Where did my hair go & Kruidvat permanent dye review

Do you know that buzzing feeling sometimes when you just NEED something to change?
hair chopping
My hair was feeling limp and looking brassy anyway from the coloring before, it’s still strawberry blonde underneath.
It kept bunching up in giant knots, literally two giant knots on the sides of my head.
Just not good.
And so I chopped almost half off again!

hair chopped off
hair chopped
Excuse the bags, it was extremely late – AM.
It was greasy but can you see the brassy tint?
And no volume, etc etc.
To warm it back up (and in the prospect of a future dying session hehe. :D) I chose a red toned brown.
Or at least I was hoping for a red toned brown, you can never be sure with drugstore coloring can you..
warm kastanje
Kruidvat 5.4
Add the liiime to the coconut..
Well the colorant to the developer.
And don’t drink it all up…
warm kastanje
Twisty twisty
warm kastanje
warm kastanje
So shake it up!!
warm kastanje
Then apply with the pointy tip, which is super handy!!
warm kastanje
After applying I watched Mad Men for 30 minutes, rinsed it out, washed my hair and applied the conditioner that came with it.
And then the next morning..
TUM TUM TUMMMM…. Drumroll…

Artificial lighting

warm kastanje
warm kastanje
warm kastanje

In the sunlight:

warm kastanje

The verdict



Awful… but then again what to expect with chemical dyes.
Opening up a window was needed.
I prefer the smell of my natural dyes by FAR!


warm kastanje


So extremely runny.
The packaging says creme coloring but it’s more like water coloring…
I’m used to actual thick creams that spread over the hair easily.
This made me wonder if I was even going to cover all of my hair halfway through the bottle because it just seemed to dissapear.
In the end I did only need one pack, but I didn’t feel like the hair was really covered up..
I wasn’t even able to stick it to my head, it just sort of hung down.
Stop the rant, anywho: not a fan of the formulation!


Very high covering power, my hair absorbed the pigment extremely fast.


None to report!


Yes, very much.
Especially with the conditioner after.

Staying power

I’ll update you on that!

All in all

☺ pros

  • It doesn’t stain
  • Great coverage
  • Filled my hair up nicely, to make it plump and voluminous again (it bounces!!)
  • Hair looked healthy and shiny after
  • Inexpensive (plus there’s often deals on these)
  • Easy applicator
  • Washes out very easily after coloring, you won’t need to hang upside down for half an hour

☹ cons

  • That’s one giant ingredient list.
  • The applicator was easy to use, but the product itself wasn’t
  • Gas mask required

This dyeing session set me back 5 euros.
For that price I can sniff past the smell.
This was a great pick me up for my hair!
I look decent again, HA!
And I just can’t stop touching it..
Have you tried any of the Kruidvat dyes? What did you think of the formulation?


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Super gaaf dat je je haar zo zelf knipt! De kleur staat je prachtig!

  2. LOL!!! Love the scissors pic. I did a similar thing. I just needed a change so got the scissors and started snipping. Didn’t cut major length just layers and my bangs. Need to take a pick and blog it. Great job. LOVE the colour!

    • Ohhh cutting your bangs, that’s master level. I tried that once. A while later the hairdresser said “Who did that?! o_o” I said “My boyfriend and I think he did a great job.” Completely crooked… but okay. I wanted to said “You’ll get to comment as soon as you cut my hair for free!”

      I’d love to see your results in a post! :D

  3. Supervet dat je gewoon de schaar in je haar hebt gezet! Dat is nou lef hebben. :) Het staat je trouwens verdomd goed. ^^ Leuk dat je ook je haar hebt gekleurd, vind het zeker wat hebben. Het maakt je gezicht wat mooier naar voren komen. :)

  4. Wow – super result! Scary process though ;-)

  5. It looks good! You nearly scared me with the title :p I thought the dye caused your hair to fall out XD

  6. The chemical list on the box is incredible! Seems like an explosive mix. Your hair does look better Anouchka, nice color choice. I am color blind, so the color you dyed your hair looks very close to the natural color?

    • Agreed, I was shocked as well. It is for 3 seperate products though but still, the giant list might explain the smell.. -_-‘

      Are you actually color blind? That’s so interesting!! What shades do you have trouble with then? It’s very close to my natural hair color though like you said, only more red in it. I hope it stays this dark for a while!

      • Yes, it looks very nice! I have difficulty with shades of blue and red. Maybe more but my wife chooses colors when needed. She is sometimes amazed with what I think colors are. I’ll say Teal, she will say WHAT?!!

      • Hahaha :’D that must be so weird!

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