MUD: what I learnt this week (10+11)

I come to you with another MUD-broadcast!

Last week we saw eyeshadow application, there’s not much to say about that though, it will mostly require practice practice, and more practice.
And more.
Trial and error.
However the main pointer here is to always blend up and away… never drag the eye down by applying shadow past the outer corner.
If you do want to go past that outer corner, say if you wanted to go for a heavier make-up application:
Make sure the point where the top and bottom meet up are not past the outer point of your eye.
corner2 corner3
UNLESS you want to go for something like a cute Gyaru look!
Then pulling the liner or shadow down slightly it will make the eye seem bigger.
Such a style looks incredible on those with an eyeshape that already points upwards.
(You lucky, lucky gorgeous scoundrels!!)
Then this week it’s the various styles of eyeliner application.
Same rule of thumb goes for that!
Then we went over the different liner formulations, and I got to try out the MUD cake liner for the first time.
Let’s rephrase – I got to try out a winged liner on someone for the first time!
Well it went better than expected actually, the pencil technique before that was a lot harder.
Of course, I did have the perfect model.
I don’t think I could do anything wrong on her eye realistically unless I try REALLY hard.
She has these giant round eyes and no fold.
I could’ve drawn a painting on them if I wanted.
Anyway the MUD cake liner did lend itself to newbie-manoevres as well, it didn’t dry too quickly so that gave me some time to work at the shape.
But when it did dry, it was on there, BAM.
So pigmented, dark and matte.
It looked amazing.
A funny thing I noticed is that a legit eyeliner brush worked a lot better when applying liner on others.
However on myself… not so much.
Then I prefer a felt tip.
Lastly we discussed adjusting eyeshadow and liner to someone’s coloring.
You know for some reason i’m really intrigued by that, I love figuring out whether someone is cool, warm or neutral.
It’s like a little mystery box, and once you DO figure it out, you can bring out someone’s features all the more.
Some chocolate brown in the crease, olive on the lid for someone warm.
Navy blue and silver for a cold type..
Maybe even a warm lippie to set off the cool tones.
Pretty pretty!!
And that’s it!
Small update, it was really mostly practice!


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I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. This is such a great tip, I had to learn this through experience. I finally, after years, learned to aim for the end of the brow! It’s such a great tip and a great way to try to keep even when winging out your liner :-)

  2. Hi Annouchka, (is that spelled right…I feel it is not), this is an INCREDIBLY helpful tip. It explains why all my older pictures make me look so sad, and older, and helps me understand what I’m doing right some of the time now, and now I will be able to do it right a lot more often! Priceless information. I love it!

  3. I want those natural happy eyes (that eyeshap that points upwards or something :p )
    I have kinda droopy eyes hahaha :D
    but I have a sparkle in my eyes ;) when I’m not tired or sad (unless I have tears and the sun makes my tears sparkle… but that’s cheating)
    Oh well :D I’d still be scared to poke someone in the eye :p

  4. I like happy eyes better!

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