FOTD: Jafar likes smoke

Gold, red, black and purple!
Is it just me or do those colors scream “shiny gems”?
I’ve been seeing red and gold combos pop up all over, wanting to try them out for myself.
They’re such powerful shades.
However when seeing Amanda’s purple/gold combo, I just HAD to!
She made me!
I didn’t have Jafar in mind but I felt like he had to be included.
He definitely would’ve found this an extremely sexy look. ;)
red smokey eye

red gold smokey eye
red gold smokey eye
red gold smokey eye
red gold smokey eye
Here’s an intense close-up of the lower lashline to show the purple lashes against the black shadow:
essence smokey eye
This would be an insanely eye-popping combination for green eyes I think!
Step by step:
essence smokey eye

What’s that on your face?



1) Prime time!
essence I love stage primer
I used Essence I Love Stage Primer
2)  Gold base on the lid
pop beauty gold pencil
I marshmellowed my POP Beauty Glitter Stix in Gold and used that!
3) A warm gold on top of that
essence gold
For me it was Essense 65 Skeye and sand
4) Red on the outer corner and crease
88 matte palette
With the vampy red from the good old trusty 88 palette!
5) Blendy blendy
couleurs caramel
I applied Coulour Caramel number 57 under my brow, on the inner corner, and then used it to blend out the red!
6) Lower waterline
catrice gel liner
Dipped a pencil in some Catrice Gel Liner and applied that on the lower waterline!
7) Blendy blendy
88 matte palette
The black from the 88 matte palette came in handy to blend it out!
8) Same routine on the top lashline and waterline!
9) Mascaras & brows
2b colors make the difference
Hema Waterproof Volume to the top and 2B Coulours Make The Difference in Purple to the bottom! ^_^
Then some  more of that black to lightly fill in my brows.


Catrice: Photo Finish foundation
MUD: blushes in Rose Petal and Russet, just mixed and applied!
MUD rose petal


Essence: Lip Cream in 03 Soft Nude
Have you worn a purple/gold or red/gold combo yet?
Or what’s your favorite shade to combine with it?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Wow, you did it again. It looks amazing! Never thought a Jafar-look would be beautiful, but I can’t deny it now ;) and purple bottom lashes, nice touch!

  2. Hehe, Jafar :-D Yeah, now that you mention it… :-) I think it’s a great look though.

  3. Wauw, prachtige look! Mooi met dat goud!

  4. Prachtige combinatie van kleuren :)!!

  5. Prettyyyyyyy!!! Ima steal your eyes now! :p
    I think it’s amazing that you’re able to hit pan with the 88 palette, while you have so much make up!!!
    Even with my oldest black+white eye shadow duo, I didn’t even hit pan yet :p (I barely use it now though, because it’s so old :p How do you do that?

    • Thank yooouuu haha! And I just keep givin’ it aaaaall of my lovin’! Also, i’m too lazy to go grab another black once i’m busy with the 88 palette. I can understand a duo that you don’t touch though, I haven’t hit pan on any of my singles, none! >_<

      • Hmm but my larger palettes (Too faced naked & natural and UD naked 1&2 before they were L’oreal) don’t hit pan either (they’re not that old yet though…)
        I hit pan on my too faced pink leopard bronzer…. because it broke and now I can see the pan between the pieces!! :p
        I don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish up my products :p but I still want moar! :p

        You do use that 88 palette quite often indeed, is it good? :p I want to try it, but you know me and internet and make up :p

      • Hmmm that’s crazy, you honestly seem like someone who hits pan on all products all the time because you make so many different color combos!
        But you do seem to luuuurve your Illamasqua stuff, so maybe that’ll go faster ;D

        And yes it’s awesome, they’re so pigmented (although I do use the brighest ones most of the time anyway so maybe its because of that lol) and most of them blend nicely.

      • I guess I mostly use eye liner? And I guess it’s probably because I use different colour combo’s that I don’t hit pan? If I’d use black all the time, I’d hit pan on that right :p
        Hmmm and it’s so cheap, maybe I should ask for a palette for my b-day XD

  6. Likey! Your eyes are wonderful.

    • You always surprise me when you like dark looks! A lot of men hate seeing make-up on a woman, don’t they? Red lips at most maybe.
      Or are you not like that? :D

      • Thanks! The way you apply it is not excessive, it looks really nice no matter the color. Sultry and sexy if I may say without offending. Makeup is great if tastefully done.

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