Kryolan Aquacolors: swatches & what-the-bleep-do-they-do

I beamed over to Kortrijk yesterday for a last-minute shoot, which also means I had a chance to snap some pics at home!
A little piggy told me I use the Aquacolors so much but never take the time to photograph them.
You’re right piggy, it’s silly. I’ll get right to it.
Kryolan Aquacolor Face Paint (or Eye Paint in my case) is glycerin-based cake make-up in EVERY color you like.
Then you can make even MORE colors by mixing them as desired! :)
You can use them dry as a sheer color or wet as a paint.
aquacolor swatches
To achieve even coverage use a medium amount of water instead of drowning your product!
Then swirl around in the pan until it feels creamy.
aquacolor swatches

I prefer using fingers or a sponge, no brush!!
Patting them on makes it all nice and even I feel.
Now how’s about some swatches?


Eye warning: none of the colors in this post have been edited whatsoever, that’s how bright they are!!! ;)
Aquacolor 12 palette (€36)
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
From l-r: 070, 288, 509, R21, BL10, Lila, TK2, GR42, 079, 081, 071 & Gold
Loose 15 ml pans (€7.90 for the normal shades €9 for the metallic silver and UV shades I think)
Out of these 5 I only swatched silver one below, the remainders are doubles from my other palettes! :)
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
From l-r: UV Yellow, UV Red, UV purple, Silver, 070
UV-Dayglow palette (€34)
Not only do these glow under blacklight, they look like they glow during the day as well!!
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
From l-r: UV Purple, UV Pink, UV Green, UV Yellow, UV Blue, UV Red & Silver
Seriously, I didn’t edit these, UV Red is THAT bright…


~ Easy to wash off with water and soap
~ They’re sold in seperate pans (8,15,30 & 55 ml) or palettes so you have the choice
~ It’s insanely pigmented stuff
~ Pans click out of the palettes, like so:
aquacolor swatches
~ The creamy consistency makes them easily blendable
~ Doesn’t emphasize fine lines
~ They remain flexible, even when dry, to resist cracking
~ Formula dries quickly
~ Smudge-proof: once dry they don’t rub off on your shirt like the Supracolors or other cream products sometimes do


As with certain pigmented MAC cream colors, some people use them on the eyes and some people don’t.
My eyes aren’t bothered by these, but here’s the ingredients to make sure yours won’t get angry either:
ingredient list kryolan

What I use them for

~ Eyeshadow base
~ Face / body designs
~ Eyeliner (not in the eye)

Mind you

~ Without a primer they crease
(I tend to use them under the crease, just on the lid and inner corner)
~ They stain your skin without a primer or something underneath!!
aquacolor swatches
aquacolor swatches
~ If you want a sticky base try the Supracolors!
I hope these bright shades helped fill your day with happy!! :)
What’s your favorite?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Hi, don’t know how often you check back on this post, but I was wondering how fast they dry. I want to do some painting with them (on skin) and I’m worried they’ll dry too fast for me to be able to do what I want.

    • I was actually playing around with these some more yesterday! Depends on how thick you make them of course but i’d say you have a couple of minutes to manipulate them, it’s not that they instantly set.

      • Thanks for the reply! Can’t wait until they finally get here so I can start playing :)

  2. Hey, that was an awesome review! I was wondering what kind of primer do you use with those?

  3. Oh man, I am so tempted to snap up a couple of these. I bet they’d be great for some of my costume looks.

  4. Wow, these colours are really bright :)

  5. Love the colours and though I would not normally wear them I think they would be great for special events like fancy dress at work imagine the clown face that could be created with those colours

  6. Wow, these colors look amazing! They are so bright! Although I tend to use more natural and neutral shades, bright colors do make me very happy ^^ that UV red indeed is insanely bright!

    • Aww I wouldn’t have expected anything else from a Dutchie. :D That’s one of the main reasons I miss Holland.. there’s so much more color in little places. Honestly, even the products in the supermarket. I like how you combine neutral with bright pops in your daily looks.

  7. It’s great because it’s very intensive… but after all I think it’s like a “tattoo” too … hard to remove :o)

  8. I have a few of these as well! I used to use them a lot for photoshoots. They colors are amazing and they are so easy to work with!

  9. Have you ever left those colors on your arm and went to town? Brilliant colors.

  10. I doubt I’ll have a use for these colors, but it’s always great to be educated about their uses, and your expert opinion on them! Love the photos… piggy was correct!

  11. Wow – heady colours! Do hope they wash off your arm ;-) Love your new gravatar!

    • They do! Sort of! Except for the stain. Now it looks like my arm is naturally rainbow colored, but I honestly can’t say i’m against that, LOL. :’) And thanks!!

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