FOTD: Fresh greens for spring

Pick meee, pick meeee the little Inglot palette said.
I’ll make you happy today!
And so it went.
No really..
rainbow colors

rainbow colors
Back in Amsterdam I purchased these freaking gorgeous BRIGHT shadows, I still feel like a Duracell bunny every time I lay eyes on them.
Ummm I actually often just lay it on top of my diary.. on my desk.. just to look at the colors during the day.
Like so:
Inglot bright colors rainbow
Flowers + bright shadows!!!
I stuck to the top row of shadows for this look:
green yellow make-up
green yellow make-up
green yellow make-up
green yellow make-up
FOTD inglot spring

What’s that on your face?



green yellow fotd
1) Prepped my eyes with Essence I Love Stage as usual, and applied Gosh eyebrow kit for the brows..
2) Kryolan: Aqua Color in White as a base on the lid
kryolan aqua color
3) Inglot: AMC 60 on the lid
rainbow colors
4) Inglot: Rainbow eyeshadow in 103 R, the lightest shade on top of the other yellow, it wasn’t quite bright enough!
rainbow colors
5) Inglot: Rainbow shadow in 109 R, the lightest shade in my crease, to the nose and up to the browbone
rainbow colors
6) The darker shade on the outer corner and crease. (Not the darkest one, my brush points at the wrong one, ick! It’s the middle one.)
rainbow colors
7) Under the lashline I applied the same colors again!
rainbow colors
rainbow colors
8) Couleur Caramel: shade 07 which is a shimmery warm shell color: under the brow, on the inner corner and to blend out the bottom lashline.
couleur caramel
Then some of the very spring-y chartreuse green as well, AMC 59, on the lid (in between the dark green and the yellow).
rainbow colors
9) Liner time! I used Essence liquid liner once again! :)
best liquid liner
10) Catrice: Kajal Designer in 050 Caribbean Blue on the lower waterline, it’s a sparkly sky blue!
blue eye pencil
11) As for the magic: Ardell black Demi Whispies again, still the same pair, and PF’s Organic Wear mascara!
physician's formula organic wear


Catrice: Photo Finish foundation
2B: Concealer – Corrector waterproof
2B: 01 blush
2b blush
Essence: C01 Fairy Dust highlighter
essence highlighter


Pixi: Lip Booster in Zuzana
I hope you liked it, have a great day!!!


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I don’t wear a ton of greens, but I really really love Inglot… I just wish they were more readily available (the site is a nightmare to order from, as it currently is)… I’ll be in NJ this weekend where there’s a store – I hope I’ll be able to go check out the shades in person :D

  2. Wauw mooi palette en super mooie look heb je gemaakt!

  3. Inglot! I want a freedom palette so badly, but I’m not able to test them in person. Your look is just so exquisite! This palette is so ver YOU!

    • Sad right? They should be in every city. Such good prices for the insane quality. Here in Belgium we don’t have one either.. And thaanks Taylor! That means a lot seeing as it’s so colorful!! ;)

  4. I am quite sure there is a little bit of happiness in every inglot shadow…a lot in a palette. Some day I will own more……I love our dramatic looks.

    • Awww a little bit of happiness in every Inglot shadow… that sounds totally right. :’) Thank you! And isn’t an Inglot store like a candy shop… I want all of those beautiful squares.

  5. Wow your eyes are so gorgeous, so ready to meet spring right? :) Beautiful!

  6. Hele gave fellen keuren zeg! Het staat je goed :)

  7. Ik ben jaloers!! Je hebt zulke grote oogleden, vind ik echt prachtig. Deze look staat jou ook geweldig. Helaas als ik mijn eyeliner zo dik doe is mijn ooglid al weg hahahaa. Er zit ook een goed pigment in de oogschaduw, maar had niet anders verwacht van inglot ;) Xx

    • Jah ziek he hoeveel pigment ze erin krijgen zonder brokkelig te zijn! Als er mat opstaat, is het ook *bam* mat, kleur. Haha. En pfff ik haat die stomme inkeping in de binnekant van mn oog, slaat op niks. Natuur heeft mij een willekeurige stab gegeven met een satéprikker daar. Maar des te meer uitdaging voor ons om ooglooks te maken dan weer.. Laten we dat als ehm positief zien. ;D
      Dankjewel voor langs te hoppen. ^_^

  8. Such a great look! Oh how I love Inglot… :-)

  9. So pretty! I love the brightness of the colors you picked, if I had a palette looking as happy as that one, I’d put it somewhere in plain sight as well ;) the pigment of the yellow is amazing by the way, I’d really like having an Inglot palette myself!

    • Hahah i’m glad someone relates to the colorful desk-buddy :D My brain went into overload mode when I saw INGLOT for the first time (while of course I was trying to act like I belonged haha). But they feel much more inviting than MAC. You’re so lucky to have an INGLOT in Holland! :( Belgium isn’t ready for it yet apparently.

  10. Nice shade of greens indeed, looks great. I think it’s great how you know two languages, and do English so perfectly too. :)

    • You seem to like greens, and the outdoors as well, is it related? Hehe. ^_^ Thanks, we sort of grow up with English here in Belgium because nothing on TV gets dubbed, just subbed and your shows are obviously the best. ;D My first introduction to English was the Loony Tunes I think. That was so hard to understand haha!

  11. i really like your eye makeup; pretty. Don’t forget, there is still time to enter my giveaway!

  12. Wauw, wat een geweldig palette en een mooie ooglook. Helemaal mijn smaak!

    I really want some inglot stuff haha :D
    Let’s welcome spring by using bright colours and such (I put a flower in my hair to welcome it… it kinda works, it was sunny :p )
    I love 2B blush, it’s actually good quality, pretty pigmented, I always forget about it somehow though XD

    • Inglot is also at Imats… ;D just sayin.. DON’T WANT TO LURE YOU INTO BUYING STUFF! Wait, don’t respond to this Kristien, forget about it! Just forget about it. There is no Imats!! And yeah they’re nicely pigmented right? I was pleasantly surprised. They’re not that inexpensive though apparently, compared to other drugstore brands, not that much product in there. o_o
      I second your resolution to welcome spring by all using bright colors heheh :D

      • WAIT WHAT?! They’re a drugstore brand? No way! According to the prices I heard I thought it was on the same level as umm MAC and Urban Decay and Too Faced and such :p
        They’re in Amsterdam as well right? I want to go there XD

        What’s IMATS? :p no seriously, I need to controll myself………. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no I can’t.
        I have a couple of problems… beauty by Elke is quitting the online shop and she sells lip tars as well, one colour is actually really pretty but I fear it might be too pale haha :p
        And there are some other things I wouldn’t mind buying from her :p

        But then there’s IMats… and well… you know…. OCC lip tars and LIT…
        I don’t think atm I can permit myself to get Inglot…
        And not that much product… Altough I like things with lots of product… How much do you think I need for only one person… Right :p

        I also want these awesome shoes… -_-‘

      • Whahaha “I need to control myself! HAHAHA no I can’t.” You crazy kook!!! xD No they’re not drugstore, I meant the 2B blushes. Although the prices could be.
        They start at 6 euros per shadow or something, but if you buy a bunch the price goes down to about 4.50 I think.. For that amount of product and pigment, it blows my miiiind….

        What lip tar did you want to buy?

        En I see where you’re coming from.. the boundary has to be somewhere… although 4.50 – 30% is sick too. JUST SAYIN! :P And yeah, sometimes I think well.. what am I whining about, i’ll never use this up. But then I think of how happy my niece would be if I die and this would all go to her hahah xD

      • Pretty expensive indeedn, never bought eyeshadow from them, only blush, bronzer and eye pencil… well it’s allright for drugstore, you know maybelline is like double as expensive and also drugstore :/ Gosh is also pretty expensive, but they do good stuff :p
        Lip tars in melange and hoochie are still for sale and both look pretty (I mostly want melange because I also want Anime which is “OUCH MY EYES IT’S SO BRIGHT PINK!”
        and hoochie is also pink…
        and I also want grandma
        But anime and grandma aren’t at beauty by elke, but… you know… I think I just… WANT THEM :p
        but I still have time right? could use a day to look at pretty glittery LIT :p

        You’re definately not luring me into buying stuff you know… :p

      • Aaaa this is confusiiing haha xD sorry! I meant the Inglot shadows! And I want Melange and Hoochie too. :’) I have Grandma and Anime, they’re lovely. And I just won’t say anything anymore haha.

        shall I buy some of that website or not hmmm choices choices… could also buy lashes, now that I know it only takes me like 45 minutes to put them on -_-

      • It’ll go better, really! The first time was reaaaally awkward for me as well.. D: but then again liquid liner was too.

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