FOTD: Plum Sunset

I don’t grab for my Sleek Sunset palette nearly enough.
Sometimes the shimma shimma in their palettes sort of scares me off, because it tends to emphasize uneven eyelids.
Yadda yadda, imperfections bla bla.
But today, today I was a brave little hobbit.
And I shall name it… Plum sunset.
Sleek Sunset Palette

sleek sunset palette
sleek sunset palette
sleek sunset palette
Here’s what happened:
sleek sunset palette
Excuse the one very blurry pic!

What’s that on your face?



1) Even canvas
Essence: I love stage primer once again, and Wet n Wild Brulee e/s on top of that.
2) Black base
I started off with UD’s 24/7 liner in black, for a nice smokey base.
It’s not cruelty free (i’m using it up) but a gel liner like the Essence or Catrice ones would be even better.
essence gel liner
3) Burgundy red (which turns out really purple on me..) on the lid
Plum Sunset
4) Plummy plum plum in the crease
Plum Sunset
And I warmed up my 2B Kohl with a lighter to smudge it on the lower waterline and lashline
2B kajal
5) A burnt orange on top of that, I used the 88 matte palette
Plum Sunset
Then also some pink in the crease, up to the browbone
Plum Sunset
6) Warm gold on the inner corner
Plum Sunset
7) Pumping up the lashes
I used my UD pencil again, smudged along the top lashline and blended out with some more of the burgundy shade.
Again, the gel liners would be even better.
(Not JUST ’cause they’re cruelty free, they also stay put longer! :))
Then I applied Ardell’s Demi Whispies in Black.
8) Gold toward the nosebridge
I decided to put some more of that gold toward my nosebridge, following along with the plum, to make it more interesting…


MUFE: HD foundation
2B: Concealer Stick
Catrice: Apropos Apricot blusher
No powder!.
Double brave! ;)
I felt a slightly shiny face would look nice with this.


Catrice: 150 Lovely Lilac
How do you like this new set up?
I figured showing the products would possibly be more fun? :)


About LifeOfBun

I'm a student from Belgium, but raised in Holland. My life evolves around animals, games, traveling, make-up, and COLOR. I seek for cruelty free awesomeness & alternatives to my favorite things each day. ^_^

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  1. I has moved back into! Sorry for the hassle. John

  2. I just wanted to say I like you.

  3. Oh wow! that’s really pretty!!! :D Awesome how the burgundy red turns more purplish :D Maybe it’s because of the black base?
    This palette looks so pretty :D Now I want it *_*
    Btw, do you know if Ardell lashes are like cruelty free stuff and such? I heard you can find them at the Pro Duo store (which I have found in Geel city :D )

    • :D Thanks Kristien hmmm good point, it’s probably because of the black! And yeah Ardell lashes are synthetic and cruelty free. If you try them I think you’ll be amazed… since we’re both experimenting with lashes haha. I know you tried those inexpesive ones, and I had some really cheapie ones laying around to practice with as well, but holy crap the difference is big in this one :P These are so lightweight.. Btw i’m EXTREMELY jealous at you that you can get them so close to yooou. >_<

      • I think close to Antwerp there’s a Pro duo store as well (Wilrijk or something?) Never been there though, but I saw it online once…
        Yeah I wanted to try the cheap ones, but well… The glue… And I think it’s too cold to walk to Huis Baeyens for Kryolan lash glue XD then I can start experimenting with rhinestones as well ^^
        IF I find them and you would like some, we could just meet up or something again if there’s no pro duo anywhere near you :p
        I think they have china glaze nail polish as well :)
        It’s actually a store for professionals or other shops but we can buy stuff too ^^

  4. Beautifully done post – some of the palettes look edible ;-)

  5. Oh I love the Kitty! I has a brave!

    • Haha doesn’t Cheezburger make everything better? :D And thank you! But I guess we all focus on imperfections a lot when it comes to our own face. A spot can become a massive red lighthouse in our own eyes!

  6. I absolutely love it and don’t think it emphasizes any unevenness at all.

  7. That color looks very nice on you! Great smile too. Love the kitty photo. ;)

    • Heheh. :D I’m not even much of a kitty person (don’t tell Hippo) but couldn’t resist this one. How about you?

      I love this video on that by the way

      And thanks, you and your compliments :P don’t let me get used to them haha.

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