Red make-up wearable? Sure!

One of my favorite easy ways to pop some color on my face is by adding it to the outer corners of my eyes.
Be it blue, red, yellow, green, doesn’t even matter, it always works!
But I feel so bad for red because it seems to have a bad reputation when it comes to make-up!
Sad because your blood is red, a lovely flushed face is red, red can be a such healthy and fresh shade!! :)

Here’s some things I noticed about reds on the:



Instead of a terracotta try adding a fresh red to your cheeks for a change.
If you’re warm toned try a more pink shade of red, however if you’re cool toned try a vibrant true or orange red!
Those will make your cheeks pop like crazy.
In case you’re scared of looking like a clown: try a cream blusher, if that fails you can blend it into your skin until it fades or add some more foundation on top.


For a naturally flushed face, try the same color technique as above for lipstick and pop it onto your cheeks as well.
Or use your cream blusher on your lips!
Tons of products these days are multifunctional for us busy bees. :D


First of all an even lid works best with red shadows I feel, so I make sure to place a skintone base first either with primer or shadow.
Veins + red shadow = “are you feeling okay?”
The more natural you go with reds, the more beige / brown you add, the more it will blend in with your skin.
This can be a really lovely thing however it also means it will flow right into, and emphasize discoloration you might already have.
You might need to double up on your concealer to make sure the area around your eyes does not look ill.
The reds I go for on a daily basis are much less natural to make sure it pops forward instead of blending in with the redness around my eyes.
A smokey liner combined with red shadow might make you look sick.
However a clean liquid liner sort of places a barrier between the lid and your eye, which makes it look fresh.
I personally stay away from red shadow underneath the eye, but that’s just a personal preference because it can look suberb!
Just make sure your concealer does its job! :D


Today I was totally inspired by my groovy checkered shirt and used one of my favorite reds on my eyes.
Inglot’s matte 382.
Sit down, grab a coffee / slushie , and have a look at the FOTD? ^_^
wearable red eyeshadow
wearable red eyeshadow


It’s literally zupa extremely divinely easy!

What’s that on your face?



1) Primed my eye and applied a skintone eyeshadow on top
essence I love stage primer
Wet n Wild brulee
That’s Wet n Wild’s Brulee!
2) Raspberry red on my outer corner
The lovely lovely LOVELY Inglot matte 382
4) Onto the outer corner of the crease a little with a dome shadow brush
4) Brows, liner and mascara to add quick definition
For my brows I used the Gosh eyebrow kit, surprise surprise! ;D


2B Silk & Mat foundation lightly over my face (hint: it’s not so matte on oily skin! ;)) and 2B concealer stick around my eyes:
Then a teenie bit of powder in my t-zone to not shine THAT much:
Lastly on my cheeks I have Catrice’s Apropos Apricot again, I can’t help it, it’s such a perfect color!
I promise to switch it up soon.
I promise.


I finished off with a natural long-lasting lippie, this is MAX’s Glossy Lipstick in Soft Nude.
An easy little eye pop!
How about you?
Do you run away from red or love it?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Looking good! I love burgundy, it makes everything look so cosy ;)

  2. You look great, of course red is wearable!

  3. I have started wearing pink whereas once I never would have but I haven’t tried red yet! This looks great though.

  4. I was surprised! I really liked the red… and I LOVE the opening line, “If nature can pull it off, you can.”

  5. Cool! the only way I figured I could use red on the eyes was as an eye liner together with a black line XD and then mascara mascara mascara!!! :D
    Thanks for the tip!! ^^

      • Thank yooou hehe! Had it for ages. What’s your favorite buildable drugstore mascara?

      • Ummmmm I don’t know… at the moment I’m using up my sephora one that I don’t like and my mom’s Chanel one… because she doesn’t use it and they actually have a limited life so yeah… when one of them is finished, I’ll open my Too Faced Lashgasm which is my favourite mascara (I had a sample, loved it!) but I actually don’t have anything else except the colourful ones from illamasqua and 2B :D
        Mascara is actually not something I like to buy a lot and the drugstore ones I’ve tried were mostly horrible and/or not cruelty free

  6. I never thought that it would look so great – thanks for this nice idea…

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