timing, these shows literally got thrown into my face with commercials or friends recommending them. I WILL check out the killing.
      Oh wait, see? That’s what happens.

    • Ah en Weeds is hilarious. Nancy looks like she’s in space with her brain 90% of the time. ;D

  5. Nice, you picked many TV shows that I also really enjoy! I agree with you on Fringe though, sadly it hasn’t been on top of its game for the past few seasons and now it has been canceled :( it had a good run though! I’ll look into Defiance, looks like something I could enjoy as well! And there is a game as well? Do tell me more! (Or Google, whichever is first :P)

    • It’s been canceled? For good or are they revising it? :/ And if you like Fringe Defiance might be something for you, yeah! ^_^ I love how more Sci-Fi movies and shows are being launched again! Or does it just seem that way to me?
      The Defiance game is a shooter, it’s to get people more pumped about the races I guess. Tell me if you decide to try it. :D

      • Yeah, the latest season was also the last season, bummer, but it was a really good last season though! That’s right, I love that too. Apparently the sci-fi fans have discovered that viewing something on tv (as opposed to downloading) makes a huge difference. Thank you US sci-fi fans ;)
        Ouch, a shooter.. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, I’m pretty slow and easily scared :P Have you tried it?

      • I haven’t! I’m not so interested in the game to be honest. :) and exactly, let’s keep speaking up for Sci Fi shows hehe, I make myself believe it helps when I go like their Facebook page. ;D Us non-US people have to show them lurve some other way!

  6. Lol, I don’t watch any of these shows, I’ve seen a few episodes of a couple of them though… I’m not much of a tv-show lover, I lke reality or talent competitions, things that you don’t have to watch every week to know what’s going on
    I watch gossip girl and I used to watch House… And I think that’s mostly it about tv shows I really keep following :D
    New girl looked really cool though :)

    • Aaaaaa come to think if ot New Girl is 100% for you, seriously. Aaaaaa 100%! I used to watch House too! ^_^ It’s really good although I can’t watch it for years on end, it’s one of those shows that’s always there when you need it you know? Haha.
      When it’s on TV and I pass by it I watch it. :)

      • I’ve seen all the House episodes (except a couple of the first ones) so I’m not watching anymore :p
        and yea probably new girl would be something I like, I also liked the big bang theory, but it’s on tv at an annoying time (dinner time)

  7. I like the Cariie Diaries, it’s funny and the 80′ were really cool…. where can I buy such a dragon for my shoulder?

    • I wish I could’ve seen the 80s, I was born riiight 2 months after it ended haha. And you’re going to have to sleep in fire to get one! I don’t think we should do that. D: Dragon earrings will have to do for th etime being.

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