FOTD: Secret Sea Life

I sneaked in a pop of sea today!
All this sun is making me want to take the train to the beach..!
We actually might on Friday if I don’t have to work, fingers crossed!!
turquoise inner corner

turquoise gold eye makeup
turquoise gold eye makeup
turquoise gold eye makeup
turquoise gold eye makeup

How I did it

bronze makeup tutorial

What’s that on your face?



I prepped my lid with Essence primer, and my brows with MAC’s Concrete.
(MAC isn’t cruelty free but any grey brown will do if your brows are as dark as mine!)
1) Bronze gold on the lid, blended up toward the brow
Action cosmetics
This is the MAX quad in 471 Brown & Beige from Action, it’s actually really nice for a quick wash of “awake” in the morning!
2) Turquoise / blue pencil in the inner corner, and a shadow on top
2B kohl kajal blue

catrice turquoise
On my eyes it’s 2B Kajal Kohl in 15 and Catrice Petrol Shop Boys eyeshadow.
You either love or hate sponge tip applicators!
But you can’t make me dispose of them. Ever. I love them for packing on colors.
What camp are you in? ;D
3) Black pencil on top waterline and lashline
Gosh black ink
Gosh’s Velvet Touch Liner in Black Ink is the shiz!
4) Coat those lashes
essence stays no matter what mascara
Well I think the name of this mascara is clear enough on the picture haha, such bright packaging!


Catrice Photo Finish foundation and a good amount of 2B’s concealer stick because of a monster keeping me up all night.
2B concealer corrector
Catrice blusher in 050 Apropos Apricot… ahhh… such a warm shade it’s lovely.


Pop Beauty’s Minty Goodnight kiss is TOTALLY TASTYYY!!
pop beauty mint liploss
That’s that, it couldn’t be easier and that only adds to it! :D
With a good jeans and sneakers I feel this throws a little casual fun into the ring.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Looks nice, I like a little color in make-up!

  2. So pretty! Now that’s what you call a pop of color :)

  3. I’ll bet even Arielle the Mermaid is green with envy now… be careful on the beach :o)

  4. I love this look! Such wonderful eyes. Hope you can get to the beach!!

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