Job application: perky face tips

There’s these teenie weenie things I do to make myself look more perked up when going to a job interview.
(Those same things I do when Poltergeists have been keeping me up at night)
As I am visiting my mom at the moment, and am carrying the same things I wore to the interview..
I thought i’d show you! ^_^
I don’t wake up all pasted like Carrie does in the Carrie Diaries.. no one does.
So get ready for a barely slept – face.
big coffee mug

Nom nom..
big coffee mug
Mug why do you have such a big mug?
The better you can eat me with?
cosy coffee mug

cute pug

cute pug
Dog? Dog? Dog? Dog?
Why are you so active dog dog dog dog?
Kay no more excuses.
Bare face

So now what i’ll be using to improve that:
cruelty free products
cruelty free products

cruelty free products


1) Perk my skin up with a good moisturizer

This BWC vitamin C one is great, and it smells like vitamins too… nom nom.

2) Even it all out

Foundation time!
I used to love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, but i’m not sure whether the brand is cruelty free so won’t be repurchasing.
There’s enough “brightening” foundations out there though, I really want to try the 100% pure one.
For a job, I do always use powder in my T-zone to not look oily because of the extra stress.
However I feel skin tends to look more awake without.
Today I did as well because I wanted to show you exactly what I wore to the interview!

3) Cream blusher

Tends to look a lot less dull than powder blusher, more like a glow from within, even though that probably sounds cheesy.

4) Blusher on the tip of my nose, temples, hairline and jawline!

I love doing that!!
When looking like death itself, just having blusher on the apples of my cheeks looks weird.
But spreading it on key points of the face looks a lot more perky!

5) Concealer

Those bags and circles..
When i’m lazy there won’t be a lot of pin pointing, however when that’s not the case here’s my magic: bags & circles! ;)
I also definitely apply some on the outer corners of my eyes, those get red on a lot of people!

6) Brows & shadow

My brows will get a quick wash of brown for definition.
For a job application I think this is so important, because they’ll be looking at your eyes to read you.
Slightly filled in brows not only frame them, but also pull attention to them.
Besides that i’ll apply some primer and light up the eyes with the first two shades of that Catrice palette.
The second one all over, the first one under the brow and on the inner corner.

7) Lippie

I never ever apply a lipstick full – on for a job, instead I like applying a little and really rubbing it into my lips.
That way you can’t really tell there’s anything on the lips texture-wise.
I just look more flushed.
That’s that!!
Besides that I like to put my hair up when going for a job, either in two ponytails or one, or a bun.
Anything perky and UP shows perky and UP!!
Also, I like wearing light things but combined with a bright color.
Ah and to finish it off: BIG eyes, I pull big eyes!
At that point i’m ready to work! And get that job!
And well.. go back to bed for some snoozing. But we won’t do that.
Have a great day!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. So pretty and fresh-faced. Another thing that I like to do is put a teeny bit of highlighter along the tops of my cheekbones and blend well. It just brightens up my skin and makes me look a little bit fresher.

  2. Cool post :-) You look nice!

  3. Haha, but we won’t do that ;) lovely post, yet again! Did you get the job? I also love dabbing lip products on and fooling people that way ;)

  4. I love all of your photos… really helps me see every stage of the transformation!

  5. healthiestbeauty

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  6. BTW I haven’t forgotten about what you said about Paula’s Choice Healthy Finish powder. Actually I’m finding I really like the stuff as my skin recovers to it’s normal slightly oily self instead of how dry it was awhile ago when I started acne treatment. You might be able to get away with it alone but it’s hard for me to tell because every time I get ready in the morning I forget to try it first. It’s actually quite lovely stuff and I’ve been reaching for it every day lately instead of the SK powder. I think the SK is for drier skin days.

    • Hmmm I enjoy powders that leave my skin in its slightly “oily” and glowy state.. I used to have a mineral powder that did that. It was great. It protected me against extreme oil, but it did make me look glowy after an hour or two.. does that make sense?
      So that powder sounds great.

  7. I love this post! I love the lip color. And your glasses and big flowing hair are very …. distracting? Does that sound weird. In a good way! Alluring….Captivating!

  8. That’s a great post!!! Thanks! Do you have any idea for a mispurchase? I bought a concealer an it’s totally too dark … trick or trashcan ?

    • Hmm mix in some foundation? Or a white cream base if you have that?
      How sad :/ was it expensive? If it’s a really special one, i’d buy a cheaper one from the drugstore that’s way too light and mix a teenie bit of that in to not mess up the structure too much.

      I mostly buy drugstore products and really dislike choosing foundations and concealers there, the odds of getting it wrong are huuuge and there’s no mirrors! D: I try checking it in the display things…

      • Thanks a lot. It wasn’t expensive so maybe I can try to mix it with a bright one of the same brand… or I can use it for halloween. I hate that too, specially if they have this cold light in the store. It looks good in store and at home you will get a bad surprise:o)

    • I heard using a creamy product (as opposed to a powder) is also supposed to work really well for shaping purposes, maybe you could use your dark concealer for that?

  9. Bun. Hair should be in bun, life of bun. Buns are more fun! ;)

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