FOTD: Fairies just wanna have fun

The one thing spring and summer remind me of? Fairies!
The colors that reminds me of? Green and purple! :D
What are your magical colors?
Besides that, I needed some fairy dust which us humans tend to replace with glitter. ;D
And fluttery fairy wings – I mean lashes.
Big lashes.
To top it off, in my ears you will find the two sacred fairy gems.
glitter make-up

glitter make-up

glitter make-up

glitter make-up

How I did it:

What’s on your face?



1) Prep and prime that lid
Essence I love stage was used today (I feel like a broken record.)
2) First the lid got a red based purple shade
catrice dance in gion
Catrice: 03 Dance in Gion
3) Fresh green in the crease
Catrice: 04 Planet Tokyo
4) Petrol/green on the outer corner
Catrice petrol keeps me running
Catrice: 190 Petrol Keeps Me Running is such a pretty shade!
It’s a petrol & green mix with tiny green shimmers in it.
5) Green pencil on the lower waterline and lashline
Warmed up my 2B Kajal to use there (warning, it didn’t stay put at all)
6) Forest green on top of that
Illamasqua Fledgeling
Illamasqua: Fledgeling
7) Wing that liner!
I went for the waterproof version of my favorite Essence liquid liner, this stays put EVEN longer. :)
8) Mascara & lashes!
This (as you can probably tell from the picture) is Hema’s Waterproof Volume Mascara
And these are still the same 1 euro GCO-53H flared synthetic lashes from my dolly lashes post!
9) Glitterrrrrr
I used these 2 True glitter liners, had them for yeaaaars.. I guess I should maybe chuck them.
But they still work just fine.
Oh and I lightly filled in my brows with the Gosh eyebrow kit.


Catrice Infinite Matte foundation
Catrice Allround Concealer
Kryolan Anti Shine powder
Catrice Pink Rock Superstar eyeshadow as blusher


Wet n Wild 907c Mauve Outta Here!
Hopefully you like fairies just as much!
By the way, I do not like daylight!
Because my pictures tend to look flat I thought i’d try taking pictures in the sunlight, but it gave me all sorts of weird coloring!
Purple pictures, red ones, orange, white.. o_o
Tips are always welcome.


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I love this look! (and the magical background is a perfect match)
    You do a much better “how to” job than most.
    A true artist.

  2. That’s just great – thanks for a wonderful step-by-step tutorial :o)

  3. Gasp! So pretty! I love the way you write these tutorials, they have so much personality.

  4. haha, GORGEOUS and so much fun! The perfect celebration of Spring! :-)

  5. So pretty! It looks like fairy-tale make-up. I absolutel adore that bright green eyeshadow.

  6. Anouchka you are talented. This is pure whimsical beauty. Also your skin looks so good!

  7. Wauw, prachtige look!

  8. This made me smile – you look sooo great! :)

  9. Wow. I get the feeling my comments here are slightly repetitive, but every look you create, makes me want to say wow. Sorry ;) your brows look amazing by the way, you should fill them in more often!
    I find that indirect sunlight works best. So when the sun is shining, I find a spot (or time of day) where the sunlight does light up the room, but where there is no direct sunlight. You could also use white baking paper to cover your window to make sure there is no direct sunlight. Works like a charm!

    • Thanks! It makes me happy everytime, what’s more fun than hearing your creation is nice right. ^_^ I’m definitely getting back into filling them in more heavily!
      And now next time, i’ll try that baking sheet trick. How deeeevious.. muhaha. It’s funny what’s behind “good looking” pictures and videos.
      Some people look absolutely pulled together, turns out they have stacked up grocery boxes to put their camera on. I love that.

      • I do that too lol :P last time I made a video I stacked my camera on some work-out tool box ;) and I’m literally always wearing sweatpants :D hope the trick works! And so glad to hear my comments make you happy <3

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