I have a guest! (Turquoise FOTD)

HAHAHAA I found myself a guinea pig.
Yes I did.
Time for a formal introduction.
Or not so formal.
She kindly offered herself to me and said I could do whatever the heck I felt like doing.
Music to my ears.. :’)

What is a “Bieke”:
Bieke is a very fluffy and at the same time strong species of guinea pig.
They have a very laid back way of looking at things, and their favorite kind of music ranges from energetic Metal to relaxed Folk.
Generally they will gravitate towards turquoise, blue, purple and bordeaux.
But run away from yellows.
For her eyes today I picked a turquoise & dark blue combo, because she tends to hear that looks good on her hehe.
And she was right too.
It’s nothing too crazy yet, still getting used to shading different eyeshapes than mine.
Bieke eyes
*BOOM* blue eyes.
She was absolutely convinced of the fact that it wouldn’t be easy putting make-up on her skin.
Even though she has no blackheads, no oily skin, no hooded eyes, long lashes, and full lips.
Yes, that does sound like an absolute nightmare.
So what do you think of the war paint? Yes / no? :)
Let me know!!

What’s that on her face



Essence: Kajal Pencil in white from the inner corner to the middle of the lid
Sleek: Acid Palette, the white shade on the inner corner
The Body Shop: Eye Shimmer 08 (I don’t consider them cruelty free anymore, had this shadow for ages, it’s a white with green duochrome), over the white
Gosh: Turquoise on the lid
MAC: Deep Truth on the outer corner and crease (not cruelty free either, however it’s a straight up shimmery deep blue, TKB’s Deep Blue would be a great dupe)
Sleek: Acid Palette, the black shade, on the outer corner of the top lid to deepen that up a little
MUD: Cake Liner in black winged out on the top lashline, and also applied to the lower waterline
Sleek: Acid Palette, the black shade again to smoke out the lower lashline a bit
MUD: Mascara in Black on the lashes!
MUD: Lashes 202, placed 4 on each outer corner with Kryolan lash glue
MUD: Chamois eyeshadow to lightly fill in the brows


MUD: Foundation palette (WB2 and CB2)
MUD: Corrector palette (BC1 under the eyes and RC1 for redness)
MUD: Loose Powder in Zero
MUD: Blushers in Rose Petal (on the apples) and Russet (on the entire cheek)


MUD: Mai Tai lipstick
Right! Lots of MUD products apparently haha!
Mostly because those are 100% sanitary for me to use, I don’t use my own lipsticks or eyeliners on others.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. Looks great! I like the colour choice, very bold :) did you do anything to her eyebrows?

    • Aw whaaat that means so much coming from you! Thanks!! :D Your work is the bomb.
      I filled them in a little, mainly at the arch but next time i’ll try to get them more into shape. That would probably have framed the eye nicer. I should get a good color for light eyebrows as well.. any recommendations?

  2. Wow, the difference a little eyeliner and foundation can make! I mean, I know there’s more on her face than that, but I think those two are making the most difference, and OMG you did such a great job! Isn’t it really hard to do someone else’s make-up? I did my friend’s once too and never knew when to press harder or less hard when applying and blending and stuff ;) but the look turned out amazing!
    How was the lan-party btw? And which game/games did you play?

    • Yeeees 100%! I didn’t even apply that much foundation, but it just makes the skin so much more fresh. And some eyeliner can make you look a million times more wide-eyed and awake can’t it.
      Yesterday I ran into my landlord on my way to get french fries and he told me I looked sort of ill (the one time I wasn’t wearing anything on my face). Hey THANKS dude. The guy from the snack bar actually agreed with him as well. Man man. >_<'

      And yep, measuring the pressure is SO hard haha. I used to think please, how difficult can it be to do the exact same thing on someone else's face but it's so odd.. The fact that you don't feel how much pressure you're putting onto the brush makes such a world of difference.. o_o
      Not to mention the odd other way around – arm placement.

      I had fun haha! Do you like playing games as well?
      It was sort of a mix of Starcraft, League of Legends and Guitar Hero most of the time. And then some random shooters in between.

      • What a nice thing to say to someone…men are so oblivious to the power of make-up (or a woman’s feelings for that matter).
        I do! I love mmo’s, although it has been a while since I’ve really played one since most new ones are not good enough for my taste and I’ve been out of WOW for so long I can’t get back into a good guild now >< I love the raiding part, so the good guild is kinda necessary. Ah well. Right now I'm hoping for the FF mmo to be a hit *fingers crossed* and in the meantime I'll just blog my ass off and play the occasional ps3 game :)

      • Haha yes most are. :D & ugh that’s true, it’s not easy getting a raiding spot in a decent guild when you’ve been gone for a while. Good raiding guild means high standards and a good bond between players, but that’s what makes it hard to get in. And you mean FF XIV then right? I’ll be questioning you about that when you play it, i’m curious if it’ll be better than the previous release :P i’ve never been into Final Fantasy though (don’t shoot meh D:) but it does look very dreamy.

  3. She has a beautiful eye shape… it looks great !!!

  4. I think it looks great on her!

  5. What a transformation… loved the colors on your friend! Great work!

  6. I definately enjoyed! I had no idea Biekes were kinds of guinea pigs :D
    Biekes have gorgeous eyes though, especially with the eyeshadow, well done!
    (is this considered animal testing as well?)

  7. Your friend looks nice!! Good work :)

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