I need your expert opinion!

A lot of pages on Facebook feature these really fun but edited pictures, and i’m wondering what your thoughts are on those!
I’ve sort of been torn between showing make-up products exactly as they are, and making eye-appealing, bright pictures…
What do you like?

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Just as they are


Effect all over


Effect around

Okay one more question while i’ve got you here (hehe).

Thank you! :) I appreciate your input!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. A variety of shots, different close-ups and angles, and maybe a varied natural lighting, but no effects. It’s best to keep it all natural :)

  2. I personally HATE effects on pictures. I try to keep them as clean as possible, sometimes making the colours vivid when they look more dull than in real life but I think photoshop on makeup pictures is a real turn off. :)

  3. I prefer natural photo’s. :)

  4. Zonder effecten, want dan kun je laten zien wat je kunt met make-up! En zo te zien kan je dat al aardig!

  5. Wow, I never would’ve guessed you make your pictures with a camera phone :O but, but.. they look so pretty! :D I’d like close-ups of your eyes if you can make that happen, but along with fullface so we get the full picture. I’m not a particular fan of the effects, but as long as it doesn’t affect the colors, I guess you can do whatever you want ;) I mean, a little airbrushing never killed anyone! It just gets tricky when you’re testing stuff like foundation or primers, so I wouldn’t do it in those situations. Hope this helped!

  6. As long as the colour of the makeup isn’t altered then I don’t mind if you brighten the pic or add some fun effects. I tend to take pics at night so I need to brighten them a little or else it will look like I live in a cave. LOL!!!

  7. Personally, I prefer natural pictures, because I often like to try to recreate makeup looks and it’s easier to do that when you have a real-life photo. The effects do look cool and all, but I think that the natural pictures are more informative.

  8. Lol I had no idea your face shines like that, you’re THAT pale? :p (effect all over ;) )
    Even though effects look nice, I think that it’s awesome that you show what it really looks like
    You’re not fooling anyone. So I voted for no effects.
    for things like make up bee competitions or something (just an example) or commercial thingy’s you could use effects, but I like how you stay true
    Effects around the face seem a little unnecessary to me. But feel free to play around with them if you feel like it :p I’m just lazy and feel like they don’t really add anything to it, but they don’t make it bad either :p I wouldn’t do it myself (but I’m too lazy to make any pictures :p )

    • That actually looks Twilight-y doesn’t it? Haha :’) that’s a clear opinion, thanks!! And I saw a picture from you on make up bee yesterday though, it looked good. Did you brighten that up? And what camera do you use?

      • I didn’t brighten anything up, it was a sunny day and I stood in front of the window hahaha :p (at least if you saw the back to school one :p )
        my camera is pretty bad, especially for close ups, but it’s old…
        I have an olympus fe-290

      • Hmmm then maybe it’s talent. The close-up honestly looked great :P

      • Ah wait, the full face was all natural, but I just watched it again and I did adjust lighting indeed for the closeup (hey was for contest haha :p ) whoops :p

      • Ahhh :D yeah don’t worry, everybody does it, you either need to have pixel perfect skin or a photo editing program to win LOL.

      • I didn’t win indeed hahaha My schil is good though :p my skills not as great as theirs and I don’t have a lot of followers :p
        A lot of contestants had no idea what’s appropriate for school though, wearing really dramatic and colourful make up… drawing a unicorn on the lips… suuuuuree….. :p

      • Oh come on, please tell me those didn’t win.. xD I saw that this week as well, some contest, it was about easy daily looks.. all editorial and crap. *Bliep* please. Stick to the theme lol! Nobody’s going to stick gems on their face for work.

      • If it’s pretty, it can win… especially when the colours are like super super bright and the persons face has had a 3 hour make up makeover :p
        I don’t think it won, but it had more likes than mine :( *jealous one speaking*
        If I was a rich girl… I would stick diamonds on my skin bitchessss :p

  9. I voted!! Hope the poll helps you sort this out. :)

  10. I voted.

    I little brightening on the overall shot is okay, but I don’t like it when the colors have been improved or changed. I want the see how the make-up and colors actually look, and not some tweeked version. And I like a mix of close-ups and full-face shots.

    Hope this helps :-D

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